Wolff is a ridiculously small and lightweight PHP framework with useful functions and utilities like a template, route, extensions and language system.

It is intended for those who want to build light websites without having to do everything from scratch or using too large frameworks and libraries.

Monthly Downloads: 3
Programming language: PHP
License: MIT License
Tags: Micro Frameworks     PHP7     Framework     MVC     Db     Microframework     Web     Fast     Small     Apps     Full    
Latest version: v3.0.2

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Web development made just right.

Wolff is a ridiculously small and lightweight PHP framework.

It is intended for those who want to build ultralight web applications, without starting from scratch or dealing with complexity.

Wolff is small, fast, scalable and easy. The perfect solution for building small and medium-sized web applications.

Note: The core code of the framework is available at Wolff-framework.


  • Extremely easy: It's simple to use and has a clean documentation and interface. It gives you the opportunity to learn it in just a single night (sleep included).

  • Ridiculously fast: If a resource is not used, it's not loaded. Some elements of the framework can even be disabled. Wolff is very friendly with potato servers and works seamlessly.

  • Comprenhensive: Wolff has elements that cover everything you may ever need for building a web app. Absolutely no initial setup is required. They are ready to use.

What's included

Element Description
Database abstraction layer Which simplifies the process of running queries and includes useful functions.
DI Container For managing class dependencies and performing DI.
Language manager For managing multiple languages easily and quickly.
Middleware system Which gives you more control over your requests/responses.
Routing system Have clean URLs, make redirections and block certain pages recursively.
Standard library With numerous incredible functions related to strings, numbers, arrays and debugging.
Template engine Which you can use to write cleaner and safer code in your views while avoiding things like the php tags.
Multiple utilities Including a authentication, pagination and validation utility.

And more...


  • PHP version 7.0 or higher

  • Composer


You must have composer in your system for installing Wolff, once you have it.

Open your favorite terminal, move to the folder where you want Wolff to be installed and run the following command:

composer create-project usbac/wolff

This will download the whole project with everything ready to run (including an example page)!

You can see more information about the installation process in the Wiki - install page.


First you must have PHPUnit installed, once you have it.

Open your favorite terminal, move to your wolff project location and run the following command with high privileges (sudo):


Running the command with high privileges is required since some files will be created during the testing process.


First time using it? Read the Wiki.


Any contribution or support to this project in the form of a pull request or message will be highly appreciated. ❤️

Don't be shy :)


Wolff is open-source software licensed under the MIT license.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the Wolff README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.