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Cloudways leverages advanced technology and powerful servers. Cloudways is a one-click managed cloud hosting platform that provides cloud application and server management solutions.

Laminas Diactoros

PSR HTTP Message implementations
Featured Library // Category HTTP

Can PHPStan find Dead Public Methods?

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NumberNine CMS

NumberNine is a full-featured CMS built with Symfony. It fills the gaps with the Symfony ecosystem which lacks super fast development for small to medium scale projects.
Featured Library // Category Web Applications

How to Generate QR Code in Laravel 9

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Police CyberAlarm Uses Alarming Cryptography

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Adding comments to SQL queries

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Elastica is a PHP client for elasticsearch
Featured Library // Category Search

Laravel 9 CRUD Example Tutorial for Beginners

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Generate a PDF file using the JsPDF and PHP

In this article, we’ll show you how to create a PDF file from data pulled from a database. I’m using MySQL and the PHP core with jQuery.
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[READ ONLY] Subtree split of the Illuminate Database component (see laravel/framework)
Featured Library // Category Database

Underestimated PHP

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Platform-Agnostic Security Tokens
Featured Library // Category Authentication and Authorization


A model factory library for creating expressive, auto-completable, on-demand dev/test fixtures with Symfony and Doctrine.
Synced from the Github list // Category Testing

PHP Core Roundup #3

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Best YouTube Video Downloaders 2022

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Quick & Easy Ways to Speed - Laravel Website

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SensioLabs Security Check

A database of PHP security advisories
Featured Library // Category Security

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Twig Smoke Rendering - Journey of Fails

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Laravel-Zero v9.1.2

A new version of Laravel-Zero has been released
New Version


PHP Solr client library
Featured Library // Category Search

Deploy dockerized PHP Apps to production on GCP via docker compose

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HumHub v1.11.3

A new version of HumHub has been released
New Version

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Apache NetBeans

Apache NetBeans
Featured Library // Category Text Editors and IDEs

Video: Run PHP on Docker in a CI Pipeline via Github and Gitlab

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The Telegram bot framework that doesn't drive you nuts.
Featured Library // Category API