Hoa Mime v3.17.01.10 Release Notes

Release Date: 2017-01-10 // over 7 years ago
    • Prepare (Ivan Enderlin, 2017-01-10T11:20:25+01:00)
    • Quality: Happy new year! (Alexis von Glasow, 2017-01-09T21:38:16+01:00)
    • Test: Add the Decorrelated interface. (Ivan Enderlin, 2016-10-25T07:55:40+02:00)
    • Documentation: New README.md file. (Ivan Enderlin, 2016-10-18T15:30:44+02:00)
    • Documentation: Update support properties. (Ivan Enderlin, 2016-10-11T17:04:06+02:00)

Previous changes from v3.16.01.15

    • Composer: Forget to add a new stable library. (Ivan Enderlin, 2016-01-14T22:31:09+01:00)