TCrypto is a simple and flexible PHP 5.3+ in-memory key-value storage library. By default, a cookie will be used as a storage backend.

TCrypto has been designed from the ground up with security in mind. Safe algorithms and modes. Automatic and safe initialization vector creation. Encryption and authentication key creation (Keytool) using strong randomness. Key rotation (versioned keys).

TCrypto can be used as a scalable "session handler". Especially scalable, if cookies are used as a storage backend. This is a bit like Ruby on Rails sessions.

There's an article outlining basic TCrypto usage at websec.io: TCrypto: Encrypted data storage for PHP applications

This is a preview release (although considered stable). Keyfile encryption will be available in version 1.0.0. Otherwise no other changes are planned between current dev-master and 1.0.0.

Prior to August 6 2013, TCrypto allowed to use data compression when the data was also being encrypted. This may lead to disclosure of the (confidential) plain text. All TCrypto users are encouraged to update to the current dev-master. Especially if CompressPlugin() was used with data encryption.

TCrypto is placed in the public domain.

Code Quality Rank: L5
Monthly Downloads: 0
Programming language: PHP
License: The Unlicense
Tags: Security    
Latest version: v0.9

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