PHPSecLib v2.0.29 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-09-07 // 14 days ago
    • SFTP: add enableDatePreservation() / disableDatePreservation() (#1496)
    • SFTP: uploads on low speed networks could get in infinite loop (#1507)
    • 🏗 SSH2: when building algo list look at if crypto engine is set (#1500)
    • X509: really looong base64 encoded strings broke extractBER() (#1486)

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Previous changes from v2.0.28

    • SFTP: realpath('') produced an error (#1474)
    • SFTP: if /path/to/file is a file then /path/to/file/whatever errors (#1475)
    • SFTP: speed up uploads (by changing SFTP upload packet size from 4KB to 32KB)
    • ANSI: fix "Number of elements can't be negative" error