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What the hell? Someone made a mod_php for nginx

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Vex - Simple HTTP Load generator using PHP

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Cake Cache

A caching library (CP).
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Intervention Image vs Imagine

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  • Intervention Image - Another image manipulation library.
  • Imagine - An image manipulation library.


Another simple and fast PHP framework delivered as C-extension.
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MySQL Query Cache gets deprecated in 5.7.20 and removed in 8.0

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  • Libsodium has been audited! (Good news if you're expecting to use the new sodium extension in PHP 7.2)
  • Joomla! 4.0 will require PHP 7
  • Containerize your PHP Applications Using Docker
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PHP extension for V8 JavaScript engine
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MVC and its variants

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Doctrine vs Eloquent

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  • Doctrine - A comprehensive DBAL and ORM.
  • Eloquent - A simple ORM (L5).


A tool for running QA tools (phploc, phpcpd, phpcs, pdepend, phpmd, phpmetrics).
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Swoole vs Kraken PHP

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  • Swoole - Event-driven asynchronous & concurrent networking engine with high performance for PHP.
  • Kraken PHP - The first and only fault-tolerant PHP framework for distributed applications.

PunBB vs PHP Documentor 2

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  • PunBB - PunBB forum
  • PHP Documentor 2 - A documentation generator.

CommonMark PHP

A Markdown parser which supports the full CommonMark spec.
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Containerize your PHP Applications Using Docker

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An event dispatcher library.
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Joomla! 4.0 will require PHP 7

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Plates vs Twig

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  • Plates - A native PHP templating library.
  • Twig - A comprehensive templating language.

CakePHP 3.5.0-RC2 Released - second release candidate for 3.5.0

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Slim vs Lumen

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  • Slim - Another simple micro framework.
  • Lumen - A micro-framework by Laravel.


Single file PHP script that adds a REST API to a MySQL InnoDB database. Alternatively SQLite 3, PostgreSQL 9 and MS SQL Server 2012 are fully supported.
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A simple ORM (L5).
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Why and how you should use PHP_CodeSniffer

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Lumen vs Slim

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  • Lumen - A micro-framework by Laravel.
  • Slim - Another simple micro framework.


A PHP project/micro-package generator.
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Phinx vs Doctrine Migrations

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  • Phinx - Another database migration library.
  • Doctrine Migrations - A migration library for Doctrine.