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  • How to write good exceptions
  • I'm creating a PHP video series that attempts to take a ground up approach to PHP development.
  • How To Create a API Wrapper in PHP to Fetch your Latest Posts
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Top Programming Languages to Use in 2020

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Cycle ORM

PHP DataMapper, ORM.
Synced from the Github list // Category Database

Square v3.20200226.0

A new version of Square has been released
New Version

Device Detector

Another library for parsing user agent strings.
Featured Library // Category Strings

Looking At The PHP 8.0 Performance So Far In Early 2020

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First look at Blade View Components in Laravel 7

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Carbon vs Moment.php

Popular comparison
  • Carbon - A simple DateTime API extension.
  • Moment.php - Moment.js inspired PHP DateTime handler with i18n support.

PHP Defer v3.0.1

A new version of PHP Defer has been released
New Version

500 ⭐'s on Github -

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A tool for quickly measuring the size of a PHP project.
Featured Library // Category Code Analysis

Last 7 Days

Twig vs Latte

Popular comparison
  • Twig - A comprehensive templating language.
  • Latte - Amazing template engine for PHP.

PHP AMQP v2.11.1

A new version of PHP AMQP has been released
New Version

CodeIgniter 4 has been released: What's new?

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PHP library generating PDF files from UTF-8 encoded HTML
Library Added by akbarwibawa into category PDF


A lightweight, configuration-less ORM.
Featured Library // Category Database

How to write good exceptions

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PHPMailer vs SwiftMailer

Popular comparison
  • PHPMailer - Another mailer solution.
  • SwiftMailer - A mailer solution.

O que mudou no PHP7

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PHPSecLib v2.0.24

A new version of PHPSecLib has been released
New Version

CodeIgniter 4 has been released: What's new?

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Beginning steps to write a Shopify app with Laravel

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⚡️ Flat-files and plain-old PHP functions rockin'on as a set of general purpose high-level abstractions.
Featured Library // Category Micro Frameworks

Serializer v1.14.1

A new version of Serializer has been released
New Version


Behat extension for those who want to write acceptances tests for apis
Featured Library // Category API

octoberCms vs Voyager

Popular comparison
  • octoberCms - Free, open-source, self-hosted CMS platform based on the Laravel PHP Framework.
  • Voyager - Voyager - The Missing Laravel Admin