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  • v1.6.3 Changes

    March 22, 2012
    • fixed usage of Z_ADDREF_P for PHP 5.2 in the C extension
    • fixed compilation of numeric values used in templates when using a locale where the decimal separator is not a dot
    • made the strategy used to guess the real template file name and line number in exception messages much faster and more accurate
  • v1.6.2 Changes

    March 18, 2012
    • fixed sandbox mode when used with inheritance
    • added preserveKeys support for the slice filter
    • fixed the date filter when a DateTime instance is passed with a specific timezone
    • added a trim filter
  • v1.6.1 Changes

    February 29, 2012
    • fixed Twig C extension
    • removed the creation of Twig_Markup instances when not needed
    • added a way to set the default global timezone for dates
    • fixed the slice filter on strings when the length is not specified
    • fixed the creation of the cache directory in case of a race condition
  • v1.6.0 Changes

    February 04, 2012
    • fixed raw blocks when used with the whitespace trim option
    • made a speed optimization to macro calls when imported via the "from" tag
    • fixed globals, parsers, visitors, filters, tests, and functions management in Twig_Environment when a new one or new extension is added
    • fixed the attribute function when passing arguments
    • added slice notation support for the [] operator (syntactic sugar for the slice operator)
    • added a slice filter
    • added string support for the reverse filter
    • fixed the empty test and the length filter for Twig_Markup instances
    • added a date function to ease date comparison
    • fixed unary operators precedence
    • added recursive parsing support in the parser
    • added string and integer handling for the random function
  • v1.5.1 Changes

    January 05, 2012
    • fixed a regression when parsing strings
  • v1.5.0 Changes

    January 04, 2012
    • added Traversable objects support for the join filter
  • v1.5.0-RC2 Changes

    December 30, 2011
    • added a way to set the default global date interval format
    • fixed the date filter for DateInterval instances (setTimezone() does not exist for them)
    • refactored Twig_Template::display() to ease its extension
    • added a number_format filter
  • v1.5.0-RC1 Changes

    December 26, 2011
    • removed the need to quote hash keys
    • allowed hash keys to be any expression
    • added a do tag
    • added a flush tag
    • added support for dynamically named filters and functions
    • added a dump function to help debugging templates
    • added a nl2br filter
    • added a random function
    • added a way to change the default format for the date filter
    • fixed the lexer when an operator ending with a letter ends a line
    • added string interpolation support
    • enhanced exceptions for unknown filters, functions, tests, and tags
  • v1.4.0 Changes

    December 07, 2011
    • fixed lexer when using big numbers (> PHP_INT_MAX)
    • added missing preserveKeys argument to the reverse filter
    • fixed macros containing filter tag calls
  • v1.4.0-RC2 Changes

    November 27, 2011
    • removed usage of Reflection in Twig_Template::getAttribute()
    • added a C extension that can optionally replace Twig_Template::getAttribute()
    • added negative timestamp support to the date filter