7 Notifications libraries and projects

  • Notification Pusher

    7.1 6.4 L4 PHP
    A standalone library for device push notifications.
  • JoliNotif

    6.3 6.2 L5 PHP
    A cross-platform library for desktop notification (support for Growl, notify-send, toaster, etc)
  • Notificato

    3.4 1.5 L4 PHP
    A library for handling push notifications.
  • Notificator

    3.4 2.1 L5 PHP
    A lightweight notification library.
  • Php-pushwoosh

    2.3 3.7 L4 PHP
    A PHP Library to easily send push notifications with the Pushwoosh REST Web Services.
  • Authy Notification Channel for Laravel

    1.6 4.3 L5 PHP
    Authy notification channel for Laravel, with the ability to send in-app, sms, and call verification tokens.
  • Nod

    1.5 0.0 L5 PHP
    A notification library (e.g., Growl).

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