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  • v1.7.23 Changes


      • Added method Pages::referrerRoute() to get the referrer route and language
      • Added true unique Utils::uniqueId() / {{ unique_id() }} utilities with length, prefix, and suffix support
      • Replaced GPL SVG-Sanitizer with MIT licensed DOM-Sanitizer
      • Uri::referrer() now accepts third parameter, if set to true, it returns route without base or language code #3411 ๐Ÿ›  3.
      • Fixed Folder::move() throwing an error when target folder is changed by only appending characters to the end #3445
      • Fixed some phpstan issues (all code back to level 1, Framework level 3)
      • Fixed form reset causing image uploads to fail when using Flex
  • v1.7.22 Changes


      • Register plugin autoloaders into plugin objects
      • Improve Twig 2 compatibility
      • Update to customized version of Twig DeferredExtension (Twig 1/2 compatible) ๐Ÿ›  3.
      • Fixed conflicting $_original variable in Flex Pages
  • v1.7.21 Changes


      • Added |yaml filter to convert input to YAML
      • Added route and request to onPageNotFound event
      • Added file upload/remove support for Flex Forms
      • Added support for [email protected]: not exists and [email protected]: '!exists' in blueprints
      • Added $object->getOriginalData() to get flex objects data before it was modified with update()
      • Throwing exceptions from Twig templates fires onDisplayErrorPage.[code] event allowing better error pages
      • Use a simplified text-based cron field for scheduler
      • Add timestamp to logging output of scheduler jobs to see when they ran ๐Ÿ›  3.
      • Fixed escaping in PageIndex::getLevelListing()
      • Fixed validation of number type #3433
      • Fixed excessive security.yaml file creation #3432
      • Fixed incorrect port :0 with nginx unix socket setup #3439
      • Fixed Session::setFlashCookieObject() to use the same options as the main session cookie
  • v1.7.20 Changes


      • Added support for task and action inside JSON request body
  • v1.7.19 Changes


      • Include active form and request in onPageTask and onPageAction events (defaults to null)
      • Added UserObject::$authorizeCallable to allow $user->authorize() customization
      • Added meta support for UploadedFile class
      • Added support for multiple mime-types per file extension #3422
      • Added setCurrent() method to Page Collection #3398
      • Initialize $grav['uri'] before session ๐Ÿ›  3.
      • Fixed Warning: Undefined array key "SERVER_SOFTWARE" in index.php #3408
      • Fixed error in loadDirectoryConfig() if configuration hasn't been saved #3409
      • Fixed GPM not using non-standard cache path #3410
      • Fixed broken environment:// stream when it doesn't have configuration
      • Fixed Flex Object missing key field value when using FolderStorage
      • Fixed broken Twig try tag when catch has not been defined or is empty
      • Fixed FlexForm serialization
      • Fixed form validation for numeric values in PHP 8
      • Fixed [email protected] in blueprints duplicating items in array
      • Fixed wrong form issue with flex objects after cache clear
      • Fixed Flex object types not implementing MediaInterface
      • Fixed issue with svgImageFunction() that was causing broken output
  • v1.7.18 Changes


      • Added support for loading Flex Directory configuration from main configuration
      • Move SVGs that cannot be sanitized to quarantine folder under log://quarantine
      • Added support for CloudFlare-forwarded client IP in the URI::ip() method ๐Ÿ›  1.
      • Fixed error when using Flex SimpleStorage with no entries
      • Fixed page search to include slug field #3316
      • Fixed Admin becoming unusable when GPM cannot be reached #3383
      • Fixed Failed to save entry: Forbidden when moving a page to a visible page #3389
      • Better support for Symfony local server on linux #3400
      • Fixed open_basedir() error with some forms
  • v1.7.17 Changes


      • Interface FlexDirectoryInterface now extends FlexAuthorizeInterface
      • Allow to unset an asset attribute by specifying null (ie, 'defer': null)
      • Support specifying custom attributes to assets in a collection Read more #3358
      • File frontmatter.yaml isn't part of media, ignore it
      • Switched default JQuery collection to use 3.x rather than 2.x ๐Ÿ›  1.
      • Fixed missing styles when CSS/JS Pipeline is used and asset:// folder is missing
      • Fixed permission check when moving a page #3382
  • v1.7.16 Changes


      • Added 'addFrame()' method to ImageMedium #3323
      • Set cache.clear_images_by_default to false by default
      • Improve error on bad nested form data #3364 ๐Ÿ›  1.
      • Improve Plugin and Theme initialization to fix PHP8 bug #3368
      • Fixed pathinfo() twig filter in PHP7
      • Fixed the first visible child page getting ordering number 999999. #3365
      • Fixed flex pages search using only folder name #3316
      • Fixed flex pages using wrong type in onBlueprintCreated event #3157
      • Fixed wrong SRI paths invoked when Grav instance as a sub folder #3358
      • Fixed SRI trying to calculate remote assets, only ever set integrity for local files. Use the SRI provided by the remote source and manually add it in the addJs/addCss call for remote support. #3358
      • Fix for weird regex issue with latest PHP versions on Intel Macs causing params to not parse properly in URI object
  • v1.7.15 Changes


      • Allow optional start date in page collections #3350
      • Added page and output properties to onOutputGenerated and onOutputRendered events ๐Ÿ›  1.
      • Fixed twig deprecated TwigFilter messages #3348
      • Fixed fatal error with some markdown links getgrav/grav-premium-issues#95
      • Fixed markdown media operations not working when using image:// stream #3333 #3349
      • Fixed copying page without changing the slug getgrav/grav-plugin-admin#2135
      • Fixed missing and commonly used methods when using system.twig.undefined_functions = false getgrav/grav-plugin-admin#2138
      • Fixed uploading images into Flex Object if field destination is not set
  • v1.7.14 Changes


      • Added MediaUploadTrait::checkFileMetadata() method
      • Updating a theme should always keep the custom files getgrav/grav-plugin-admin#2135 ๐Ÿ›  1.
      • Fixed broken numeric language codes in Flex Pages #3332
      • Fixed broken exif_imagetype() twig function