Composer v2.3.7 Release Notes

Release Date: 2022-06-06 // 28 days ago
    • Fixed a few PHPStan ConfigReturnTypeExtension bugs
    • Fixed Config default for auth configs to be empty arrays instead of null, fixes issues with diagnose command (#10814)
    • Fixed handling of broken symlinks when checking whether a package is still installed (#6708)
    • Fixed bin proxies to allow a proxy to include another one safely (#10823)
    • Fixed openssl 3.x version parsing as it is now semver compliant
    • Fixed type error when a json file cannot be read (#10818)
    • Fixed parsing of multi-line arrays in funding.yml (#10784)

Previous changes from v2.3.6

    • Added Composer\PHPStan\ConfigReturnTypeExtension to improve return types of Config::get() which you can also use in plugins CI (#10635)
    • Fixed name validation regex in schema causing issues with JS IDEs like VS Code (#10811)
    • Fixed unnecessary HTTP request in BitbucketDriver (#10729)
    • Fixed invalid credentials loop when setting up GitLab token (#10748)
    • Fixed PHP 8.2 deprecations (#10766)
    • Fixed lock file changes being output even when the lock file creation is disabled
    • Fixed race condition when multiple requests asking for auth on the same hostname fired concurrently (#10763)
    • Fixed quoting of commas on Windows (#10775)
    • Fixed issue installing path repos with a disabled symlink function (#10786)
    • Fixed various type errors (#10753, #10739, #10751)