Baum v1.0.10 Release Notes

Release Date: 2014-05-02 // over 8 years ago
  • May 2 2014

    • 🐛 bug fixes

      • Fix inserting a new model with a defined scope. Fixes [#27].
      • Static methods now do not take into account scoped column values, which would not make sense.
      • Properly set a model's relations when reloading an instance via reload().
      • Fix getObservableEvents() function to include node's moving and moved events.
      • Fix reload() to consider trashed node objects via soft-delete operations. Fixes [#35].
      • Preliminar support for soft-delete operations. Should fix [#23].
      • Assigning null to the parent_id column value and saving the node now performs the same operation as makeRoot(). Fixes [#54].
      • Reimplement toHierarchy as yielded inconsistent results, even worse with custom sorting of the collection results. Merges [#61], fixes [#63].
    • ✨ enhancements

      • Implement tree structure validation via Node::isValid.
      • Implement tree index rebuilding via Node::rebuild. Very useful when a tree structure has been messed up or to convert from a parent_id only table.
      • Preliminar support for soft-delete operations.
      • Allow the user to change the default sorting column name (defaulting to lft).
      • Add support for non-numeric keys. Merges & fixes [#52].