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Programming language: PHP
License: Apache License 2.0
Tags: Filter     Functional     Composition     Map     Collections     Helpers     Reduce     Zip     Composer Repositories     Functional Programming     Monads     Maybe     Fp     Immutability     Functor     Either     IO Monad     Reader Monad     Writer Monad     State Monad     Referential Transparency     Bingo     Applicative     Curry     Pattern Matching     Partial Application     Fold     Fantasy Land     Immutable Lists     Union Types     Functors     Applicatives     Unzip     Partial     Compose     Tuples     Higher-order Functions     Lens     Input-output     filterM     foldM     Lenses     Monad Laws     Applicative Laws     Persistent Data Structures     Pure Functions     Memoize     Transducers     Either Monad     Maybe Monad     Applicative Functor     Identity Functor     Over     Transduce    
Latest version: v1.13.0

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Bingo Functional

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A simple functional programming library for PHP.


  • PHP 7 or higher


PHP, a language not commonly associated with Functional Programming, does support the paradigm - to an extent. The language's Functional Programming affability though substantial is not the same as that of Haskell, OCaml, or F# - purely Functional languages. bingo-functional is an attempt at enhancing the usability of FP techniques - those that warrant the use of helper functions, applicatives, monads, pattern matching, and immutable lists.


Please check out the documentation for more knowledge on how to use this library.

Also, a changelog exists and can be used to track changes made to the project.

Dealing with problems

Endeavor to create an issue on GitHub when the need arises or send an email to [email protected]

Functional Programming in PHP

I published a book titled - Functional Programming in PHP - which is currently available on LeanPub. The bingo-functional library features extensively in the text as a tool whose potencies demonstrate usage of Functional Programming ideas in PHP. I advise that you purchase a copy for $9.99.

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