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Latest version: v0.2.0

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UnifiedArchive - unified interface to all popular archive formats (zip # 7z # rar # gz # bz2 # xz # cab # tar # tar.gz # tar.bz2 # tar.x # tar.Z # iso-9660) for listing, reading, extracting and creation + built-in console archive manager.

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  1. Preamble
  2. Installation
  3. Usage
    1. Archive modification
    2. Archive creation
  4. Formats support
  5. API
  6. Built-in console archive manager
  7. Changelog


If on your site there is a possibility of uploading of archives and you would like to add functionality of their automatic unpacking and viewing with no dependency on format of the archive, you can use this library.


Composer package: wapmorgan/unified-archive [1]

    "require": {
        "wapmorgan/unified-archive": "~0.1.2"


  1. Import UnifiedArchive

    require 'vendor/autoload.php';
    use \wapmorgan\UnifiedArchive\UnifiedArchive;
  2. At the beginning, try to open the file with automatic detection of a format by name. In case of successful recognition an UnifiedArchive object will be returned. In case of failure - null will be returned.

    $archive = UnifiedArchive::open('filename.rar');
    // or
    $archive = UnifiedArchive::open('filename.zip');
    // or
    $archive = UnifiedArchive::open('filename.7z');
    // or
    $archive = UnifiedArchive::open('filename.gz');
    // or
    $archive = UnifiedArchive::open('filename.bz2');
    // or
    $archive = UnifiedArchive::open('filename.xz');
    // or
    $archive = UnifiedArchive::open('filename.cab');
    // or
    $archive = UnifiedArchive::open('filename.tar');
    // or
    $archive = UnifiedArchive::open('filename.tar.gz');
    // or
    $archive = UnifiedArchive::open('filename.tar.bz2');
    // or
    $archive = UnifiedArchive::open('filename.tar.xz');
    // or
    $archive = UnifiedArchive::open('filename.tar.Z');
    // or
    $archive = UnifiedArchive::open('filename.iso');
  3. Further, read the list of files of archive.

    $files_list = $archive->getFileNames(); // array with files list
    // ['file', 'file2', 'file3', ...]
  4. Further, check that specific file is in archive.

    if ($archive->isFileExists('README.md')) {
       // some operations
  5. To get common information about specific file use getFileData() method. This method returns [an ArchiveEntry instance](docs/API.md#ArchiveEntry)

    $file_data = $archive->getFileData('README.md')); // ArchiveEntry with file information
  6. To get raw file contents use getFileContent() method

    $file_content = $archive->getFileContent('README.md')); // string
    // raw file content
  7. Further, you can unpack all archive or specific files on a disk. The extractFiles() method is intended to it.

    $archive->extractFiles(string $outputFolder, string|array $archiveFiles);


    // to unpack all contents of archive to "output" folder
    // to unpack specific files (README.md and composer.json) from archive to "output" folder
    $archive->extractFiles(__DIR__.'/output', ['README.md', 'composer.json']);
    // to unpack the "src" catalog with all content from archive into the "sources" catalog on a disk
    $archive->extractFiles(__DIR__.'/output', '/src/', true);

Archive modification

Only few archive formats support modification:

  • zip
  • 7z
  • tar (with restrictions)

For details go to Formats support section.

  1. Deletion files from archive

    // Delete a single file
    // Delete multiple files
    $archive->deleteFiles(['README.md', 'MANIFEST.MF']);
    // Delete directory with full content
    $archive->deleteFiles('/src/', true);

    In case of success the number of successfully deleted files will be returned.


  2. Addition files to archive

    // Add a catalog with all contents with full paths
    // To add one file (will be stored as one file "syslog")
    // To add some files or catalogs (all catalogs structure in paths will be kept)
    $archive->addFiles([$directory, $file, $file2, ...]);


Archive creation

Only few archive formats support modification:

  • zip
  • 7z
  • tar (with restrictions)

For details go to Formats support section.

To pack completely the catalog with all attached files and subdirectories in new archive:

UnifiedArchive::archiveFiles('/var/log', 'Archive.zip');

// To pack one file
UnifiedArchive::archiveFiles('/var/log/syslog', 'Archive.zip');

// To pack some files or catalogs
UnifiedArchive::archiveFiles([$directory, $file, $file2, ...], 'Archive.zip');

Also, there is extended syntax for addFiles() and archiveFiles():

          '/var/www/site/abc.log' => 'abc.log',   // stored as 'abc.log'
          '/var/www/site/abc.log',                // stored as '/var/www/site/abc.log'
          '/var/www/site/runtime/logs' => 'logs', // directory content stored in 'logs' dir
          '/var/www/site/runtime/logs',           // stored as '/var/www/site/runtime/logs'
    ], 'archive.zip');


Formats support

Formats Requirement getFileContent() getFileResource() addFiles() / removeFiles() archiveFiles() Notes
.zip zip extension
.7zip, .7z gemorroj/archive7z package and 7zip-cli ✔ (simulation)
.tar, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2, .tar.xz, .tar.Z, .tgz, .tbz2, .txz pear/archive_tar package ✔ (simulation) Compressed versions of tar are supported by appropriate libraries or extenions (zlib, bzip2, xz) or installed software (ncompress)
.tar, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2, .tgz, .tbz2 phar extension ✔ (simulation) Compressed versions of tar are supported by appropriate libraries or extenions (zlib, bzip2)
.rar rar extension
.iso phpclasses/php-iso-file package ✔ (simulation)
.cab wapmorgan/cab-archive package ✔ (extraction ability depends on PHP version) ✔ (simulation) Extraction is supported only on PHP 7.0.22+, 7.1.8+, 7.2.0.
.gz zlib extension
.bz2 bzip2 extension
.xz lzma2 extension


API of UnifiedArchive is stored in [API document](docs/API.md).

Built-in console archive manager

UnifiedArchive is distributed with a unified console program to manipulate popular archive formats. This script is stored in vendor/bin/cam.

It supports all formats that UnifiedArchive does and can be used to manipulate archives without other software. To check your configuration and check formats support launch it with -f flag in console:

$ php vendor/bin/cam -f


To see all changes in library go to [CHANGELOG file](CHANGELOG.md).

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the UnifiedArchive README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.