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  • v2.8.0 Changes

    October 29, 2014
    ADDED:     Argument "--cache-folder" to indicate where the cache is stored
    ADDED:     `phpdoc self-update` command to the PHAR archive to update phpDocumentor with a single command
    FIXED:     #423: Error report in responsive and responsive-twig template should hide empty results and update error
               counter next to the filename.
    FIXED:     #573: Visibility filters in 'responsive' and 'responsive-twig' do not function properly
    FIXED:     Several scrutinizer reported clean ups
    FIXED:     If tmp was somewhere in path it would be incorrectly replaced
    FIXED:     Several tests were added
    FIXED:     It is now possible to install phpDocumentor using composer in a project using ZF 2.3 or higher
    FIXED:     Fatal error: Call to a member function getParent() on a non-object in ConstantDescriptor.php
    FIXED:     Fatal error: Call to a member function getParent() on a non-object in PropertyDescriptor.php
    REMOVED:   Knp menu from composer.json because it was not used
  • v2.7.0 Changes

    August 18, 2014
    ADDED:     A new writer that outputs a statistical extract from the collected data
    ADDED:     Windows support for Ansible playbooks
    ADDED:     8% to 10% Code Coverage thanks to #testfest 2014
    ADDED:     #1347: Support for custom Vendor folders
    ADDED:     Plugins can now be configured using parameters.
    ADDED:     Complete support for @example
    ADDED:     NamespacePrefix to LegacyNamespaceConverter plugin
    FIXED:     Fatal error in MethodDescriptor when a parent was incorrectly called
    FIXED:     Notice in '@see' handling
    FIXED:     #1349: Configuration file was not found in working directory
    FIXED:     Phing integration by re-instating the bootstrap class
    FIXED:     Fixing type inference and variable length issues
    FIXED:     Whether a method is inherited is shown again in XSL-based templates
    FIXED:     Various minor bugs that became visible during the writing of tests
    FIXED:     #1390: Source code paths were incorrect if the source was in folder
    FIXED:     #1341: Icons in clean template were shown incorrectly
    FIXED:     #1331: Not all validations were properly shown
    FIXED:     #1077: Spaces in a path won't trip up libxml anymore
    CHANGED:   Changed reference to deprecated Parsedown method parse() to text()
    CHANGED:   Completely replaced Puppet with Ansible to provision contributor VMs
    CHANGED:   Simpler provisioning for generic contributors; to do profiling
               another task is now needed
    CHANGED:   Docs no longer refer to Short Description or Long Description but to
               Summary and Description per PSR-5
  • v2.6.1 Changes

    July 09, 2014
    FIXED:     #1330: Fix crash when assembling package tags
    FIXED:     #1326: Fix crash while generating routes in Twig templates
  • v2.6.0 Changes

    June 27, 2014
    ADDED:     #1087: Fully support `@see`
    ADDED:     #1213: Resolve inline @see and @link to Markdown link
    CHANGED:   #1186: Move checking of writer requirements
    CHANGED:   #1267: XSL should use Router
    CHANGED:   Update contribution guide to match new XHGUI
    CHANGED:   #1248: Replace ZendConfig with Serializer-based config
    CHANGED:   #1017: Updated help output for --hidden to be more descriptive
    CHANGED:   #1264: Clean template no longer requires an internet connection
    CHANGED:   #1212: Plugin configuration can now be loaded from a config file
    CHANGED:   #1194: Add support for default parameter values in @method
    FIXED:     #1313: Namespace Aliases are not stored on FileDescriptor
    FIXED:     #1308: Multiple templates in configuration do not work
    FIXED:     #713: XSL Templates are not found in Windows
    FIXED:     #1253: Transformation crashes on typehint
    FIXED:     #1268: Restore handling of visibility
    FIXED:     #1130: Arrays not resolved in documentation
    FIXED:     #1278: Template is not read from configuration
    FIXED:     #1239: Parseprivate always triggers a complete parsing run
    FIXED:     Parsing crashes on visibility as string
    FIXED:     Routing crashes in Twig
    FIXED:     #1307: Parsing crashes on unknown trait
    FIXED:     #1114: Debug mode for Twig was not enabled
    FIXED:     Errors were not shown in XSL templates
    FIXED:     Remove duplicate namespace separator in constants defined by DEFINE
    FIXED:     #930: @see and @link did not resolve self
    FIXED:     #993: UTF-8 characters in filenames do not work in windows
    FIXED:     #790: Inheritance in XSL was incorrectly registered
    FIXED:     #713: Phar was sometimes not working on windows due to paths
    FIXED:     Restore Behat tests
    FIXED:     #1252: Namespaces are not shown on responsive template
  • v2.5.0 Changes

