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Cake ORM

Object-Relational Mapper, implemented using the DataMapper pattern (CP).
Featured library // Category Database

phan vs PHPStan

Popular comparison
  • phan - A static analyzer based on PHP 7+ and the php-ast extension.
  • PHPStan - A PHP Static Analysis Tool.


SocialConnect Auth

An open source social sign (OAuth1\OAuth2\OpenID\OpenIDConnect).
Featured library // Category Authentication and Authorization

xDebug vs

Popular comparison
  • xDebug - A debug and profile tool for PHP.
  • - A low-overhead code profiler.

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Portable UTF-8

Portable UTF-8 library for PHP
Featured library // Category Strings

Propel vs Doctrine

Popular comparison
  • Propel - A fast ORM, migration library and query builder.
  • Doctrine - A comprehensive DBAL and ORM.

Build a Slack bot with Botonomous Framework and Events API in PHP

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Introduction to Event Sourcing

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CRUDlex is an easy to use CRUD generator for Silex, example use case: Auto generated admin pages
Featured library // Category Data Structure and Storage

Vagrant vs Docker

Popular comparison
  • Vagrant - A portable development environment utility.
  • Docker - A containerization platform.

Dive Into Symfony 4 (slides)

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PHP Github API

Another library to interface with the Github API.
Featured library // Category Third Party APIs

phpList vs Mautic

Popular comparison
  • phpList - Open source newsletter manager
  • Mautic - Email marketing automation

Porting a Symfony 3 application to Flex

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A new home for Phinx, the PHP migrations tool

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CIDRAM: Classless Inter-Domain Routing Access Manager.
Featured library // Category Security

Awesome PHP Newsletter » 58

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  • Building a realtime dashboard powered by Laravel and Vue (2017 edition)
  • Hiraeth | What Does a Nano-Framework Do?
  • Using Laravel’s Eloquent Efficiently
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PHP Brew vs PHP Env

Popular comparison
  • PHP Brew - A PHP version manager and installer.
  • PHP Env - Another PHP version manager.


A Rapid Application Development (RAD) plugin for CakePHP.
Featured library // Category Framework Extras

Ratchet vs Workerman

Popular comparison
  • Ratchet - A web socket library.
  • Workerman - An event driven non-blocking I/O library.

Last 30 Days

Cake I18n

Message translation and localization for dates and numbers (CP)
Featured library // Category Internationalisation and Localisation

Snappy vs Dompdf

Popular comparison
  • Snappy - A PDF and image generation library.
  • Dompdf - A HTML to PDF converter.


An library to help you calculate the dates and names of holidays.
Featured library // Category Date and Time

Gaufrette vs Flysystem

Popular comparison
  • Gaufrette - A filesystem abstraction layer.
  • Flysystem - Another filesystem abstraction layer.