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  • v1.7.29 Changes


      • Added support for registering assets from HtmlBlock
      • Added unicode-safe Utils::basename() and Utils::pathinfo() methods
      • Improved Filesystem::basename() and Filesystem::pathinfo() to be unicode-safe
      • Made path handling unicode-safe, use new Utils::basename() and Utils::pathinfo() everywhere ๐Ÿ›  3.
      • Fixed error on thumbnail image creation
      • Fixed MimeType for gzip (application/x-gzip)
  • v1.7.29.1 Changes


    ๐Ÿ›  1. * Fixed Call to undefined method error when upgrading from Grav 1.6 #3523

  • v1.7.28 Changes


      • Added links and modules support to HtmlBlock class
      • Added module support for twig script tag: {% script module 'theme://js/module.mjs' %}
      • Added twig tag for links: {% link icon 'theme://images/favicon.png' priority: 20 with { type: 'image/png' } %}
      • Added HtmlBlock support for {% style %}, {% script %} and {% link %} tags
      • Support for page-level redirect_default_route frontmatter header override ๐Ÿ›  3.
      • Fixed XSS check not detecting escaped &#58
  • v1.7.27 Changes


      • Support for YubiKey OTP 2-Factor authenticator
      • Added support for generic for external references. No pipeline support
      • Added support for assets.addJsModule() with full pipeline support
      • Added Utils::getExtensionsByMime() method to get all the registered extensions for the specific mime type
      • Added Media::getRoute() and Media::getRawRoute() methods to get page route if available
      • Added Medium::getAlternatives() to be able to list all the retina sizes
      • Improved Utils::download() method to allow overrides on download name, mime and expires header
      • Improved onPageFallBackUrl event
      • Reorganized the Asset system configuration blueprint for clarity ๐Ÿ›  3.
      • Fixed CLI --env and --lang options having no effect if they aren't added before all the other options
      • Fixed scaled image medium filename when using non-existing retina file
      • Fixed an issue with JS imports and pipelining Assets
  • v1.7.27.1 Changes


    ๐Ÿ›  3.

    • Fixed a typo in CSS Asset pipeline that was erroneously joining files with ;
  • v1.7.26 Changes


      • Made Grav::redirect() to accept Route class
      • Added translated() method to PageTranslateInterface
      • Added second parameter to UserObject::isMyself() method
      • Added UserObject::$isAuthorizedCallable to allow $user->isAuthorized() customization
      • Use secure session cookies in HTTPS by default (system.session.secure_https: true)
      • Added new Plugin::inheritedConfigOption() function to access plugin specific functions for page overrides
      • Upgraded vendor libs for PHP 8.1 compatibility
      • Upgraded to composer v2.1.14 for PHP 8.1 compatibility
      • Added third $name parameter to Blueprint::flattenData() method, useful for flattening repeating data
      • ControllerResponseTrait: Redirect response should be json if the extension is .json
      • When symlinking Grav install, include also tests
      • Updated copyright year to 2022 ๐Ÿ›  3.
      • Fixed bad key lookup in FlexRelatedDirectoryTrait::getCollectionByProperty()
      • Fixed RequestHandlers NotFoundException having empty request
      • Block .json files in web server configs
      • Disabled pretty debug info for Flex as it slows down Twig rendering
      • Fixed Twig being very slow when template overrides do not exist
      • Fixed UserObject::$authorizeCallable binding to the user object
      • Fixed FlexIndex::call() to return null instead of failing to call undefined method
      • Fixed Flex directory configuration creating environment configuration when it should not
  • v1.7.26.1 Changes


    ๐Ÿ›  3.

    • Fixed UserObject::getAccess() after cloning the object
  • v1.7.25 Changes


      • Updated phpstan to v1.0
      • Added FlexObject::getDiff() to see difference to the saved object
      • Use Symfony dump instead of PHP's vardump in side the {{ vardump(x) }} Twig vardump function
      • Added route and request to onPagesInitialized event
      • Improved page cloning, added method Page::initialize()
      • Improved FlexObject::getChanges(): return changed lists and arrays as whole instead of just changed keys/values
      • Improved form validation JSON responses to contain list of failed fields with their error messages
      • Improved redirects: send redirect response in JSON if the request was in JSON ๐Ÿ›  3.
      • Fixed path traversal vulnerability when using bin/grav server
      • Fixed unescaped error messages in JSON error responses
      • Fixed |t(variable) twig filter in admin
      • Fixed FlexObject::getChanges() always returning empty array
      • Fixed form validation exceptions to use 400 Bad Request instead of 500 Internal Server Error
  • v1.7.24 Changes


      • Added support for image watermarks
      • Added support to disable a form, making it readonly
      • Flex $user->authorize() now checks user groups before admin.super, allowing deny rules to work properly ๐Ÿ›  3.
      • Fixed a bug in PermissionsReader in PHP 7.3
      • Fixed session_store_active language option (#3464)
      • Fixed deprecated warnings on ArrayAccess in PHP 8.1
      • Fixed XSS detection with :
  • v1.7.23 Changes


      • Added method Pages::referrerRoute() to get the referrer route and language
      • Added true unique Utils::uniqueId() / {{ unique_id() }} utilities with length, prefix, and suffix support
      • Added UserObject::isMyself() method to check if flex user is currently logged in
      • Added support for custom form field options validation with validate: options: key|ignore
      • Replaced GPL SVG-Sanitizer with MIT licensed DOM-Sanitizer
      • Uri::referrer() now accepts third parameter, if set to true, it returns route without base or language code #3411
      • Updated vendor libs with latest
      • Updated with latest language strings via ๐Ÿ›  3.
      • Fixed Folder::move() throwing an error when target folder is changed by only appending characters to the end #3445
      • Fixed some phpstan issues (all code back to level 1, Framework level 3)
      • Fixed form reset causing image uploads to fail when using Flex