PHP OAuth 2.0 Server v3.0.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2013-12-02 // over 8 years ago
    • 🛠 Fixed spelling of Implicit grant class (Issue #84)
    • 👷 Travis CI now tests for PHP 5.5
    • 🛠 Fixes for checking headers for resource server (Issues #79 and #)
    • The word "bearer" now has a capital "B" in JSON output to match OAuth 2.0 spec
    • 🚚 All grants no longer remove old sessions by default
    • 👍 All grants now support custom access token TTL (Issue #92)
    • 👍 All methods which didn't before return a value now return $this to support method chaining
    • ✂ Removed the build in DB providers - these will be put in their own repos to remove baggage in the main repository
    • ✂ Removed support for PHP 5.3 because this library now uses traits and will use other modern PHP features going forward
    • 🚚 Moved some grant related functions into a trait to reduce duplicate code