In seconds, make sure every char in a gigabyte file meets your expectations.

- Just create a simple and friendly Yaml with your CSV schema and the tool will validate your files line by line. You will get a very detailed report with row, column and rule accuracy. - Out of the box, you have access to over 330 validation rules that can be combined to control the severity of validation. - You can validate each value (like, date has a strict format on each line), or the entire column (like, median of all values is within limits). It's up to you to choose the severity of the rules. - Use it anywhere as it is packaged in Docker or even as part of your GitHub Actions. Create a CSV in your pipelines/ETL/CI and ensure that it meets the most stringent expectations. - Prepare your own libraries with complex rules using presets. This will help you work with hundreds of different files at the same time. - Create schema on the fly based on an existing CSV file and also analyze data in CSV - find out what is stored in your file and get a summary report.

Monthly Downloads: 25
Programming language: PHP
License: MIT License

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