PsySH v0.10.5 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-12-04 // about 3 years ago
  • 🆕 New:

    • PsySH + PHP 8.0 == <3
      • Better function signature rendering in PHP 8.0.
      • Support rendering union types in PHP 8.0.
      • Add return types to function signatures when available.
      • Fix tab completion for namespaced classes in PHP 8.0.
      • Get all tests passing in PHP 8.0!
    • 👷 All-new CI setup, improved testing:
      • Move testing and releases from Travis to GitHub Actions (Thanks for all the help on this, @GrahamCampbell!)
      • Update a ton of tests to work on the latest PHPUnit.
      • Test PHP 8.0 on CI.
      • Drop CI tests for HHVM. It doesn't play nice with Composer 2 :-/

    👌 Improved:

    • 👌 Improve pre-built phar version strings (to make reporting bugs easier!)
    • 🛠 Fix unintentional slash normalization when printing exception messages
    • 🛠 Fix instanceof check in PHP 7.3+
    • 👉 Make error messages for read-only temp dirs more clear (Thanks @shapito27)
    • 🛠 Fix error when HOMEDRIVE is undefined on Windows (Thanks @emargareten!)
    • 🛠 Fix class existence validation in the unexecuted half of ternaries.
    • 👉 Use catchable errors for new, class constant fetch, and static calls with non-existant classes in PHP 7+, rather than preventing them entirely.
    • Write code executed to stderr when running with --debug verbosity.
    • 👍 Better bracketed paste support detection.
    • Prevent fatal errors on isset() calls.
    • Load user-defined includes using include_once. Prevents issues when multiple interactive sessions happen in the same request (Thanks @Aryess!)
    • 🛠 Use a less-strict shell history signature check. Fixes issues with some Libedit-based readline libraries.
    • 🛠 Fix requiring local files when running from a pre-built Phar.
    • 💅 Code style updates (Thanks @GrahamCampbell!)
    • 💅 Even more code style updates!

Previous changes from v0.10.4

  • 🆕 New:

    • 🖨 Print exception traces when running --verbose or higher.
    • ➕ Add an --all option to the doc command for showing inherited docs.
    • Include class signatures when using doc on class methods or properties.
    • ➕ Add graceful handling for invalid return types.
    • ➕ Add a notice when globally-installed PsySH defers to a local dependency.

    👌 Improved:

    • 🛠 Fix doc rendering when docblock description is missing (Thanks @GrahamCampbell!)
    • More clear error messages when config files are invalid.
    • 🛠 Fix STDIN input detection when running the cli-server SAPI.
    • ✂ Remove unhelpful deprecation warning in throw-up command.
    • ✂ Remove getenv and putenv calls in favor of direct $_SERVER superglobal access.