CIDRAM v2.4.4 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-10-05 // about 1 year ago
  • 🔖 Version/Release 2.4.4

    ⚡️ [2020.07.12; Maikuolan]: Added a major version checker to the front-end updates page.

    🛠 [2020.07.13; Bug-fix; Maikuolan]: PHPMailer notifications would encode incorrectly when dealing with non-ANSI data (i.e., when using languages other than English); Fixed.

    ⚡️ [2020.07.13; Bug-fix; Maikuolan]: Possible problem found with IsActivable when updating certain components via the front-end updates page; Fixed.

    ⚡️ [2020.07.23; Maikuolan]: Updated channels.

    [2020.07.31; Maikuolan]: Improved the way that the (generated by ...) notice, displayed at the footer of HTML pages, is rendered.

    [2020.08.04; Maikuolan]: Addressed a potential compatibility problem with installations where PHP has its output proxied through to a different host. Also slightly improved the aesthetics of the front-end, and changed the logout link to a logout button.

    ♻️ [2020.08.06; Maikuolan]: Addressed a potential problem with calculating the number of bytes removed when updating components and slightly refactored the front-end functions file.

    [2020.09.24; Maikuolan]: Added the option to the auxiliary rules to forcibly disable IP tracking.

    🔀 [2020.09.30; Maikuolan]: Synced up common classes.

    [2020.10.05; Maikuolan]: Very minor aesthetic fix.

    Caleb M (Maikuolan),
    October 5, 2020.

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Previous changes from v2.4.3

  • 🔖 Version/Release 2.4.3

    ⚡️ [2020.06.20; Bug-fix; Maikuolan]: Logs were being written to the wrong directory in some cases due to the way that paths were being reconstructed; Fixed. Also improved some updates page guard code.

    [2020.06.30; Maikuolan]: Added the ability for auxiliary rules conditions to be optionally matched via (not-)(greater|less)-than(-or-equal-to) operators.

    ♻️ [2020.07.03; Maikuolan]: Performed some minor refactoring.

    Caleb M (Maikuolan),
    July 3, 2020.

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