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License: MIT License
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Latest version: v0.1.2

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UnifiedArchive - unified interface to any archive (zip # 7z # rar # gz # bz2 # xz # cab # tar # tar.gz # tar.bz2 # tar.x # tar.Z # iso-9660) for listing, reading, extracting and creation + built-in console archive manager + fully implemented PclZip-like interface (create, listContent, extract, properties, add, delete, merge, duplicate).

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  1. Preamble
  2. Installation
  3. Process of archive reading
    1. Archive modification
    2. Archive creation
  4. Built-in console archive manager
  5. API
    1. Object methods
    2. Static methods
  6. PclZip-like interface
  7. Formats support
  8. Changelog


If on your site there is a possibility of uploading of archives and you would like to add functionality of their automatic unpacking and viewing with no dependency on format of the archive, you can use this library.


Composer package: wapmorgan/unified-archive [1]

    "require": {
        "wapmorgan/unified-archive": "~0.1.0"

Process of archive reading

  1. Import a class

    require 'vendor/autoload.php';
    use \wapmorgan\UnifiedArchive\UnifiedArchive;
  2. At the beginning, try to open the file with automatic detection of a format by name. In case of successful recognition a UnifiedArchive object will be returned. In case of failure - null

    $archive = UnifiedArchive::open('filename.rar');
    // or
    $archive = UnifiedArchive::open('filename.zip');
    // or
    $archive = UnifiedArchive::open('filename.7z');
    // or
    $archive = UnifiedArchive::open('filename.gz');
    // or
    $archive = UnifiedArchive::open('filename.bz2');
    // or
    $archive = UnifiedArchive::open('filename.xz');
    // or
    $archive = UnifiedArchive::open('filename.cab');
    // or
    $archive = UnifiedArchive::open('filename.tar');
    // or
    $archive = UnifiedArchive::open('filename.tar.gz');
    // or
    $archive = UnifiedArchive::open('filename.tar.bz2');
    // or
    $archive = UnifiedArchive::open('filename.tar.xz');
    // or
    $archive = UnifiedArchive::open('filename.tar.Z');
    // or
    $archive = UnifiedArchive::open('filename.iso');
  3. Further, read the list of files of archive (note: this function returns only names of files)

  4. Further, you can get additional information about concrete file by getFileData() method

  5. Further, you can get raw file contents by getFileContent() method

  6. Further, you can unpack any internal catalog or the whole archive with files on a disk. The extractFiles() method is engaged in it. In case of success, it returns number of the extracted files, in case of failure - false. Initial and final symbol of division of catalogs are very important! Don't forget them.

    $archive->extractFiles(outputFolder, archiveFolder = '/');
    // to unpack all contents of archive
    $archive->extractFiles(tmpnam('/tmp', 'arc'));
    // to unpack the src catalog in archive in the sources catalog on a disk
    $archive->extractFiles(tmpnam('/tmp', 'sources'), '/src/');
    // to unpack the bookmarks catalog in archive in the sources catalog on a
    // disk
    $archive->extractFiles(tmpnam('/tmp', 'sources'), '/bookmarks/');

Archive modification

To delete a single file from an archive:


To delete multiple files from an archive

$archive->deleteFiles(array('README.md', 'MANIFEST.MF'));

In case of success the number of successfully deleted files will be returned.

To add completely the catalog with all attached files and subdirectories:


To add one file:


To add some files or catalogs:

$archive->addFiles(array(directory, file, file2, ...));

Full syntax of multiple files addition is described in [another document](extendedSyntax.md).

Archive creation

To pack completely the catalog with all attached files and subdirectories in new archive:

UnifiedArchive::archiveFiles('/var/log', 'Archive.zip');

To pack one file:

UnifiedArchive::archiveFiles('/var/log/syslog', 'Archive.zip');

To pack some files or catalogs:

UnifiedArchive::archiveFiles(array(directory, file, file2, ...), 'Archive.zip');

Extended syntax with possibility of rewriting of paths and additional opportunities:

$nodes = array(
    array('source' => '/etc/php5/fpm/php.ini', 'destination' => 'php.ini'),
    array('source' => '/home/.../Dropbox/software/1/',
        'destination' => 'SoftwareVersions/', 'recursive' => true),
    array('source' => '/home/.../Dropbox/software/2/',
        'destination' => 'SoftwareVersions/', 'recursive' => true),
    array('source' => 'pictures/other/cats/*', 'destination' => 'Pictures/'),
    array('source' => '~/Desktop/catties/*', 'destination' => 'Pictures/'),
    array('source' => '/media/wapmorgan/.../Cats/*',
        'destination' => 'Pictures/'),
UnifiedArchive::archiveFiles($nodes, 'Archive.zip');

[Complete description of extended syntax with examples and explanations.](extendedSyntax.md).


