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  • In the previous article, we have created a RESTful API on top of ReactPHP HTTP server. Now we want to protect our API and add authentication. When it comes to securing a RESTful API things became interesting because a truly RESTful API should remain stateless. It means that the server doesn’t store sessions, all the information that the server needs to handle each request should be contained in the request itself.
    Tutorial  Added by seregazhuk // // about 1 year ago
  • Previously we have used Basic HTTP Authentication to protect our RESTful API. This authentication method is pretty simple, but in most cases, it can be used only in the internal network with server-to-server communication. For example, we can’t store Basic Authentication credentials to mobile devices. JSON Web Tokens is another solution to protect our RESTful API.
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  • Time to add authentication. Let's start with user signup.
    Tutorial  Added by seregazhuk // // 8 months ago
  • It's now time to add sign-in functionality to our RESTful API. We'll have to use JWT for that...
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