The reason you hate Object Relational Mapper (ORM) is because it's slow, clumsy, limited and flawed. The reason you have to use it is because of consistency, compatibility and abstraction it offers to larger projects.

ATK Data is focused on reducing number of database queries, moving CPU-intensive tasks into your database (if possible). It is well suited for Amazon RDS, Google Cloud SQL and ClearDB but thanks to abstraction will work transparently with Static data, NoSQL or RestAPIs backends.

ATK Data is extensible and offers wide range of add-ons ranging from Audit and Aggregation all the way to Web UI and RestAPI. Minimalistic interface allows you to use ATK Data in your legacy apps or with modern PHP frameworks.

Quick-Links: Documentation. Namespaces. Example. ATK Data. Forum. Chat. Commercial support. Udemy Course.

Monthly Downloads: 1,749
Programming language: PHP
License: MIT License
Tags: Database     NoSQL     Web Applications     Framework     ORM     Mongodb     MySQL     Postgresql     SQL     Query     Active Record     Builder    

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