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  • v0.6.x Changes

    BC breaks

    • 🆕 The Scenario for CommandHandling now clears the recorded events after each then. So for each then you only need to supply the newly recorded events.
  • v0.5.x Changes

    BC breaks

    • 🚚 DomainMessageInterface has been removed, and DomainMessage has been made final.
    • 📇 Renamed add method to save for aggregate root repositories.
    Symfony Bundle
    • 🔧 The global storage_suffix parameter has been removed and has been replaced with a configuration value: saga.mongodb.storage_suffix.

    Summary of other changes

    • 🆕 New example on how to use child entities.
    • ⚡️ The EventSourcing Scenario has been updated to support all the latest changes.
    • ✅ An AggregateRootScenarioTestCase has been added with an example on how to use it.
    • The command bus and event bus have been made more resilient.
    • We now publish the decorated event stream on the event bus.
    • ➕ Added possibility to use binary as UUID column. See README in the Bundle for configuration details.
    • The CLI Command in the Bundle doesn't throw errors anymore if the schema already exists.
  • v0.4.x Changes

    BC breaks

    • ⚡️ Updated beberlei/assert requirement to 2.0.
  • v0.3.0 Changes

    BC breaks

    • The AggregateFactory is a new required constructor argument for a EventSourcingRepository and the order of the arguments changed.

    Summary of changes

    • ➕ Added Aggregate Factories for instantiating aggregates. Now we are not bound to a public constructor.
    • 🛠 A bugfix that caused an infinite loop when supplying a string to the CommandHandler.
    • Saga base class is now abstract.
    • More typehints to interfaces instead of concrete classes.
    • 🛠 Multiple CS fixes.