Monolog v2.0.2 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-12-20 // 4 months ago
    • Fixed ElasticsearchHandler swallowing exceptions details when failing to index log records
    • Fixed normalization of SoapFault objects containing non-strings as "detail" in LineFormatter
    • Fixed formatting of resources in JsonFormatter
    • Fixed RedisHandler failing to use MULTI properly when passed a proxied Redis instance (e.g. in Symfony with lazy services)
    • Fixed FilterHandler triggering a notice when handleBatch was filtering all records passed to it
    • Fixed Turkish locale messing up the conversion of level names to their constant values

Previous changes from v2.0.1

    • Fixed normalization of Traversables to avoid traversing them as not all of them are rewindable
    • Fixed setFormatter/getFormatter to forward to the nested handler in FilterHandler, FingersCrossedHandler, BufferHandler, OverflowHandler and SamplingHandler
    • Fixed BrowserConsoleHandler formatting when using multiple styles
    • Fixed normalization of exception codes to be always integers even for PDOException which have them as numeric strings
    • Fixed normalization of SoapFault objects containing non-strings as "detail"
    • Fixed json encoding across all handlers to always attempt recovery of non-UTF-8 strings instead of failing the whole encoding
    • Fixed ChromePHPHandler to avoid sending more data than latest Chrome versions allow in headers (4KB down from 256KB).
    • Fixed type error in BrowserConsoleHandler when the context array of log records was not associative.