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  • Composer Installers

    7.3 5.0 L4 PHP
    A multi framework Composer library installer.
  • CakePHP CRUD

    5.2 4.7 L4 PHP
    A Rapid Application Development (RAD) plugin for CakePHP.
  • Cake ORM

    3.0 7.0 L3 PHP
    Object-Relational Mapper, implemented using the DataMapper pattern (CP).
  • Cake Utility

    2.7 4.7 L3 PHP
    Utility classes such as Inflector, String, Hash, Security and Xml (CP).
  • Cake Collection

    2.4 5.5 L4 PHP
    A simple collections library (CP).
  • Cake Cache

    2.2 7.2 L4 PHP
    A caching library (CP).
  • Cake Validation

    2.2 6.3 L3 PHP
    Another validation library (CP).
  • Cake Event

    1.9 1.9 L5 PHP
    An event dispatcher library (CP).
  • Cake I18n

    1.9 4.6 L3 PHP
    Message translation and localization for dates and numbers (CP)