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A multithreaded application server for PHP, written in PHP.
Featured Library // Category Infrastructure

phan vs PHPStan

Popular comparison
  • phan - A static analyzer based on PHP 7+ and the php-ast extension.
  • PHPStan - A PHP Static Analysis Tool.



A debug and profile tool for PHP.
Featured Library // Category Debugging and Profiling

Last 7 Days

Symfony DI

A dependency injection container component (SF2).
Featured Library // Category Dependency Injection

New GraphQL library for PHP: GraphQL-PHP

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Awesome PHP Newsletter » 126

Top Stories
  • Around 62% of all Internet sites will run an unsupported PHP version in 10 weeks
  • The Future of the Zend Engine and the Zend Framework
  • Organise large code bases by domains
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Symfony DataTables Bundle

DataTables bundle for Symfony
Featured Library // Category API

Plates vs Twig

Popular comparison
  • Plates - A native PHP templating library.
  • Twig - A comprehensive templating language.

League\Period 4.0.0 is out.

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A Beanstalkd client library.
Featured Library // Category Queue

The Future of the Zend Engine and the Zend Framework

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Flysystem vs Gaufrette

Popular comparison
  • Flysystem - Another filesystem abstraction layer.
  • Gaufrette - A filesystem abstraction layer.

Eelly framework

Eelly php framework
Featured Library // Category API

NES emulator in PHP

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ReactPHP Tutorial #13: Asynchronous Downloads

Downloading files asynchronously with ReactPHP.
Tutorial Added by: seregazhuk //

Guzzle vs HTTPFul

Popular comparison
  • Guzzle - A comprehensive HTTP client.
  • HTTPFul - A chainable HTTP client.

Beginner’s guide to Web Scraping with PHP (using SimpleHTMLDOM library)

In this blog, you will get to see a guided tour of how web scraping can be done in a practical way. I will provide you a sort of use case of how PHP can be used for web scraping. If you follow the inputs from this blog, I am sure, you can learn to do it yourself and extract any kind of data from the Internet and put to its best possible use. To make it more relevant as a use case, we will try to scrape data from IMDB!
Tutorial Added by: hirenpatel //

PunBB vs PHP Documentor 2

Popular comparison
  • PunBB - PunBB forum
  • PHP Documentor 2 - A documentation generator.


Another HTTP client.
Featured Library // Category HTTP

Polymorphic relationships in Laravel and its use cases

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Use php-fpm as an async queue.

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Organise large code bases by domains

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PHP CS Fixer vs PHP Code Sniffer

Popular comparison
  • PHP CS Fixer - A coding standards fixer library.
  • PHP Code Sniffer - A library that detects PHP, CSS and JS coding standard violations.

Last 30 Days


A PHP compatibility checker for PHP CodeSniffer.
Featured Library // Category Static Analysis

PHPMailer vs SwiftMailer

Popular comparison
  • PHPMailer - Another mailer solution.
  • SwiftMailer - A mailer solution.

Cossack Labs

Crypto library for storage and messaging
Featured Library // Category Security

phpList vs Mautic

Popular comparison
  • phpList - Open source newsletter manager
  • Mautic - Email marketing automation


This bundle provides tools to build a complete GraphQL server in your Symfony App.
Featured Library // Category API