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How to detect Complex Duplicated Methods With PHPStan

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One file, 6.4KB PHP microframework

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Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.

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  • Why developers hate PHP
  • Beautiful Colored Gradients
  • PHP Annotated – January 2021
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PHP Annotated – January 2021

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Laravel Homestead

A local development environment for Laravel.
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Make your PHP arrays sweet'n'safe

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MaxMind’s Free and Paid IP Geolocation Web Services (in PHP)

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PHP - Create your own PHP Authentication

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Beautiful Colored Gradients

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Why developers hate PHP

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Mastering binary and bitwise in PHP

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Awesome PHP Newsletter » 242

Top Stories
  • 99 Bottles of OOP by Sandi Metz now available in PHP
  • Scaling PHP FPM based on utilization demand on Kubernetes
  • A debugging tool for pragmatic PHP developers
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A debugging tool for pragmatic PHP developers

Article Popular Story // - DO Hackathon Submission

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PHP cheat sheet

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Gossamer: Supply Chain Security for Open-Source Software

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Zend Framework remote code execution vulnerability revealed

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Scaling PHP FPM based on utilization demand on Kubernetes

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MightyPHP - Not just another PHP Framework

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5 useful PHPUnit Assertions you should start using today

In addition to assertEquals, you can use these ultra-handy PHPUnit assertions to make your life easier. Find out how.
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Snuffleupagus 0.7.0 is released, with PHP8 support

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99 Bottles of OOP by Sandi Metz now available in PHP

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Pimple vs PHP-DI

Popular comparison
  • Pimple - A tiny dependency injection container.
  • PHP-DI - A dependency injection container that supports autowiring.