Symfony Panther v0.8.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-10-03 // almost 2 years ago
    • ⬆️ Upgrade ChromeDriver to version 85.0.4183.87
    • ⬆️ Upgrade geckodriver to version 0.27.0
    • ➕ Add a Client::waitForVisibility() method to wait for an element to appear
    • 👍 Allow passing options to the browser manager from PantherTestCase::createPantherClient()
    • ➕ Add a Client::ping() method to check if the WebDriver connection is still active
    • 🛠 Fix setting a new value to an input field when there is an existing value
    • 👌 Improve the error message when the web server crashes
    • Throw an explanative LogicException when driver is not started yet
    • 🌐 Prevent timeouts caused by the integrated web server
    • 🛠 Fix the value of cookie secure flags
    • 👻 Throw an exception when getting history (unsupported feature)
    • ➕ Add docs to use Panther with GitHub Actions
    • 📚 Various bug fixes and documentation improvements