APIGen v4.0.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2015-01-03 // over 7 years ago
  • Why Skip 3.0?

    🔖 Version 3.0 was skipped, because master branch had 3.0-dev alias with code
    base similar to 2.8. Since then there were many BC breaks, thus major version was bumped to 4.0.

    🚀 This release closes refactoring of version 2.8. Its aim was to improve code base, provide fairly high code coverage (from 0 % in 2.8) to improve further development and close old pull-requests. Now it's at 84 %, which really makes changes easier.

    Saying that, next version will focus on:

    • 🆕 new features based on issues/PR from you , end users.
    • website management
    • 📦 package decoupling
    • 📚 documentation

    🔄 Changes

    🛠 Bugfixes

    • 🛠 [#490] reading options from apigen.neon fixed
    • 🛠 [#434] PHAR installation simplified and fixed for cross platform
    • 🏁 [#465] relative path on Windows fixed
    • 📦 [#375] constant version returned, so now it's available in composer installed packages as well

    Full diff: v4.0.0-RC5...v4.0.0

    ⬆️ How to Upgrade

    0️⃣ Default command generate added:


    apigen -s source -d destination


    apigen generate -s source -d destination

    🆕 New command self-update added, to upgrade .phar file.


    ⚡️ manual update


    ⚡️ apigen self-update

    Bool options for arguments passed via CLI are off when absent, on when


    ... --tree yes # tree => true

    ... --tree no # tree => false


    ... --tree # tree => true

    ... # tree => false

    Options with values for arguments passed via CLI now accept multiple formats:


    ... --access-levels public --access-levels protected


    ... --access-levels public,protected


    ... --access-levels="public,protected"


    ... --access-levels public --access-levels protected

    👀 Some CLI options were dropped. To see what the available ones are, just run apigen generate --help.

    • --skip-doc-prefix was dropped, use --skip-doc-path instead
    • --allowed-html was dropped
    • --autocomplete was dropped; autocomplete now works for classes, constants and functions by default
    • --report; use Php_CodeSniffer for any custom checkstyle
    • --wipeout; now wipes out everytime
    • --progressbar; now always present
    • --colors; now always colors

    - --update-check; update manually by apigen self-update (new version is released every ~ 2 months)

    Some CLI options were renamed and reversed.

    • --source-code was off by default, now it on by default; to turn it off, add --no-source-code