Hoa Console v3.16.09.06 Release Notes

Release Date: 2016-09-06 // about 5 years ago
    • Documentation: Fix API documentation. (Alexis von Glasow, 2016-07-11T00:01:57+02:00)
    • Quality: Fix example CS in the README.md. (Ivan Enderlin, 2016-07-01T16:37:50+02:00)
    • Autocompleter: Force to work on a sub-line. (Ivan Enderlin, 2016-05-22T15:46:58+02:00)
    • Quality: Fix methods ordering. (Ivan Enderlin, 2016-02-24T07:28:41+01:00)
    • Implement Hoa\Console\Output::getStream which is now required by Hoa\Stream\IStream\Out. (Metalaka, 2015-11-01T20:15:43+01:00)
    • Fix phpDoc. (Metalaka, 2015-11-01T20:13:12+01:00)