16 Filtering and Validation libraries and projects

  • Respect Validation

    9.0 0.0 L5 PHP
    The most awesome validation engine ever created for PHP
  • Upload

    7.5 0.0 L5 PHP
    File uploads with validation and storage strategies
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  • Valitron

    7.1 1.8 L4 PHP
    Valitron is a simple, elegant, stand-alone validation library with NO dependencies
  • ISO-codes

    5.7 1.6 L4 PHP
    PHP library - Validators for standards from ISO, International Finance, Public Administrations, GS1, Manufacturing Industry, Phone numbers & Zipcodes for many countries
  • Filterus

    4.8 0.0 L5 PHP
    A simple filtering library for PHP
  • PHP validate

    3.6 4.1 PHP
    Lightweight and feature-rich PHP validation and filtering library. Support scene grouping, pre-filtering, array checking, custom validators, custom messages. 轻量且功能丰富的PHP验证、过滤库。支持场景分组,前置过滤,数组检查,自定义验证器,自定义消息。
  • Aura.Filter

    3.3 5.0 PHP
    Validate and sanitize arrays and objects.
  • Linio Input

    3.1 3.3 L5 PHP
    Abstracts HTTP request input handling, providing an easy interface for data hydration and validation
  • Cake Validation

    2.5 0.0 L3 PHP
    [READ-ONLY] Validation library from CakePHP. This repo is a split of the main code that can be found in https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp
  • MetaYaml

    2.4 0.0 L4 PHP
    A powerful schema validator!
  • DMS Filter

    2.3 3.6 L5 PHP
    Library that offers Input Filtering based on Annotations for use with Objects. Check out 2.dev for 2.0 pre-release.
  • Volan

    1.7 0.0 L5 PHP
    Light and extendable schema validation library
  • php-iup

    1.3 0.0 C
    php binding for IUP toolkit
  • yii2-array-structure-validator

    1.0 0.0 PHP
    Validate complex array structure
  • Distributed locks with Redis and ReactPHP

    0.9 0.0 PHP
    :lock: Asynchronous distributed locks with Redis and ReactPHP
  • Validator

    0.5 0.0 PHP
    Simple yet powerful data validating library from Claritie.

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