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  • v1.0.0-rc.5 Changes


      • Added nonce functionality for all admin forms for improved security
      • Implemented the ability for Plugins to provide their own CLI commands through bin/plugin
      • Added Croatian translation
      • Added missing umask_fix property to system.yaml
      • Added current theme's config to global config. E.g. config.theme.dropdown_enabled
      • Added append_url_extension option to system config & page headers
      • Users have a new state property to allow disabling/banning
      • Added new Page.relativePagePath() helper method
      • Added new |pad Twig filter for strings (uses str_pad())
      • Added lighttpd.conf for Lightly web server
      • Clear previously applied operations when doing a reset on image media
      • Password no longer required when editing user
      • Improved support for trailing / URLs
      • Improved .nginx.conf configuration file
      • Improved .htaccess security
      • Updated vendor libs
      • Updated composer.phar
      • Use streams instead of paths for clearCache()
      • Use PCRE_UTF8 so unicode strings can be regexed in Truncator
      • Handle case when login plugin is disabled
      • Improved quality functionality in media handling
      • Added some missing translation strings
      • Deprecated bin/grav newuser in favor of bin/plugin login new-user
      • Moved fallback types to use any valid media type
      • Renamed system.pages.fallback_types to
      • Removed version number in default generator meta tag
      • Disable time limit in case of slow downloads
      • Removed default hash in system.yaml ๐Ÿ›  1.
      • Fix for media using absolute URLs causing broken links
      • Fix theme auto-loading #432
      • Don't create empty <style> or <script> scripts if no data
      • Code cleanups
      • Fix undefined variable in Config class
      • Fix exception message when label is not set
      • Check in Plugins::get() to ensure plugins exists
      • Fixed GZip compression making output buffering work correctly with all servers and browsers
      • Fixed date representation in system config
  • v1.0.0-rc.4 Changes


    ๐Ÿ›  1. * Fixed a fatal error if you have a collection with missing or invalid @page: /route

  • v1.0.0-rc.3 Changes


      • New Page collection options! @self.parent, @self.siblings, @self.descendants + more
      • White list of file types for fallback route functionality (images by default)
      • Assets switched from defines to streams ๐Ÿ›  1.
      • typos fixed
      • Fixed issue with routes that have lang string in them (/en/english)
      • Trim strings before validation so whitespace is not satisfy 'required'
  • v1.0.0-rc.2 Changes


      • Added support for CSS Asset groups
      • Added a wrapped_site system option for themes/plugins to use
      • Pass Page object as event to onTwigPageVariables() event hook
      • New Data.items() method to get all items
      • Missing pipelined remote asset will now fail quietly
      • More reliably handle inline JS and CSS to remove only surrounding HTML tags
      • Medium.meta returns new Data object so null checks are possible
      • Improved Medium metadata merging to allow for automatic title/alt/class attributes
      • Moved Grav object to global variable rather than template variable (useful for macros)
      • German language improvements
      • Updated bundled composer ๐Ÿ›  1.
      • Accept variety of true values in User.authorize() method
      • Fix for Validation throwing an error if no label set
  • v1.0.0-rc.1 Changes


      • Use native PECL YAML parser if installed for 4X speed boost in parsing YAML files
      • Support for inherited theme class
      • Added new default language prepend system configuration option
      • New |evaluate Twig filter to evaluate a string as twig
      • New system option to ignore all hidden files and folders
      • New system option for default redirect code
      • Added ability to append specific [30x] codes to redirect URLs
      • Added url_taxonomy_filters for page collections
      • Added @root page and recurse flag for page collections
      • Support for multiple page collection types as an array
      • Added Dutch language file
      • Added Russian language file
      • Added remove method to User object
      • Moved hardcoded mimetypes to media.yaml to be treated as Page media files
      • Set errors: display: false by default in system.yaml
      • Strip out extra slashes in the URI
      • Validate hostname to ensure it is valid
      • Ignore more SCM folders in Backups
      • Removed home_redirect settings from system.yaml
      • Added Page media as root twig object for consistency
      • Updated to latest vendor libraries
      • Optimizations to Asset pipeline logic for minor speed increase
      • Block direct access to a variety of files in .htaccess for increased security
      • Debugbar vendor library update
      • Always fallback to english if other translations are not available ๐Ÿ›  1.
      • Fix for redirecting external URL with multi-language
      • Fix for Asset pipeline not respecting asset groups
      • Fix language files with child/parent theme relationships
      • Fixed a regression issue resulting in incorrect default language
      • Ensure error handler is initialized before URI is processed
      • Use default language in Twig if active language is not set
      • Fixed issue with safeEmailFilter() Twig filter not separating with ; properly
      • Fixed empty YAML file causing error with native PECL YAML parser
      • Fixed SVG mimetype
      • Fixed incorrect Cache-control: max-age value format
  • v0.9.45 Changes


