Hoa String v2.15.02.19 Release Notes

Release Date: 2015-02-19 // almost 7 years ago
    • Add the CHANGELOG.md file. (Ivan Enderlin, 2015-02-19T09:11:32+01:00)
    • Add require-dev with hoa/test. (Ivan Enderlin, 2015-01-29T14:55:20+01:00)
    • Add hoa string:fromcode and hoa string:tocode. (Ivan Enderlin, 2015-01-23T22:29:55+01:00)
    • Translate the documentation in English. (Ivan Enderlin, 2015-01-23T19:27:04+01:00)
    • Add examples, present new features and update links in the documentation. (Ivan Enderlin, 2015-01-23T19:27:00+01:00)
    • Implement the getCharWidth method. (Ivan Enderlin, 2015-01-07T11:00:06+01:00)
    • Accept other intl implementations. (Ivan Enderlin, 2015-01-06T13:42:20+01:00)
    • Remove a useless test. (Ivan Enderlin, 2015-01-06T11:24:39+01:00)
    • Add more tests for Math symbols. (Ivan Enderlin, 2015-01-06T11:22:53+01:00)
    • Add emoji and other symbols supports to toAscii. (Ivan Enderlin, 2015-01-06T11:17:32+01:00)
    • Update toAscii to use a transliterator. (Ivan Enderlin, 2015-01-06T10:58:07+01:00)
    • Add transliterator support. (Ivan Enderlin, 2015-01-06T10:57:30+01:00)
    • Happy new year! (Ivan Enderlin, 2015-01-05T14:52:34+01:00)