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A PHP component to convert HTML into a plain text format
Featured Library // Category Miscellaneous


Awesome PHP Newsletter » 144

Top Stories
  • On Parallel PHP: The Next Chapter
  • How I gamified unit testing my PHP framework and went from 0% unit test coverage to 93% in 30 days
  • Design Microservice Architectures the Right Way
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A simple ORM (L5).
Featured Library // Category Database

Adverse ABIs

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octoberCms vs Voyager

Popular comparison
  • octoberCms - Free, open-source, self-hosted CMS platform based on the Laravel PHP Framework.
  • Voyager - Voyager - The Missing Laravel Admin

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Single file PHP script that adds a REST API to a MySQL InnoDB database. Alternatively SQLite 3, PostgreSQL 9 and MS SQL Server 2012 are fully supported.
Featured Library // Category API

Mustache vs Twig

Popular comparison
  • Mustache - A PHP implementation of the Mustache template language.
  • Twig - A comprehensive templating language.

Design Microservice Architectures the Right Way

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A library for serialising and de-serialising data.
Featured Library // Category Data Structure and Storage

Valid concerns are raised about the JIT

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Intervention Image vs Imagine

Popular comparison
  • Intervention Image - Another image manipulation library.
  • Imagine - An image manipulation library.


An information extractor from any web service or page.
Featured Library // Category Scraping

Swoole vs Phalcon

Popular comparison
  • Swoole - Event-driven asynchronous & concurrent networking engine with high performance for PHP.
  • Phalcon - A framework implemented as a C extension.

Enums in userland

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phan vs PHPStan

Popular comparison
  • phan - A static analyzer based on PHP 7+ and the php-ast extension.
  • PHPStan - A PHP Static Analysis Tool.

PHP Documentor 2

A documentation generator.
Featured Library // Category Documentation

Keeping data providers organized in PHPUnit

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Symfony 4 DDD ES CQRS backend boilerplate

Library Popular Story // vs Ratchet

Popular comparison
  • - Yet another web socket library.
  • Ratchet - A web socket library.


The official Mailgun PHP API.
Featured Library // Category Third Party APIs

PHP Annotated Monthly February 2019

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Last 30 Days

LibPhoneNumber for PHP

A PHP implementation of Google's phone number handling library.
Featured Library // Category Numbers

On Parallel PHP: The Next Chapter

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Google Translate For Free

Free Translate Support arrays for translation
Library Recommended by dejurin

Google Translate For Free

google-translator translation language-detection detect-language translate php google-translate translator
Library Added by dejurin into category Strings

Awesome PHP Newsletter » 143

Top Stories
  • Announcing GraphQLite: GraphQL in PHP made easy
  • PHPStan introduces static DQL validation for Doctrine ORM!
  • Symlex: A lean framework stack for agile Web development based on Symfony and Vuetify
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