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  • v3.134.5 Changes

    April 07, 2020
    • 📚 Aws\APIGateway - Documentation updates for Amazon API Gateway.
    • ⚡️ Aws\CodeGuruReviewer - API updates for CodeGuruReviewer
    • Aws\MediaConnect - You can now send content from your MediaConnect flow to your virtual private cloud (VPC) without going over the public internet.
  • v3.134.4 Changes

    April 06, 2020
    • Aws\Chime - Amazon Chime proxy phone sessions let you provide two users with a shared phone number to communicate via voice or text for up to 12 hours without revealing personal phone numbers. When users call or message the provided phone number, they are connected to the other party and their private phone numbers are replaced with the shared number in Caller ID.
    • 🚀 Aws\ElasticBeanstalk - This release adds a new action, ListPlatformBranches, and updates two actions, ListPlatformVersions and DescribePlatformVersion, to support the concept of Elastic Beanstalk platform branches.
    • 📚 Aws\IAM - Documentation updates for AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM).
    • 🚀 Aws\TranscribeService - This release adds support for batch transcription jobs within Amazon Transcribe Medical.
  • v3.134.3 Changes

    April 03, 2020
    • Aws\PersonalizeRuntime - Amazon Personalize: Add new response field "score" to each item returned by GetRecommendations and GetPersonalizedRanking (HRNN-based recipes only)
    • 👍 Aws\RoboMaker - Added support for limiting simulation unit usage, giving more predictable control over simulation cost
  • v3.134.2 Changes

    April 02, 2020
    • 👍 Aws\CloudWatch - Amazon CloudWatch Contributor Insights adds support for tags and tagging on resource creation.
    • Aws\GameLift - Public preview of GameLift FleetIQ as a standalone feature. GameLift FleetIQ makes it possible to use low-cost Spot instances by limiting the chance of interruptions affecting game sessions. FleetIQ is a feature of the managed GameLift service, and can now be used with game hosting in EC2 Auto Scaling groups that you manage in your own account.
    • 👍 Aws\MediaLive - AWS Elemental MediaLive now supports Automatic Input Failover. This feature provides resiliency upstream of the channel, before ingest starts.
    • 📚 Aws\RDS - Documentation updates for RDS: creating read replicas is now supported for SQL Server DB instances
    • 📚 Aws\Redshift - Documentation updates for redshift
  • v3.134.1 Changes

    April 01, 2020
    • 🚀 Aws\IoT - This release introduces Dimensions for AWS IoT Device Defender. Dimensions can be used in Security Profiles to collect and monitor fine-grained metrics.
    • Aws\MediaConnect - You can now send content from your virtual private cloud (VPC) to your MediaConnect flow without going over the public internet.
  • v3.134.0 Changes

    March 31, 2020
    • 👍 Aws\ - Adds support for standard and adaptive retry modes. Standard mode adds a retry quota system, while the experimental adaptive mode adds a client-side rate limiting feature on top of standard mode.
    • 🚀 Aws\AppConfig - This release adds an event log to deployments. In the case of a deployment rollback, the event log details the rollback reason.
    • 🚀 Aws\Detective - Removing the notes that Detective is in preview, in preparation for the Detective GA release.
    • 🚀 Aws\ElasticInference - This release includes improvements for the Amazon Elastic Inference service.
    • 🚀 Aws\FMS - This release contains FMS wafv2 support.
    • Aws\Glue - Add two enums for MongoDB connection: Added "CONNECTION_URL" to "ConnectionPropertyKey" and added "MONGODB" to "ConnectionType"
    • 👍 Aws\Lambda - AWS Lambda now supports .NET Core 3.1
    • 🚀 Aws\MediaStore - This release adds support for CloudWatch Metrics. You can now set a policy on your container to dictate which metrics MediaStore sends to CloudWatch.
    • 📚 Aws\OpsWorksCM - Documentation updates for OpsWorks-CM CreateServer values.
    • 📚 Aws\Organizations - Documentation updates for AWS Organizations
    • 🚀 Aws\Pinpoint - This release of the Amazon Pinpoint API introduces MMS support for SMS messages.
    • 🚀 Aws\Rekognition - This release adds DeleteProject and DeleteProjectVersion APIs to Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels.
    • 🌲 Aws\StorageGateway - Adding audit logging support for SMB File Shares
    • 👍 Aws\WAFV2 - Added support for AWS Firewall Manager for WAFv2 and PermissionPolicy APIs for WAFv2.
  • v3.133.47 Changes