There are some restrictions:

  1. If the source doesn't end with / or *, it means to be a file.
  2. If the source is a directory, destination should be a directory (to end with "/").

Built-in console archive manager

UnifiedArchive is distributed with a unified console program to manipulate popular archive formats. This script is stored in bin/cam.

It supports all formats that UnifiedArchive does and can be used to manipulate archives without other software. To check your configuration and check formats support launch it with -f flag in console:

$ php bin/cam -f

Full usage help

USAGE: cam (-l|--list)  ARCHIVE
       cam (-t|--table) ARCHIVE
       cam (-i|--info)  ARCHIVE
       cam (-e|--extract) [--output=DIR] [--replace=(all|ask|none|time|size)] [--flat=(file|path)] [--exclude=PATTERN] ARCHIVE [FILES_IN_ARCHIVE...]
       cam (-p|--print)   ARCHIVE FILES_IN_ARCHIVE...
       cam (-d|--details) ARCHIVE FILES_IN_ARCHIVE...
       cam (-x|--delete)  ARCHIVE FILES_IN_ARCHIVE...
       cam (-a|--add)     ARCHIVE FILES_ON_DISK...
       cam (-c|--create)  ARCHIVE FILES_ON_DISK...
       cam (-f|--formats)

      -l(--list)    List files
      -t(--table)   List files in table
      -i(--info)    Summary about archive

      -e(--extract) Extract from archive

      -p(--print)   Print files' content
      -d(--details) Details about files
      -x(--delete)  Delete files

      -a(--add)     Add to archive
      -c(--create)  Create new archive


Create object of class \wapmorgan\UnifiedArchive\UnifiedArchive implementing the \wapmorgan\UnifiedArchive\AbstractArchive interface which has the following methods:

Object methods

public function __construct($filename, $type)

Creation of object of a class.

public function getFileNames(): array

Obtaining the list of files in archive. The symbol of division of catalogs can be both a slash, and a backslash (depends on format).

public function getFileData($filename): ArchiveEntry

Obtaining detailed information on the file in archive. The name of the file has to COINCIDE in ACCURACY with one stored in archive. It is restricted to change a symbol of division of catalogs. This method returns object of wapmorgan\UnifiedArchive\ArchiveEntry with following fields:

  • string $path - file name in archive.
  • integer $compressedSize - the size of the PACKED contents of the file.
  • integer $uncompressedSize - the size of the UNPACKED contents of the file.
  • integer $modificationTime - time of change of the file (the integer value containing number of seconds passed since the beginning of an era of Unix).
  • boolean $isCompressed - the boolean value, containing true if the file was packed with compression.
public function getFileContent($filename): string

Receiving "crude" contents of the file. For text files it is the text, for images/video/music are crude binary data. The file name besides has to be in accuracy as in archive.

public function countFiles(): integer

Counts total of all files in archive.

public function getArchiveSize(): integer

Counts the archive size (the file size).

public function getArchiveType(): string

Receives archive type (like rar or zip).

public function countCompressedFilesSize(): integer

Counts the size of all PACKED useful data (that is contents of all files listed in archive).

public function countUncompressedFilesSize(): integer

Counts the size of all UNPACKED useful data (that is contents of all files listed in archive).

public function extractFiles($outputFolder, $node = '/'): integer

Unpacks any of internal catalogs archive with full preservation of structure of catalogs in the catalog on a hard disk. Returns number of extracted files.

public function deleteFiles($fileOrFiles): integer

Updates existing archive by removing files from it. Returns number of deleted files.

public function addFiles($nodes): integer

Updates existing archive by adding new files. Returns total number of files after addition.

Static methods

static public function open($filename): UnifiedArchive | null

Tries to distinguish type of archive and returns a UnifiedArchive instance in case of success, null in case of failure.

static public function archiveFiles($nodes, $aname, $simulation = false): integer | boolean | array

Archives nodes transferred in the first argument. Returns number of the archived files in case of success, in case of failure - false. If as the third argument is true, then the real archiving doesn't happen, and the result contains the list of the files chosen for an archiving, their number and total size.

