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  • v0.9.34 Changes


      • Added new cache_all system setting + media cache() method
      • Added base languages configuration
      • Added property language to page to help plugins identify page language
      • New Utils::arrayFilterRecursive() method
      • Improved Session handling to support site and admin independently
      • Allow Twig variables to be modified in other events
      • Blueprint updates in preparation for Admin plugin
      • Changed Inflector from static to object and added multi-language support
      • Support for admin override of a page's blueprints ๐Ÿ›  3.
      • Removed unused use in VideoMedium that was causing error
      • Array fix in User.authorise() method
      • Fix for typo in translations_fallback
      • Fixed moving page to the root
  • v0.9.33 Changes


      • Added new onImageMediumSaved() event (useful for post-image processing)
      • Added Vary: Accept-Encoding option
      • Multilang-safe delimiter position
      • Refactored Twig classes and added optional umask setting
      • Removed pageinit() timing
      • Page->routable() now takes published() state into account
      • Improved how page extension is set
      • Support Language->translate() method taking string and array ๐Ÿ›  3.
      • Fixed backup command to include empty folders
  • v0.9.32 Changes


      • Detect users preferred language via http_accept_language setting
      • Added new translateArray() language method
      • Support en translations by default for plugins & themes
      • Improved default generator tag
      • Minor language tweaks and fixes ๐Ÿ›  3.
      • Fix for session active language and homepage redirects
      • Ignore root-level page rather than throwing error
  • v0.9.31 Changes


      • Added xml, json, css and js to valid media file types
      • Better handling of unsupported media type downloads
      • Improved bin/grav backup command to mimic admin plugin location/name ๐Ÿ›  3.
      • Critical fix for broken language translations
      • Fix for Twig markdown filter error
      • Safety check for download extension
  • v0.9.30 Changes


      • BIG NEWS! Extensive Multi-Language support is all new in 0.9.30!
      • Translation support via Twig filter/function and PHP method
      • Page specific default route
      • Page specific route aliases
      • Canonical URL route support
      • Added built-in session support
      • New Page.rawRoute() to get a consistent folder-based route to a page
      • Added option to always redirect to default page on alias URL
      • Added language safe redirect function for use in core and plugins
      • Improved and Page.activeChild() methods to support route aliases
      • Various spelling corrections in .php comments, .md and .yaml files
      • Utils::startsWith() and Utils::endsWith() now support needle arrays
      • Added a new timer around pageInitialized event
      • Updated jQuery library to v2.1.4 ๐Ÿ›  3.
      • In-page CSS and JS files are now handled properly
      • Fix for enable_media_timestamp not working properly
  • v0.9.29 Changes


      • New and improved Regex-powered redirect and route alias logic
      • Added new onBuildPagesInitialized event for memory critical or time-consuming plugins
      • Added a setSummary() method for pages
      • Improved MergeConfig() logic for more control
      • Travis skeleton build trigger implemented
      • Set composer.json versions to stable versions where possible
      • Disabled last_modified and etag page headers by default (causing too much page caching) ๐Ÿ›  3.
      • Preload classes during bin/gpm selfupgrade to avoid issues with updated classes
      • Fix for directory relative down links
  • v0.9.28 Changes


      • Added method to set raw markdown on a page
      • Added ability to enabled system and page level etag and last_modified headers
      • Improved image path processing
      • Improved query string handling
      • Optimization to image handling supporting URL encoded filenames
      • Use global composer when available rather than Grv provided one
      • Use PHP_BINARY constant rather than php executable
      • Updated Doctrine Cache library
      • Updated Symfony libraries
      • Moved convertUrl() method to Uri object ๐Ÿ›  3.
      • Fix incorrect slug causing problems with CLI uninstall
      • Fix Twig runtime error with assets pipeline in sufolder installations
      • Fix for + in image filenames
      • Fix for dot files causing issues with page processing
      • Fix for Uri path detection on Windows platform
      • Fix for alternative media resolutions
      • Fix for modularTypes key properties
  • v0.9.27 Changes


      • Added new composer CLI command
      • Added page-level summary header overrides
      • Added size back for Media objects
      • Refactored Backup command in preparation for admin plugin
      • Added a new parseLinks method to Plugins class
      • Added starts_with and ends_with Twig filters
      • Optimized install of vendor libraries for speed improvement
      • Improved configuration handling in preparation for admin plugin
      • Cache optimization: Don't cache Twig templates when you pass dynamic params
      • Moved Utils::rcopy to Folder::rcopy
      • Improved Folder::doDelete
      • Added check for required Curl in GPM
      • Updated included composer.phar to latest version
      • Various blueprint fixes for admin plugin
      • Various PSR and code cleanup tasks ๐Ÿ›  3.
      • Fix issue with Gzip not working with onShutDown() event
      • Fix for URLs with trailing slashes
      • Handle condition where certain errors resulted in blank page
      • Fix for issue with theme name equal to base_url and asset pipeline
      • Fix to properly normalize font rewrite path
      • Fix for absolute URLs below the current page
      • Fix for .. page references
  • v0.9.26 Changes


    ๐Ÿ›  3. * Fixed issue with homepage routes failing with 'dirname' error

  • v0.9.25 Changes


      • Added support for E-Tag, Last-Modified, Cache-Control and Page-based expires headers
      • Refactored media image handling to make it more flexible and support absolute paths
      • Refactored page modification check process to make it faster
      • User account improvements in preparation for admin plugin
      • Protect against timing attacks
      • Reset default system expires time to 0 seconds (can override if you need to) ๐Ÿ›  3.
      • Fix issues with spaces in webroot when using bin/grav install
      • Fix for spaces in relative directory
      • Bug fix in collection filtering