Simple WSDL to PHP classes converter. Takes a WSDL file and outputs class files ready to use.

Uses the MIT license.

Code Quality Rank: L3
Programming language: PHP
License: MIT License
Tags: API     Soap     Wsdl    
Latest version: v3.4.0

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Simple WSDL to PHP classes converter. Takes a WSDL file and outputs class files ready to use.

Uses the MIT license.

Announcement: We are looking to add one or two co-maintainers with commit access to help bring this project forward, review pull requests and respond to issues. If you have contributed to this project or are otherwise actively involved in open source and have a GitHub profile for review, ping @kasperg to express your interest.

New major version: 3

A new major version of wsdl2phpgenerator has recently been released: 3

This introduces changes to both configuration and generated code. The changes makes it more flexible to use, easier to include in other projects, promotes contributions and reduces maintenance.

2.x users are encourage to read [a walkthrough of what is new in 3.0](docs/whats-new-in-3.0.md).


Add wsdl2phpgenerator to your project using composer:

composer require wsdl2phpgenerator/wsdl2phpgenerator


Originally developed by @walle and includes bug fixes and improvements from various contributors.


Pull requests are very welcome. Please read [our guidelines for contributing](CONTRIBUTING.md).

Be sure to run the test suite, the fixers and the analyzers

composer test
composer fix
composer analyse

Usage and options

See [usage and options](docs/usage-and-options.md) for info on the usage of this package.


This project uses semantic versioning. The following constitutes the public API:

  • \Wsdl2PhpGenerator\GeneratorInterface
  • \Wsdl2PhpGenerator\ConfigInterface
  • Generated code

Backwards incompatible changes to these means that the major version will be increased. Additional features and bug fixes increase minor and patch versions.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the wsdl2phpgenerator README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.