    ๐Ÿ›  1. * Fixed a regression issue resulting in incorrect default language

  • v0.9.44 Changes


      • Added Redis back as a supported cache mechanism
      • Allow Twig nicetime translations
      • Added -y option for 'Yes to all' in bin/gpm update
      • Added CSS media attribute to the Assets manager
      • New German language support
      • New Czech language support
      • New French language support
      • Added modulus twig filter
      • URL decode in medium actions to allow complex syntax
      • Take into account HTTP_HOST before SERVER_NAME (helpful with Nginx)
      • More friendly cache naming to ease manual management of cache systems
      • Added default Apache resource for DirectoryIndex ๐Ÿ›  1.
      • Fix GPM failure when offline
      • Fix open_basedir error in bin/gpm install
      • Fix an HHVM error in Truncator
      • Fix for XSS vulnerability with params
      • Fix chaining for responsive size derivatives
      • Fix for saving pages when removing the page title and all other header elements
      • Fix when saving array fields
      • Fix for ports being included in HTTP_HOST
      • Fix for Truncator to handle PHP tags gracefully
      • Fix for locate style lang codes in getNativeName()
      • Urldecode image basenames in markdown
  • v0.9.43 Changes


      • Added new AudioMedium for HTML5 audio
      • Added ability for Assets to be added and displayed in separate groups
      • New support for responsive image derivative sizes
      • GPM theme install now uses a copy method so new files are not lost (e.g. /css/custom.css)
      • Code analysis improvements and cleanup
      • Removed Twig panel from debugger (no longer supported in Twig 1.20)
      • Updated composer packages
      • Prepend active language to convertUrl() when used in markdown links
      • Added some pre/post flight options for installer via blueprints
      • Hyphenize the site name in the backup filename ๐Ÿ›  1.
      • Fix broken routable logic
      • Check for phpinfo() method in case it is restricted by hosting provider
      • Fixes for windows when running GPM
      • Fix for ampersand (&) causing error in truncateHtml() via Page.summary()
  • v0.9.42 Changes


    ๐Ÿ›  1. * Fixed User.authorise() to be backwards compabile

  • v0.9.41 Changes


      • New and improved multibyte-safe TruncateHTML function and filter
      • Added support for custom page date format
      • Added a string Twig filter to render as json_encoded string
      • Added authorize Twig filter
      • Added support for theme inheritance in the admin
      • Support for multiple content collections on a page
      • Added configurable files/folders ignores for pages
      • Added the ability to set the default PHP locale and override via multi-lang configuration
      • Added ability to save as YAML via admin
      • Added check for mbstring support
      • Added new redirect header for pages
      • Changed dependencies from develop to master
      • Updated logging to log everything from debug level on (was warning)
      • Added missing accounts/ folder
      • Default to performing a 301 redirect for URIs with trailing slashes
      • Improved Twig error messages
      • Allow validating of forms from anywhere such as plugins
      • Added logic so modular pages are by default non-routable
      • Hide password input in bin/grav newuser command ๐Ÿ›  1.
      • Fixed Pages.all() not returning modular pages
      • Fix for modular template types not getting found
      • Fix for markdown_extra: overriding markdown:extra: setting
      • Fix for multi-site routing
      • Fix for multi-lang page name error
      • Fixed a redirect loop in URI class
      • Fixed a potential error when unsupported_inline_types is empty
      • Correctly generate 2x retina image
      • Typo fixes in page publish/unpublish blueprint