PclZip-like interface

UnifedArchive provides full realization of the interface known by popular archiving library "PclZip" (only for zip format, the last version 2.8.2).

Let's look at it:

use wapmorgan\UnifiedArchive\UnifiedArchive;
require 'vendor/autoload.php';
$archive = UnifiedArchive::open('ziparchive.zip');
$pclzip = $archive->pclzipInteface();

You are from this point free to use all available methods provided by the class PclZip:

  1. create() - creation of new archive, packing of files and catalogs.
  2. listContent() - receiving contents of archive.
  3. extract() - unpacking of files and catalogs.
  4. properties() - obtaining information on archive.
  5. add() - addition of files in archive.
  6. delete() - cleaning of archive of files.
  7. merge() - "pasting" of two archives.
  8. duplicate() - archive cloning.

All available options and the parameters accepted by original PclZip are also available.

It is also important to note increase in productivity when using my version of the PclZip-interface using a native class for work, over old and working with "crude" contents of archive means of the PHP-interpreter.

The PclZip-interface is at present in a stage of experimental realization. I ask to take it into account.

For those who isn't familiar with the PclZip interface or wishes to refresh knowledge, visit official documentation on PclZip on the official site: http://www.phpconcept.net/pclzip.

Also I need to note that one of an option nevertheless is unrealizable: PCLZIP_OPT_NO_COMPRESSION. This option allows to disconnect compression for added files. At present the native library for work doesn't allow to change compression parameters from zip-archive - all added the file forcibly contract. I tried to find a roundabout way, but at present to make it it didn't turn out.

Performance comparation

To confirm my words about boost that UnifiedArchive can make in your project, here's comparation table of UnifiedArchive and PclZip extracting the same archives.

Filename UA (time) % of PZ PZ (time)
googletools.zip 0.014 67% 0.020
PHPWord-develop.zip 0.573 63% 0.907
turbosale_1.0.0.zip 0.250 80% 0.309
meteor-devel.zip 6.553 62% 10.429
subrion-develop.zip 10.682 82% 12.996
OptiKey-master.zip 3.445 82% 4.180

Average growth is 27%!

Formats support

Formats Requirement Reading Modification Creation Notes
.zip ext-zip
.7zip, .7z package gemorroj/archive7z and installed 7zip
.tar, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2, .tar.xz, .tar.Z, .tgz, .tbz2, .txz package pear/archive_tar Compressed versions of tar are supported by appropriate libraries or extenions (zlib, bzip2, xz) or installed software (ncompress)
.tar, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2, .tgz, .tbz2 ext-phar Compressed versions of tar are supported by appropriate libraries or extenions (zlib, bzip2)
.rar ext-rar
.iso package phpclasses/php-iso-file
.cab package wapmorgan/cab-archive ✔ (extraction ability depends on PHP version) Extraction is supported only on PHP 7.0.22+, 7.1.8+, 7.2.0.
.gz ext-zlib
.bz2 ext-bzip2
.xz ext-lzma2


Version Date Changelog
0.1.0 Apr 11, 2018 * Renamed methods extractNode() -> extractFiles(), archiveNodes() -> archiveFiles(). * Added checks for archive format. * Changed getFileData() output.
0.0.11 Mar 21, 2018 * Cleaned up some old code. * Added ext-phar adapter for tar archives (if pear/archive_tar is not installed).
0.0.10 Aug 7, 2017 * Remove docopt from requirements.
0.0.9 Jul 20, 2017 * Added cam script.
0.0.8 Jan 24, 2017 * Added initial support for CAB archives without extracting. * Added handling of short names of tar archives. * Removed external repository declaration. * Removed die() in source code.
0.0.7 Jan 14, 2017 * Fixed using ereg function on PHP >7.
0.0.6 Jan 9, 2017 * Added functionality for adding files in archive. * Added functionality for deleting files from archive. * Fixed discovering 7z archive number of files and creating new archive.
0.0.5 Jan 8, 2017 * Added support for 7z (7zip) archives.
0.0.4 Jan 7, 2017 * Added support for single-file bz2 (bzip2) and xz (lzma2) archives.
0.0.3 Aug 18, 2015 * Removed archive_tar from required packages.
0.0.2 May 27, 2014 * Released under the MIT license
0.0.1 May 26, 2014 ---

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the UnifiedArchive README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.