UnifiedArchive v0.1.2 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-01-03 // almost 3 years ago
  • BC-breaking changes :

    • PclZip-interface getter renamed to getPclZipInterface().
    • ➕ Make addFiles() return number of added files instead of total files number.

    Other changes:

    • 👻 Make addFiles() / deleteFiles() / archiveFiles() throw \Exceptions when any error occurred (and even when files list is empty).
    • 🛠 Fixed usage of / always as directory separator in addFiles() and archiveFiles().

    Format-specific changes:

    • Divided format-specific code into separate components.
    • zip :
      • Excluded directories from files list (getFileNames()).
      • Fixed retrieving new list of files after addFiles() usage.
      • (#11) Fixed invalid "/" archive entry after archiveFiles() usage.
    • tar (TarArchive adapter):
      • Fixed number of added files of addFiles().
      • Fixed list of files after deleteFiles() usage.
      • Added checks for compressed tar's support in canOpenArchive() and canOpenType().
    • tar (PharData adapter):
      • Fixed list of files after addFiles()/deleteFiles() usage and path generation of archive in archiveFiles().
      • Fixed path of files in getFileNames() to use UNIX path separator ("/").
    • iso :
      • Excluded directories from files list (getFileNames()).
    • 7zip :
      • Fixed result of deleteFiles() and archiveFiles() in-archive paths.
      • Fixed calculation of compressed file size in getFileData().
      • (#10) Set infinite timeout of 7z system call (useful for big archives).
    • cab :
      • Fixed extractFiles() functionality.