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License: MIT License
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Latest version: v3.57.2

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Convert a webpage to an image or pdf using headless Chrome

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The package can convert a webpage to an image or pdf. The conversion is done behind the scenes by Puppeteer which controls a headless version of Google Chrome.

Here's a quick example:

use Spatie\Browsershot\Browsershot;

// an image will be saved

It will save a pdf if the path passed to the save method has a pdf extension.

// a pdf will be saved

You can also use an arbitrary html input, simply replace the url method with html:

Browsershot::html('<h1>Hello world!!</h1>')->save('example.pdf');

Browsershot also can get the body of an html page after JavaScript has been executed:

Browsershot::url('https://example.com')->bodyHtml(); // returns the html of the body

If you wish to retrieve an array list with all of the requests that the page triggered you can do so:

$requests = Browsershot::url('https://example.com')

foreach ($requests as $request) {
    $url = $request['url']; //https://example.com/

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If you're not able to install Node and Puppeteer, take a look at v2 of browsershot, which uses Chrome headless CLI to take a screenshot. v2 is not maintained anymore, but should work pretty well.

If using headless Chrome does not work for you take a look at at v1 of this package which uses the abandoned PhantomJS binary.


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