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Get real-time insights from all types of time series data with InfluxDB. Ingest, query, and analyze billions of data points in real-time with unbounded cardinality.


PHP Compatibility check for PHP_CodeSniffer
Featured Library // Category Static Analysis

What if PHP had a tool like npx?

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How to use I2C devices in (Apache) NuttX: Adding support for an I2C device

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Containerization Tips and Tricks for PHP Apps

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Spiral Framework

High-Performance PHP Framework
Featured Library // Category Frameworks

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Better Reflection

:crystal_ball: Better Reflection is a reflection API that aims to improve and provide more features than PHP's built-in reflection API.
Featured Library // Category Code Analysis


Mainly a PHP Language Server with more features than you can shake a stick at
Featured Library // Category Code Analysis


CaptainHook is a very flexible git hook manager for software developers that makes sharing git hooks with your team a breeze.
Featured Library // Category Code Quality

Modernizing league\csv API

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Compoer Require Checker

A CLI tool to check whether a specific composer package uses imported symbols that aren't part of its direct composer dependencies
Featured Library // Category Dependency Management Extras

Running PHP fast at the edge with WebAssembly

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Run almost any PHP app faster and asynchronously with Workerman, without touch 1 line of code in your fw or app. It's just plain PHP.
Featured Library // Category Event

Symfony App Config in 2 steps

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An unusual heist seems to be unfolding at Taco Bell

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AWS SDK with readable code and async responses
Featured Library // Category Third Party APIs

Building Production-Ready Docker Images for PHP Apps

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A platform for collective blogs and social media platform, forum, question and answer service (Q&A). Catalog of sites (programs), site navigation and directories - facets. A community based on the PHP HLEB micro-framework.
Featured Library // Category Documentation

chillerlan/php-oauth 1.0.0 released!

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CIDRAM: Classless Inter-Domain Routing Access Manager.
Featured Library // Category Security

Sulu CMS Securitytxt bundle

Sulu Bundle to manage security.txt files
Featured Library // Category Security


The Telegram bot framework that doesn't drive you nuts.
Featured Library // Category API


🪐A fully-featured OpenGL and GLFW extension for PHP. 🔋Batteries included (Math Functions, Texture Loaders, etc..)
Featured Library // Category Frameworks