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  • v1.4.8

    August 27, 2019
  • v1.4.7 Changes

    July 29, 2019
  • v1.4.6 Changes

    June 24, 2019
  • v1.4.5 Changes

    May 30, 2019


  • v1.3.16 Changes

    January 27, 2020

    CVE-2020-5218: Ability to switch channels via GET parameter enabled in production environments

    ⚡️ Please refer to the original security advisory for the most updated information.


    This vulnerability gives the ability to switch channels via the _channel_code GET parameter in production environments. This was meant to be enabled only when %kernel.debug% is set to true.

    🔧 However, if no sylius_channel.debug is set explicitly in the configuration, the default value which is %kernel.debug% will be not resolved and cast to boolean, enabling this debug feature even if that parameter is set to false.


    Patch has been provided for Sylius 1.3.x and newer - 1.3.16, 1.4.12, 1.5.9, 1.6.5. Versions older than 1.3 are not covered by our security support anymore.


    🔧 Unsupported versions could be patched by adding the following configuration to run in production:

    sylius\_channel: debug: false
  • v1.3.15 Changes

    December 05, 2019

    👻 CVE-2019-16768: Internal exception message exposure in login action.


    👻 Exception messages from internal exceptions (like database exception) are wrapped by
    🔒 \Symfony\Component\Security\Core\Exception\AuthenticationServiceException and propagated through the system to UI.
    Therefore, some internal system information may leak and be visible to the customer.

    🌲 A validation message with the exception details will be presented to the user when one will try to log into the shop.


    🚀 This release patches the reported vulnerability. The src/Sylius/Bundle/UiBundle/Resources/views/Security/_login.html.twig
    file from Sylius should be overridden and {{ messages.error(last_error.message) }} changed to {{ messages.error(last_error.messageKey) }}.

  • v1.3.14

    December 04, 2019
  • v1.3.13 Changes

    May 30, 2019