    March 30, 2020
    • 🚀 Aws\AccessAnalyzer - This release adds support for the creation and management of IAM Access Analyzer analyzers with type organization. An analyzer with type organization continuously monitors all supported resources within the AWS organization and reports findings when they allow access from outside the organization.
  • v3.133.46 Changes

    March 27, 2020
    • ⚡️ Aws\GlobalAccelerator - This update adds an event history to the ListByoipCidr API call. This enables you to see the changes that you've made for an IP address range that you bring to AWS Global Accelerator through bring your own IP address (BYOIP).
    • ⚡️ Aws\ServiceCatalog - Added "LocalRoleName" as an acceptable Parameter for Launch type in CreateConstraint and UpdateConstraint APIs
    • ⚡️ Aws\kendra - The Amazon Kendra Microsoft SharePoint data source now supports include and exclude regular expressions and change log features. Include and exclude regular expressions enable you to provide a list of regular expressions to match the display URL of SharePoint documents to either include or exclude documents respectively. When you enable the changelog feature it enables Amazon Kendra to use the SharePoint change log to determine which documents to update in the index.
  • v3.133.45 Changes

    March 26, 2020
    • 🚀 Aws\FSx - This release includes two changes: a new lower-cost, storage type called HDD (Hard Disk Drive), and a new generation of the Single-AZ deployment type called Single AZ 2. The HDD storage type can be selected on Multi AZ 1 and Single AZ 2 deployment types.
    • 🚀 Aws\SageMaker - This release updates Amazon Augmented AI CreateFlowDefinition API and DescribeFlowDefinition response.
    • 📚 Aws\SecurityHub - Security Hub has now made it easier to opt out of default standards when you enable Security Hub. We added a new Boolean parameter to EnableSecurityHub called EnableDefaultStandards. If that parameter is true, Security Hub's default standards are enabled. A new Boolean parameter for standards, EnabledByDefault, indicates whether a standard is a default standard. Today, the only default standard is CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark v1.2. Additional default standards will be added in the future.To learn more, visit our documentation on the EnableSecurityHub API action.
  • v3.133.44 Changes

    March 25, 2020
    • 🚀 Aws\ApplicationInsights - Amazon CloudWatch Application Insights for .NET and SQL Server now integrates with Amazon CloudWatch Events (AWS CodeDeploy, AWS Health and Amazon EC2 state changes). This feature enables customers to view events related to problems detected by CloudWatch Application Insights, and reduce mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR).
    • Aws\CostExplorer - Customers can now receive Savings Plans recommendations at the member (linked) account level.
    • Aws\Detective - The new ACCEPTED_BUT_DISABLED member account status indicates that a member account that accepted the invitation is blocked from contributing data to the behavior graph. The reason is provided in the new DISABLED_REASON property. The new StartMonitoringMember operation enables a blocked member account.
    • 📦 Aws\ElasticsearchService - Adding support for customer packages (dictionary files) to Amazon Elasticsearch Service
    • 🔊 Aws\ManagedBlockchain - Amazon Managed Blockchain now has support to publish Hyperledger Fabric peer node, chaincode, and certificate authority (CA) logs to Amazon CloudWatch Logs.
    • Aws\XRay - GetTraceSummaries - Now provides additional root cause attribute ClientImpacting which indicates whether root cause impacted trace client.