CIDRAM v1.17.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-05-01 // over 2 years ago
  • 🔖 Version/Release 1.17.1

    ⚡️ [2020.04.04; Maikuolan]: Updated the execution chain as such that a whitelist action performed from within a module can immediately terminate any further processing of modules for the given request. Updated the front-end configuration page as so that some basic formatting and normalisation of dropdown menu options will now occur when possible.

    🔨 [2020.04.13; Maikuolan]: Performed some minor refactoring. Also added some code to allow modules to install their own class dependencies when installing/updating, when needed.

    ⚡️ [2020.04.24; Maikuolan]: Reworked the auxiliary rules interface, changing the structure and layout to hopefully make it somewhat more intuitive and easier to use. Added the ability for auxiliary rules to override the default HTTP status code provided to blocked requests on a per-rule basis. Added the ability to attach webhooks to auxiliary rules. Added the ability to create auxiliary rules to redirect requests elsewhere without blocking them. Added the ability for auxiliary rules to mark requests for use with reCAPTCHA and to suppress output templates. Reworked the webhooks system to make it a little cleaner and to provide the ability for multiple webhooks to be triggered per request. Updated the IP test page to display when a tested IP raises a flag (e.g., marked for use with reCAPTCHA, suppress output template, don't log, etc).

    Caleb M (Maikuolan),
    May 1, 2020.

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