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Simple MySQLi Class

Simple MySQLi Abstraction Layer and mysqli-result Wrapper
Featured library // Category Database

Deployer vs Envoy

Popular comparison
  • Deployer - A deployment tool.
  • Envoy - A tool to run SSH tasks with PHP.


Portable UTF-8

Portable UTF-8 library for PHP
Featured library // Category Strings

Hoa Project vs League of Extraordinary Packages

Popular comparison
  • Hoa Project - Another package of PHP components.
  • League of Extraordinary Packages - A PHP package development group.

Last 7 Days

SocialConnect Auth

An open source social sign (OAuth1\OAuth2\OpenID\OpenIDConnect).
Featured library // Category Authentication and Authorization

Ratchet vs Workerman

Popular comparison
  • Ratchet - A web socket library.
  • Workerman - An event driven non-blocking I/O library.

A PHP lib to fix the typography of your text

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CRUDlex is an easy to use CRUD generator for Silex, example use case: Auto generated admin pages
Featured library // Category Data Structure and Storage

Gaufrette vs Flysystem

Popular comparison
  • Gaufrette - A filesystem abstraction layer.
  • Flysystem - Another filesystem abstraction layer.

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Top Stories
  • Response by Larry Garfield of Drupal to being outed and attacked
  • How many issues can you spot in this PHP tattoo?
  • PHP and immutability
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A PHP library to publish and discover static assets in packages

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CIDRAM: Classless Inter-Domain Routing Access Manager.
Featured library // Category Security

xDebug vs PHPDBG

Popular comparison
  • xDebug - A debug and profile tool for PHP.
  • PHPDBG - An interactive PHP debugger.


Another API documentation generator.
Featured library // Category Documentation

Propel vs Doctrine

Popular comparison
  • Propel - A fast ORM, migration library and query builder.
  • Doctrine - A comprehensive DBAL and ORM.

PHP and immutability

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A composer plugin to defend code quality.
Featured library // Category Code Analysis

Expressive vs Slim Middleware

Popular comparison
  • Expressive - PSR-7 Middleware framework from Zend
  • Slim Middleware - A collection of custom middleware for Slim.

A PHP Library for Google PageSpeed Insights

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How We Engineered CMS Airship to be Simply Secure

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A Rapid Application Development (RAD) plugin for CakePHP.
Featured library // Category Framework Extras

Flysystem vs Gaufrette

Popular comparison
  • Flysystem - Another filesystem abstraction layer.
  • Gaufrette - A filesystem abstraction layer.


An library to help you calculate the dates and names of holidays.
Featured library // Category Date and Time

Yii2 vs CodeIgniter

Popular comparison
  • Yii2 - Another PHP framework.
  • CodeIgniter - CodeIgniter is an Application Development Framework - a toolkit - for people who build web sites using PHP.