Code Quality Rank: L3
Monthly Downloads: 150,435
Programming language: PHP
License: MIT License
Tags: HTTP     API     Curl     REST     Restful     Requests    
Latest version: v0.3.2

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Httpful is a simple Http Client library for PHP 7.2+. There is an emphasis of readability, simplicity, and flexibility – basically provide the features and flexibility to get the job done and make those features really easy to use.


  • Readable HTTP Method Support (GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, HEAD, PATCH and OPTIONS)
  • Custom Headers
  • Automatic "Smart" Parsing
  • Automatic Payload Serialization
  • Basic Auth
  • Client Side Certificate Auth
  • Request "Templates"

Sneak Peak

Here's something to whet your appetite. Search the twitter API for tweets containing "#PHP". Include a trivial header for the heck of it. Notice that the library automatically interprets the response as JSON (can override this if desired) and parses it as an array of objects.

// Make a request to the GitHub API with a custom
// header of "X-Trvial-Header: Just as a demo".
$url = "https://api.github.com/users/nategood";
$response = \Httpful\Request::get($url)
    ->withXTrivialHeader('Just as a demo')

echo "{$response->body->name} joined GitHub on " .
                        date('M jS', strtotime($response->body->created_at)) ."\n";



Httpful is PSR-0 compliant and can be installed using composer. Simply add nategood/httpful to your composer.json file. Composer is the sane alternative to PEAR. It is excellent for managing dependencies in larger projects.

    "require": {
        "nategood/httpful": "*"

Install from Source

Because Httpful is PSR-0 compliant, you can also just clone the Httpful repository and use a PSR-0 compatible autoloader to load the library, like Symfony's. Alternatively you can use the PSR-0 compliant autoloader included with the Httpful (simply require("bootstrap.php")).

Build your Phar

If you want the build your own Phar Archive you can use the build script included. Make sure that your php.ini has the Off or 0 value for the phar.readonly setting. Also you need to create an empty downloads directory in the project root.


Httpful highly encourages sending in pull requests. When submitting a pull request please:

  • All pull requests should target the dev branch (not master)
  • Make sure your code follows the coding conventions
  • Please use soft tabs (four spaces) instead of hard tabs
  • Make sure you add appropriate test coverage for your changes
  • Run all unit tests in the test directory via phpunit ./tests
  • Include commenting where appropriate and add a descriptive pull request message



  • REFACTOR PR #276 Add properly subclassed, more descriptive Exceptions for JSON parse errors


  • FIX PR #286 Fixed header case sensitivity


  • REFACTOR Dropped support for dead versions of PHP. Updated the PHPUnit tests.


  • MINOR Move Response building logic into separate function PR #193


  • FEATURE Before send hook PR #164
  • MINOR More descriptive connection exceptions PR #166



  • FEATURE PR #144 Adds additional parameter to the Response class to specify additional meta data about the request/response (e.g. number of redirect).


  • FEATURE Added support for whenError to define a custom callback to be fired upon error. Useful for logging or overriding the default error_log behavior.


  • FEATURE I #131 Support for SOCKS proxy


  • FEATURE I #138 Added alternative option for XML request construction. In the next major release this will likely supplant the older version.


  • REFACTOR I #121 Throw more descriptive exception on curl errors
  • REFACTOR I #122 Better proxy scrubbing in Request
  • REFACTOR I #119 Better document the mimeType param on Request::body
  • Misc code and test cleanup


  • REFACTOR I #123 Support new curl file upload method
  • FEATURE I #118 5.4 HTTP Test Server
  • FIX I #109 Typo
  • FIX I #103 Handle also CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYHOST for strictSsl mode


  • FIX I #99 Prevent hanging on HEAD requests


  • FIX I #93 Fixes edge case where content-length would be set incorrectly


  • FEATURE I #89 multipart/form-data support (a.k.a. file uploads)! Thanks @dtelaroli!


  • FIX Notice fix for Pull Request 86


  • FIX I #86 Remove Connection Established header when using a proxy


  • FIX I #85 Empty Content Length issue resolved


  • FEATURE I #80 I #81 Proxy support added with useProxy method.


  • FEATURE I #77 Convenience method for setting a timeout (seconds) $req->timeoutIn(10);
  • FIX I #75 I #78 Bug with checking if digest auth is being used.


  • FIX Overriding default Mime Handlers
  • FIX PR #73 Parsing http status codes


  • FEATURE Add support for parsing JSON responses as associative arrays instead of objects
  • FEATURE Better support for setting constructor arguments on Mime Handlers


  • FEATURE PR #72 Allow support for custom Accept header


  • REFACTOR PR #49 Broke headers out into their own class
  • REFACTOR PR #54 Added more specific Exceptions
  • FIX PR #58 Fixes throwing an error on an empty xml response
  • FEATURE PR #57 Adds support for digest authentication


  • Ability to set the number of max redirects via overloading followRedirects(int max_redirects)
  • Standards Compliant fix to Accepts header
  • Bug fix for bootstrap process when installed via Composer


  • Use DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR constant PR #33
  • PR #35
  • Added the raw_headers property reference to response.
  • Compose request header and added raw_header to Request object.
  • Fixed response has errors and added more comments for clarity.
  • Fixed header parsing to allow the minimum (status line only) and also cater for the actual CRLF ended headers as per RFC2616.
  • Added the perfect test Accept: header for all Acceptable scenarios see @b78e9e82cd9614fbe137c01bde9439c4e16ca323 for details.
  • Added default User-Agent header
    • User-Agent: Httpful/0.1.5 + curl version + server software + PHP version
  • To bypass this "default" operation simply add a User-Agent to the request headers even a blank User-Agent is sufficient and more than simple enough to produce me thinks.
  • Completed test units for additions.
  • Added phpunit coverage reporting and helped phpunit auto locate the tests a bit easier.


  • Add support for CSV Handling PR #32


  • Handle empty responses in JsonParser and XmlParser


  • Added support for setting XMLHandler configuration options
  • Added examples for overriding XmlHandler and registering a custom parser
  • Removed the httpful.php download (deprecated in favor of httpful.phar)


  • Bug fix serialization default case and phpunit tests


  • Added Support for Registering Mime Handlers
    • Created AbstractMimeHandler type that all Mime Handlers must extend
    • Pulled out the parsing/serializing logic from the Request/Response classes into their own MimeHandler classes
    • Added ability to register new mime handlers for mime types