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  • v2.14.11.09 Changes

    • Add links around hoa:// in the documentation. (Ivan Enderlin, 2014-09-26T10:41:53+02:00)
  • v2.14.09.23 Changes

    • Add branch-alias. (Stéphane PY, 2014-09-23T16:34:27+02:00)
    • Simplify aliases. (Ivan Enderlin, 2014-09-23T12:54:28+02:00)
  • v2.14.09.22 Changes

    • Add tests for the documentation. (Ivan Enderlin, 2014-09-22T10:28:08+02:00)
    • Use short-array syntax. (Ivan Enderlin, 2014-09-17T18:54:29+02:00)
    • Remove from/import. (Ivan Enderlin, 2014-09-17T18:50:49+02:00)
  • v2.14.09.17 Changes

    • Drop PHP5.3. (Ivan Enderlin, 2014-09-17T17:46:03+02:00)
    • Add the installation section. (Ivan Enderlin, 2014-09-17T17:45:54+02:00)

    (first snapshot)