    May 17, 2014
    FIXED:     #1211: Loading a single plugin is not possible
    FIXED:     #1232: Routing crashes on magic property in trait
    FIXED:     #157: Classes do not inherit trait methods and props
    FIXED:     #1193: Package tags don't inherit to classes
    FIXED:     #1229: @method tag in a trait causes Exception
    FIXED:     #1196: Some files cannot be copied with FileIO
    CHANGED:   Better OPcache handling, annotations are not stripped anymore in PHP 5.5+
    CHANGED:   phpdoc.php was renamed to phpdoc; phpdoc.php is kept for backwards compatibility
  • v2.4.0 Changes

    April 01, 2014
    FIXED:     #1141: Deprecated report was missing in Clean template.
    FIXED:     #1191: Opcache comments were not disabled due to incorrect extension name
    FIXED:     #1184, #1181: @package tag on File was not recognized and not inherited on children
    FIXED:     #1180: phpDocumentor crashes if an `@subpackage` has no name set
    FIXED:     #1178: Generating a marker listing crashes sometimes
    FIXED:     #1176: DocBlocks were not overridden on subclasses
    FIXED:     #1163: Responsive and Responsive-twig templates do not work on HTTPS
    FIXED:     #1158: Clean and Responsive template shows empty namespace menu when there are no namespaces
    FIXED:     #1134, #1132: GraphViz reports can crash due to empty labels
    FIXED:     #1098: Re-added missing Javascript file
    FIXED:     #1037: IE did not like empty anchors
    FIXED:     #152:  @internal and @ignore did not behave as expected
    FIXED:     Javascript notices in Clean by upgrading jQuery
    ADDED:     #1141: Deprecated report to the Clean template
    ADDED:     #629:  Support for Variadics
    CHANGED:   #1099, #1101: Replaced custom PHAR compiling with and fixing issues in the mean time
  • v2.3.2 Changes

    March 07, 2014
    FIXED:     #1133: Fixed subpackage without package validation
    FIXED:     #1120: Set stable versions of DOMPDF and ezcDocument in Composer.json
  • v2.3.1 Changes

    February 26, 2014
    CHANGED:   #1128: Minimum Symfony/Console version was set at 2.3 to support LTS version.
    FIXED:     #1090: There were still GraphViz issues, these have now been fixed and confirmed.
    FIXED:     #1131: Fatal Error on ConstantConverter when using an XML-based template.
  • v2.3 Changes

    February 16, 2014
    ADDED:     Support for writing PDF files using a Twig template by adding the PDF writer.
    ADDED:     More documentation on types, running phpDocumentor, the @var tag.
    ADDED:     Support for sorting lists with Twig and XSLT.
    ADDED:     Basic support for generating reference documentation with ReST documents.
    CHANGED:   Replaced custom phar building with the library from
    FIXED:     #1090: GraphViz issues where the global namespace caused GraphViz not to generate.
    FIXED:     #1037 by @siad007: if opcode cache is enabled for CLI then annotations are dropped.
    FIXED:     #1031: Fixed inheritance for the summary, description, tags and the way @inheritdoc works.
    FIXED:     Adding several unit tests.
    FIXED:     Cleaned up code to remove warnings and errors.
    FIXED:     #1111: An infinite loop occurred during processing of global constants.
    FIXED:     Crash that occurred when building a tree of packages.
    FIXED:     Crash that occurred when an interface was not recognized.
    FIXED:     XSLTCache extension could not be used instead of XSLTProcessor due to a stray typehint.
    FIXED:     #1110: Crash on incomplete `define` definition.
    FIXED:     #949: `@inheritdoc` is not working with interfaces.
  • v2.2 Changes

    November 23, 2013
    ADDED:     Information how to donate to phpDocumentor using gittip
    ADDED:     Profiling information and process
    CHANGED:   Moved the external class documentation code to their own router
    CHANGED:   #1080: Replaced MarkDownExtra dependency with Parsedown
    CHANGED:   Rewrote a lot of the documentation; still a work in progress
    FIXED:     #720: External class documentation had ../files prepended
    FIXED:     #932: Todo tags did not show up in Twig templates
    FIXED:     #1049: Arguments passed by reference did not show up as being by reference
    FIXED:     #1075: Prevent output from wrapping in Windows console
    FIXED:     Cleaned up code based on Continuous Integration messages
    FIXED:     Timezone issues on some machines
    FIXED:     Various issues in several templates