PSR-11 libraries

Showing projects tagged as PSR-11

  • PHP-DI

    7.9 5.0 L4 PHP
    The dependency injection container for humans
  • Expressive

    6.6 0.6 L5 PHP
    PSR-7 Middleware framework from Zend
  • Silly

    5.7 4.9 PHP
    Silly CLI micro-framework based on Symfony Console
  • zend-servicemanager

    4.3 0.4 L4 PHP
    ServiceManager component from Zend Framework
  • chubbyphp-framework

    2.1 6.2 PHP
    A minimal, highly performant middleware PSR-15 microframework built with as little complexity as possible, aimed primarily at those developers who want to understand all the vendors they use.