PHP library - Validators for standards from ISO, International Finance, Public Administrations, GS1, Book Industry, Phone numbers & Zipcodes for many countries

Code Quality Rank: L4
Programming language: PHP
License: GNU General Public License v3.0 only
Tags: Filtering And Validation     Validator     Swift     Vat     Zipcode     ISO Codes     IBAN     BBAN     RIB     Credit Card Number     INSEE     NSS     Siren     Siret     Ssn     EAN13     BIC     ISBN     CIF     NIF     NINO     Phone Number     Gtin     UPC-A     Gs1     Sscc     SEDOL     ISIN     UCC-13     DUN-14     ITF     GS-1     Standard     Book     Finance     Iso     Gln     GRAI     GDTI     GSRN     DUN     Public Administrations     UDI     ISMN     ISWC     HETU    
Latest version: v2.2.3

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PHP library - Validators for standards from ISO, International Finance, Public Administrations, GS1, Book Industry, Phone numbers & Zipcodes for many countries


// Sending letters to the Labrador Islands ?
$isCanadian = ZipCode::validate('A0A 1A0', 'CA');

// Checking out your e-commerce shopping cart?
$isBankable = CreditCard::validate('12345679123456');

// Transferring money worldwide?
$isSwiftBic = SwiftBic::validate('CEDELULLXXX');

// Paying your taxes in Madrid?
$isTaxableInSpain = Nif::validate('A999999L');

// Receiving containers from Port of Shanghai?
$isShippingContainerCode = Sscc::validate('806141411234567896');

// Publishing books?
$isPublished = Isbn::validate('2-2110-4199-X')

// Trading items with GTIN barcodes in GS1 system? 
$isBarcode = Ean13::validate('4719512002889')

// Calling phone numbers in Palo Alto?
$isPhonable = PhoneNumber::validate('+1-650-798-2800', 'US')

// Buying Apple stocks?
$isISIN = Isin::validate('US0378331005'); // Apple Inc. (AAPL)

ISO Codes Validations available:

International Finance

  • IBAN (requires bcmath PHP extension)
  • BBAN (RIB, requires bcmath PHP extension)
  • Credit Card number
  • SEDOL (Stock Exchange codes)

Book / Music Industries

  • ISBN - International Standard Book Number, both 10 & 13 digits
  • ISMN - International Standard Music Number
  • ISWC - International Standard Musical Work Code

Public Administrations

  • ISIN - International Securities Identification Number
  • Country-specific VAT / tax system: various VAT number formats
  • France: Numéro de Sécurité Sociale / INSEE, SIREN, SIRET, Codes postaux, Clef Type 1/2 Norme B2
  • US: Social Security number
  • UK: National Insurance Number (NINO)
  • Belgium: Structured Ccommunication ("communication structurée")
  • Spain: NIF, NIE (Número de Identificación Fiscal/Extranjero) & CIF (Código de identificación fiscal)
  • Netherlands: Burgerservicenummer / Citizen Service Number (BSN)
  • Finland: HETU, Henkilötunnus (Finnish personal identity code)

GS1 specific numbers/identifiers

  • GTIN - Global Trade Item Number: GTIN-8, GTIN-12, GTIN-13, GTIN-14
  • GLN - Global Location Number
  • SSCC - Serial Shipping Container Code
  • GRAI - Global Returnable Asset Identifier
  • GSRN - Global Service Relation Number
  • GDTI - Global Document Type Identifier
  • UDI - Unique Device Identification (the GTIN part of it)
  • Older/deprecated identifiers, now in GTIN: EAN-8, EAN-13, UCC-13, UPC-A, DUN-14, ITF-14


  • ZIP code validators for 175+ countries
  • Phone number validation for all countries/regions of the world

Each code has its own validator. Each validator is illustrated by a unit test case.

IsoCodes is compatible with all versions of PHP that are actively supported by the PHP project, plus hhvm.

Build status

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Continously inspecting results (phpdoc, phpmd, phpcc, etc.) available on Scrutinizer CI

bcmath as an optional extension for certain validators

For IBAN & BBAN ISO-codes, PHP is required to be compiled with "--enable-bcmath" for arbitrary precision mathematic checks. Usually, you already have bcmath bundled in your PHP version, since many common PHP packages (php-cli, php-fpm, php5-cgi, libapache2-mod-php5, etc.) in stable GNU/Linux distribution releases (such as Debian) are listed as having bcmath built in to them, as an included module.


Via GitHub

$ git clone [email protected]:ronanguilloux/IsoCodes.git

Autoloading is PSR-0 friendly.

Via Packagist & Composer

Require the latest version of ronanguilloux/isocodes with Composer

$ composer require ronanguilloux/isocodes


With Symfony Validator

Install Soullivaneuh/IsoCodesValidator to get IsoCodes working as Validator for Symfony and Silex.

With CakePHP 3

Install gourmet/validation to get IsoCodes working with CakePHP 3 as a validator.

With Laravel

Install pixelpeter/laravel5-isocodes-validation to get IsoCodes working with Laravel 5 as a validator.

Unit testing

$ phpunit --testdox --coverage-text

Make utilities

For development & contribution purpose only, a Makefile provides various tools to check your code style, quality & test coverage:

Usual tasks:

    To initialize vendors:  make
    To check code quality:  make quality
    To run tests suite:     make tests
    To fix code style:      make cs-fix

Other specific tasks:

    To evaluate code coverage:                  make codecoverage
    To run a simple continuous tests server:    make continuous
    To dry-fix code style issues:               make dry-fix
    To evaluate code quality stats:             make stats
    To update vendors using Composer:           make update

Quality assurance report

Isocodes quality plan is mainly based on phpunit: it runs 980+ unit tests, with separated valid & invalid entry sets. Test values are mainly real data or documented examples from standard documentation, and a few handmade values.

The composer.json already includes these Php Quality Assurance Toolchain libraries:

Just run:

$ make stats -i

XML report outputs are then generated in a new ./build folder

Code covering report built using Coveralls.io. How-to generate such code coverage report using PHPUnit.

License Information

Contributing Code

The issue queue can be found at: https://github.com/ronanguilloux/IsoCodes/issues. See [CONTRIBUTING.md](CONTRIBUTING.md).

Special thanks

Contributors list: Many thanks to all!

Many thanks to JetBrains PhpStorm for having sponsored the IsoCode library development from the very beginning! Any contributor having an accepted PR may receive an Open Source License Key for PhpStorm IDE. Just ping Ronan via email to get one.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the ISO-codes README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.