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PSR-7 Middleware framework from Zend
Featured library // Category Middlewares

Rocketeer vs Deployer

Popular comparison
  • Rocketeer - A fast and easy deployer for the PHP world.
  • Deployer - A deployment tool.



A simple testing library.
Featured library // Category Testing

APIGen vs PHP Documentor 2

Popular comparison
  • APIGen - Another API documentation generator.
  • PHP Documentor 2 - A documentation generator.

PHP-ML - Machine Learning library for PHP

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Highly customizable e-commerce software
Featured library // Category E-commerce

HTTPFul vs Guzzle

Popular comparison
  • HTTPFul - A chainable HTTP client.
  • Guzzle - A comprehensive HTTP client.

Awesome PHP Newsletter » 41

Top Stories
  • Duck-typing in PHP — Matthias Noback
  • NetBeans IDE 8.2 is here, Now supporting PHP 7
  • RESTful Services Quick Tips
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We're Halfway to Encrypting the Entire Web

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NetBeans IDE 8.2 is here, Now supporting PHP 7

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Better Reflection

AST-based reflection library that allows analysis and manipulation of code
Featured library // Category Code Analysis

PHP Brew vs PHP Env

Popular comparison
  • PHP Brew - A PHP version manager and installer.
  • PHP Env - Another PHP version manager.

RESTful Services Quick Tips

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An expressive fixture generation library.
Featured library // Category Testing

PHP Mess Detector vs PHP Code Sniffer

Popular comparison
  • PHP Mess Detector - A library that scans code for bugs, sub-optimal code, unused parameters and more.
  • PHP Code Sniffer - A library that detects PHP, CSS and JS coding standard violations.

The Case of the Null Reference

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CSRF is dead: SameSite cookies!

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Json Web Token

Json Tokens to authenticate and transmit information.
Featured library // Category Authentication and Authorization

Opauth vs HybridAuth

Popular comparison
  • Opauth - A multi-provider authentication framework.
  • HybridAuth - An open source social sign on library.

Math PHP

Math PHP is the only library you need to integrate mathematical functions into your applications.
Featured library // Category Scientific

xDebug vs PHPDBG

Popular comparison
  • xDebug - A debug and profile tool for PHP.
  • PHPDBG - An interactive PHP debugger.


A language detection library for PHP. Detects the language from a given text string.
Added by StanBright into category Text Processing


Utility that helps you switch git configurations with ease.
Added by StanBright into category Miscellaneous

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Middleware for PHP built on top of PSR-7
Featured library // Category Middlewares

Propel vs Doctrine

Popular comparison
  • Propel - A fast ORM, migration library and query builder.
  • Doctrine - A comprehensive DBAL and ORM.