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  • v0.9.0 Changes


      • Addition of Dependency Injection Container
      • Refactored plugins to use Symfony Event Dispatcher
      • New Asset Manager to provide unified management of JavaScript and CSS
      • Asset Pipelining to provide unification, minify, and optimization of JavaScript and CSS
      • Grav Media support directly in Markdown syntax
      • Additional Grav Generator meta tag in default themes
      • Added support for PHP Stream Wrapper for resource location
      • Markdown Extra support
      • Browser object for fast browser detection
      • PSR-4 Autoloader mechanism
      • Tracy Debugger new detect option to detect running environment
      • Added new random collection sort option
      • Make media images progressive by default
      • Additional URI filtering for improved security
      • Safety checks to ensure PHP 5.4.0+
      • Move to Slidebars side navigation in default Antimatter theme
      • Updates to .htaccess including section on RewriteBase which is needed for some hosting providers 🛠 3.
      • Fixed issue when installing in an apache userdir (~username) folder
      • Various mobile CSS issues in default themes
      • Various minor bug fixes
  • v0.8.0 Changes


      • Initial Release