Firebase Admin SDK for PHP v4.40.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-02-18 // 10 days ago
  • Messaging

    • MulticastSendReports now include errors concerning invalid requests (this can happen when
      Messaging::sendAll() is used with invalid messages)
    • ➕ Added methods to improve working with Messaging Send Reports
      • Kreait\Firebase\Messaging\SendReport::messageTargetWasInvalid(): bool
      • Kreait\Firebase\Messaging\SendReport::messageWasInvalid(): bool
      • Kreait\Firebase\Messaging\SendReport::messageWasSentToUnknownToken(): bool
      • Kreait\Firebase\Messaging\MulticastSendReport::filter(callable $callback)
      • Kreait\Firebase\Messaging\MulticastSendReport::map(callable $callback)
      • Kreait\Firebase\Messaging\MulticastSendReport::unknownTokens(): string[]
      • Kreait\Firebase\Messaging\MulticastSendReport::invalidTokens(): string[]

Previous changes from v4.39.2

    • Auth: The revocation check on ID token rejected tokens younger than five minutes (#377)
    • Auth: Added missing check for a sub claim when verifying an ID token.
    • Messaging: Allow null values for message data fields (#383)