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The easy PHP Library for calculating holidays | Yasumi

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Amazing template engine for PHP.
Featured Library // Category Templating

Chat Application using PHP

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SaaSHub will help you find the best software and product alternatives

BackdropCMS v1.16.3

A new version of BackdropCMS has been released
New Version

octoberCms vs Voyager

Popular comparison
  • octoberCms - Free, open-source, self-hosted CMS platform based on the Laravel PHP Framework.
  • Voyager - Voyager - The Missing Laravel Admin


Open source API management platform
Featured Library // Category API

PHP for Embedded Devices / MCUs

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Joomla v3.10.0-alpha2

A new version of Joomla has been released
New Version

PHP Censor

PHP Censor is a open source self-hosted continuous integration server for PHP projects (Fork of PHPCI)
Featured Library // Category Continuous Integration

GitAttributes for PHP Composer Projects

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How to resolve long http request timeout

This long HTTP request badly impact website SEO ranking because google only loves those site which is able to deliver all the HTTP request within the specific time frame. Here we will discuss a few of the best techniques on which we can resolve such issues from our website. We have also explained to resolve connection timeout on google chrome in one of my previous articles.
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Snappy vs Dompdf

Popular comparison
  • Snappy - A PDF and image generation library.
  • Dompdf - A HTML to PDF converter.

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Top Stories
  • API PLATFORM - a framework to build modern API
  • Using ReactPHP to scrape data from an HTTP API
  • Compare your PHP with job market 💰
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Popular comparison
  • TCPDF - Official clone of PHP library to generate PDF documents and barcodes
  • WKHTMLToPDF - A tool to convert HTML to PDF.

A simple recipe for framework decoupling

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Swoole v4.5.4

A new version of Swoole has been released
New Version


⚡️ Flat-files and plain-old PHP functions rockin'on as a set of general purpose high-level abstractions.
Featured Library // Category Micro Frameworks

Dompdf vs TCPDF

Popular comparison
  • Dompdf - A HTML to PDF converter.
  • TCPDF - Official clone of PHP library to generate PDF documents and barcodes

Compare your PHP with job market 💰

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PHP assíncrono de forma nativa

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CommonMark PHP v1.5.5

A new version of CommonMark PHP has been released
New Version

Better Reflection

AST-based reflection library that allows analysis and manipulation of code
Featured Library // Category Code Analysis

PHP Dotenv v5.2.0

A new version of PHP Dotenv has been released
New Version

Spiral Framework

High-Performance PHP/Go Framework for modern enterprise application development
Featured Library // Category Frameworks

How to generate QR Code using php

In this article, I will explain you to easily create QR code in any PHP application. Please follow the below steps to integrate it. You can view the demo and download the complete working scripts from our repository.
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API PLATFORM - a framework to build modern API

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Sylius vs Shopware

Popular comparison
  • Sylius - Open Source eCommerce Platform on Symfony
  • Shopware - Highly customizable e-commerce software

Building the next generation react/http PSR-15 adapter

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