3 Text Processing libraries and projects

  • Morphos

    5.7 2.1 PHP
    A morphological solution for Russian and English language written completely in PHP. Provides classes to inflect personal names, geographical names, decline and pluralize nouns, generate cardinal and ordinal numerals, spell out money amounts and time intervals. / Морфологическая библиотека для английского и русского языков. Склоняет имена собственные, названия географических объектов, склонение и плюрализация имен собственных и другое.
  • language-detection

    5.6 0.8 PHP
    A language detection library for PHP. Detects the language from a given text string.
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  • nginx-log-analyzer

    0.9 0.0 PHP
    Simple nginx access.log parser written in php.

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