WKHTMLToPDF v0.12.2 Release Notes

Release Date: 2015-01-10 // over 7 years ago
  • 🛠 This is likely to be the last release in the 0.12.x series, and has a lot of improvements/bugfixes.

    • ⚡️ external libraries updated: OpenSSL to 1.0.1k, libpng to 1.5.21 and xz to 5.2.0
    • 🛠 fix build failure with unpatched Qt >= 5.3
    • #1539: [qt] using OpenType fonts now results in selectable text on Windows
    • #1638: [qt] fix incorrect rendering of JPEG images on Windows Server 2008 x64
    • #1639: block access to local files on Windows when an invalid URL is used
    • #1640: [qt] make table page-break logic opt-in via CSS at the row level
    • #1676: do not allow overriding the header/footer settings for cover pages
    • #1676: set page margins correctly via computed header/footer heights for multiple URLs
    • #1758: fix corrupt image when output is specified as - in wkhtmltoimage on Windows
    • #1722: [qt] fix broken hyphenation with soft-hyphens
    • #1769: fixed unicode URLs in links
    • #1772: added variable 'isodate' for substitution in headers/footers
    • #1790: fix handling of temporary files during PDF conversion via API
    • #1808: fix [sitepage] and [sitepages] not working without HTML headers/footers
    • #1825: fix handling of non-ASCII characters in command-line arguments
    • #1863: [qt] blank page or crash with low DPI on Windows
    • #1892: --window-status causes endless loop with --header-html
    • #1906: fix wrong comparison when parsing list parameters
    • #1944: [breaking change] fix the reflection subsystem to fix the non-functional API
    • #1949: fix generation of tarball in the posix-local build
    • #1955: installer does not work on 32-bit OS X (10.6.x or 10.7.x)
    • #1961: add explicit dependency on minimal font packages for all linux targets
    • #1988: fix footer spacing being ignored (and header spacing being used instead)
    • #1992: add support for CentOS 7 target
    • #2055: [qt] rendering of Thai symbols is very slow

    ⬆️ Packages for all platforms are available from the website. It is recommended for all users of 0.12.x to upgrade to 0.12.2 immediately.