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OpenWhisk is a serverless functions platform for building cloud applications. OpenWhisk offers a rich programming model for creating serverless APIs from functions, composing functions into serverless workflows, and connecting events to functions using rules and triggers. Learn more at http://openwhisk.apache.org.

Quick Start

The easiest way to start using OpenWhisk is to install the "Standalone" OpenWhisk stack. This is a full-featured OpenWhisk stack running as a Java process for convenience. Serverless functions run within Docker containers. You will need Docker, Java and Node.js available on your machine.

To get started:

git clone https://github.com/apache/openwhisk.git
cd openwhisk
./gradlew core:standalone:bootRun
  • When the OpenWhisk stack is up, it will open your browser to a functions [Playground](./docs/images/playground-ui.png), typically served from http://localhost:3232. The Playground allows you create and run functions directly from your browser.

  • To make use of all OpenWhisk features, you will need the OpenWhisk command line tool called wsk which you can download from https://s.apache.org/openwhisk-cli-download. Please refer to the [CLI configuration](./docs/cli.md) for additional details. Typically you configure the CLI for Standalone OpenWhisk as follows:

    wsk property set \
    --apihost 'http://localhost:3233' \
    --auth '23bc46b1-71f6-4ed5-8c54-816aa4f8c502:123zO3xZCLrMN6v2BKK1dXYFpXlPkccOFqm12CdAsMgRU4VrNZ9lyGVCGuMDGIwP'
  • Standalone OpenWhisk can be configured to deploy additional capabilities when that is desirable. Additional resources are available [here](./core/standalone/README.md).

Deploy to Kubernetes

OpenWhisk can also be installed on a Kubernetes cluster. You can use a managed Kubernetes cluster provisioned from a public cloud provider (e.g., AKS, EKS, IKS, GKE), or a cluster you manage yourself. Additionally for local development, OpenWhisk is compatible with Minikube, and Kubernetes for Mac using the support built into Docker 18.06 (or higher).

To get started:

git clone https://github.com/apache/openwhisk-deploy-kube.git

Then follow the instructions in the OpenWhisk on Kubernetes README.md.

Learn Concepts and Commands

Browse the [documentation](docs/) to learn more. Here are some topics you may be interested in:

  • [System overview](docs/about.md)
  • [Getting Started](docs/README.md)
  • [Create and invoke actions](docs/actions.md)
  • [Create triggers and rules](docs/triggers_rules.md)
  • [Use and create packages](docs/packages.md)
  • [Browse and use the catalog](docs/catalog.md)
  • [OpenWhisk system details](docs/reference.md)
  • [Implementing feeds](docs/feeds.md)
  • [Developing a runtime for a new language](docs/actions-actionloop.md)

OpenWhisk Community and Support

Report bugs, ask questions and request features [here on GitHub](../../issues).

You can also join the OpenWhisk Team on Slack https://openwhisk-team.slack.com and chat with developers. To get access to our public Slack team, request an invite https://openwhisk.apache.org/slack.html.

Project Repository Structure

The OpenWhisk system is built from a [number of components](docs/dev/modules.md). The picture below groups the components by their GitHub repos. Please open issues for a component against the appropriate repo (if in doubt just open against the main openwhisk repo).

[component/repo mapping](docs/images/components_to_repos.png)

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the OpenWhisk README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.