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Cloudways leverages advanced technology and powerful servers. Cloudways is a one-click managed cloud hosting platform that provides cloud application and server management solutions.


⚡️Lightning-fast linter for .env files. Written in Rust 🦀
Featured Library // Category Miscellaneous



The easy PHP Library for calculating holidays
Featured Library // Category Date and Time

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  • (Singly) Linked Lists explained in PHP
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Last 7 Days

A HTML DOM parser written in PHP

📜 Modern Simple HTML DOM Parser for PHP
Featured Library // Category Markup

The Grug Brained Developer

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top 100 PHP classes that you should know about

All PHP native classes, ranked by usage frequency. Good base to make sure that one know the commonly used PHP classes.
Article Added by: exakat //

RegEx Validation: A Cheatsheet (most used)

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CraftCMS v4.0.5

A new version of CraftCMS has been released
New Version

Getting started with GCP Compute Instance VMs to run dockerized applications

Getting started with the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as infrastructure provider for a container registry to push and pull docker images as well as for virtual machines to run dockerized applications.
Tutorial Added by: Wochenendpanda //

(Singly) Linked Lists explained in PHP

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Doctrine Extensions

Doctrine2 behavioral extensions, Translatable, Sluggable, Tree-NestedSet, Timestampable, Loggable, Sortable
Featured Library // Category Database

How can I trust my test suite?

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PHP 8.2: 30 days until feature freeze

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Phan is a static analyzer for PHP. Phan prefers to avoid false-positives and attempts to prove incorrectness rather than correctness.
Featured Library // Category Code Analysis

Running PHPStan on max with Laravel

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🤯 High-performance PHP application server, process manager written in Go and powered with plugins
Featured Library // Category Infrastructure


PHP Object Oriented image manipulation library
Featured Library // Category Imagery

Last 30 Days

Device Detector

The Universal Device Detection library will parse any User Agent and detect the browser, operating system, device used (desktop, tablet, mobile, tv, cars, console, etc.), brand and model.
Featured Library // Category Strings


Hybrid Content Management System with the freedom of a headless CMS and with the full functionality of a traditional CMS
Featured Library // Category Web Applications

The very useful variadic argument

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A collection of standards as PHP Enums

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PHP Annotated – June 2022

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Awesome PHP Weekly » 317

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  • A type-safe query builder for PHP using Psalm
  • Monitoring PHP applications with OpenTelemetry and SigNoz
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Doctum, a PHP API documentation generator. Fork of Sami

A php API documentation generator, fork of Sami
Featured Library // Category Documentation


PeachPie - the PHP compiler and runtime for .NET and .NET Core
Featured Library // Category Virtual Machines

Instagram Advanced User Finder

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Symfony Encore

A simple but powerful API for processing & compiling assets built around Webpack
Featured Library // Category Asset Management