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Latest version: v1.1.0

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with Apple SDK

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Recommended and easiest way to installing library is through Composer.

composer require azimolabs/apple-sign-in-php-sdk:1.1.0


  • PHP 7.1+
  • OpenSSL Extension

How it works

This description assumes that you already have generated identityToken. Remember that token is valid ONLY for 10 minutes.

The first step to verify the identity token is to generate a public key. To generate public key exponent and modulus values are required. Both information are exposed in Apple API endpoint. Those values differ depending on the algorithm.

The second step is verification if provided identityToken is valid against generated public key. If so we are sure that identityToken wasn't malformed.

The third step is validation if token is not expired. Additionally it is worth to check issuer and audience, examples are shown below.

Basic usage

Once you have cloned repository, make sure that composer dependencies are installed running composer install -o.

$validationData = new ValidationData();

$appleJwtFetchingService = new Auth\Service\AppleJwtFetchingService(
    new Auth\Jwt\JwtParser(new Parser()),
    new Auth\Jwt\JwtVerifier(
        new Api\AppleApiClient(
            new GuzzleHttp\Client(
                    'base_uri'        => 'https://appleid.apple.com',
                    'timeout'         => 5,
                    'connect_timeout' => 5,
            new Api\Factory\ResponseFactory()
        new RSA(),
        new Sha256()
    new Auth\Jwt\JwtValidator($validationData),
    new Auth\Factory\AppleJwtStructFactory()


If you don't want to copy-paste above code you can paste freshly generated identityToken in tests/E2e/Auth/AppleJwtFetchingServiceTest.php:53 and run tests with simple command php vendor/bin/phpunit tests/E2e.

```shell script $ php vendor/bin/phpunit tests/E2e PHPUnit 9.2.5 by Sebastian Bergmann and contributors.

Random seed: 1594414420

. 1 / 1 (100%)

Time: 00:00.962, Memory: 8.00 MB

OK (1 test, 1 assertion)

## Miscellaneous
* [JSON web token](https://jwt.io/)
* [Sign in with Apple overwiew](https://developer.apple.com/documentation/sign_in_with_apple/sign_in_with_apple_rest_api/authenticating_users_with_sign_in_with_apple)
* [How backend token verification works](https://sarunw.com/posts/sign-in-with-apple-3/)