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An library to help you calculate the dates and names of holidays.
Featured Library // Category Date and Time


Symfony in 2019

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Doctrine Migrations

A migration library for Doctrine.
Featured Library // Category Migrations

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Array manipulation library for PHP, called Arrayy!
Featured Library // Category Data Structure and Storage

PunBB vs HumHub

Popular comparison
  • PunBB - PunBB forum
  • HumHub - HumHub - Open Source Social Network

Voyager vs octoberCms

Popular comparison
  • Voyager - Voyager - The Missing Laravel Admin
  • octoberCms - Free, open-source, self-hosted CMS platform based on the Laravel PHP Framework.


Drag and Drop CMS and online shop
Featured Library // Category E-commerce


Popular comparison
  • TCPDF - Official clone of PHP library to generate PDF documents and barcodes
  • WKHTMLToPDF - A tool to convert HTML to PDF.

Fetch: Asynchronous HTTP client with promises.

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PHP Mess Detector vs PHPStan

Popular comparison
  • PHP Mess Detector - A library that scans code for bugs, sub-optimal code, unused parameters and more.
  • PHPStan - A PHP Static Analysis Tool.

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  • Typed properties in PHP 7.4
  • PHP Annotated Monthly — June 2019
  • 10 Articles related to Web Development YOU can't miss.
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PSR-7 HTTP Message implementation.
Featured Library // Category HTTP

PHP Decision Making/Conditional Statements

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Codeception vs PHPUnit

Popular comparison
  • Codeception - A full stack testing framework.
  • PHPUnit - A unit testing framework.


A DateTime API extension supporting both mutable and immutable date/time.
Featured Library // Category Date and Time


A tool that converts Markdown and Twig into static HTML.
Featured Library // Category Static Site Generators

PHP results of the dev ecosystem 2019 survey (Jetbrains)

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Learning to add git hook tasks: PHP-CS-Fixer

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Moment.js inspired PHP DateTime handler with i18n support.
Featured Library // Category Date and Time

PHP Annotated Monthly — June 2019

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Vote for generics support in PHPStorm!

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Dompdf vs TCPDF

Popular comparison
  • Dompdf - A HTML to PDF converter.
  • TCPDF - Official clone of PHP library to generate PDF documents and barcodes

PHP Censor

PHP Censor is a open source self-hosted continuous integration server for PHP projects (Fork of PHPCI)
Featured Library // Category Continuous Integration