Monolog v3.2.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2022-07-24 // almost 2 years ago
    • Deprecated CubeHandler and PHPConsoleHandler as both projects are abandoned and those should not be used anymore (#1734)
    • Marked Logger @final as it should not be extended, prefer composition or talk to us if you are missing something
    • Added RFC 5424 level (7 to 0) support to Logger::log and Logger::addRecord to increase interoperability (#1723)
    • Added SyslogFormatter to output syslog-like files which can be consumed by tools like lnav (#1689)
    • Added support for __toString for objects which are not json serializable in JsonFormatter (#1733)
    • Added GoogleCloudLoggingFormatter (#1719)
    • Added support for Predis 2.x (#1732)
    • Added AmqpHandler->setExtraAttributes to allow configuring attributes when using an AMQPExchange (#1724)
    • Fixed serialization/unserialization of handlers to make sure private properties are included (#1727)
    • Fixed allowInlineLineBreaks in LineFormatter causing issues with windows paths containing \n or \r sequences (#1720)
    • Fixed max normalization depth not being taken into account when formatting exceptions with a deep chain of previous exceptions (#1726)
    • Fixed PHP 8.2 deprecation warnings (#1722)
    • Fixed rare race condition or filesystem issue where StreamHandler is unable to create the directory the log should go into yet it exists already (#1678)

Previous changes from v3.1.0

    • Added $datetime parameter to Logger::addRecord as low level API to allow logging into the past or future (#1682)
    • Added Logger::useLoggingLoopDetection to allow disabling cyclic logging detection in concurrent frameworks (#1681)
    • Fixed handling of fatal errors if callPrevious is disabled in ErrorHandler (#1670)
    • Fixed interop issue by removing the need for a return type in ProcessorInterface (#1680)
    • Marked the reusable Monolog\Test\TestCase class as @internal to make sure PHPStorm does not show it above PHPUnit, you may still use it to test your own handlers/etc though (#1677)
    • Fixed RotatingFileHandler issue when the date format contained slashes (#1671)