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  • v4.7.6

    January 31, 2020

    Speed up alter table form (regression from 4.4.0)
    🛠 Fix clicking on non-input fields in alter table (regression from 4.6.2)
    Display time of procedure execution
    Disallow connecting to ports > 65535 (bug #730)
    MySQL: Always set foreign_key_checks in export
    👍 PostgreSQL: Support exporting views
    Editor: Fix focusing foreign key search in select

  • v4.7.5

    November 13, 2019

    ➕ Add id="" to cells with failed inline edit (bug #708)
    0️⃣ PostgreSQL: Fix getting default value in PostgreSQL 12 (bug #719)
    PostgreSQL, Oracle: Set schema for EXPLAIN queries in SQL command (bug #706)
    ClickHouse: SQL command
    🌐 Swedish translation

  • v4.7.4

    October 22, 2019

    🛠 Fix XSS if Adminer is accessible at URL /data:

  • v4.7.3

    August 27, 2019

    👍 Allow editing foreign keys pointing to tables in other database/schema (bug #694)
    🛠 Fix blocking of concurrent instances in PHP >7.2 (bug #703)
    MySQL: Speed up displaying tables in large databases (bug #700, regression from 4.7.2)
    MySQL: Allow editing rows identified by negative floats (bug #695)
    MySQL: Skip editing generated columns
    SQLite: Quote strings stored in integer columns in export (bug #696)
    SQLite: Handle error in altering table (bug #697)
    SQLite: Allow setting auto increment for empty tables
    SQLite: Preserve auto increment when recreating table
    👍 MS SQL: Support foreign keys to other DB
    MongoDB: Allow setting authSource from environment variable

  • v4.7.2

    July 18, 2019

    🌲 Do not attempt logging in without password (bug #676)
    Stretch footer over the whole table width (bug #624)
    👍 Allow overwriting tables when copying them
    🛠 Fix displaying SQL command after Save and continue edit
    Cache busting for adminer.css
    MySQL: Fix displaying multi-columns foreign keys (bug #675)
    MySQL: Fix creating users and changing password in MySQL 8 (bug #663)
    MySQL: Pass SRID to GeomFromText
    PostgreSQL: Fix setting column comments on new table
    PostgreSQL: Display definitions of materialized views (bug #682)
    PostgreSQL: Fix table status in PostgreSQL 12 (bug #683)
    👍 MS SQL: Support comments
    Elasticsearch: Fix setting number of rows

  • v4.7.1

    January 24, 2019

    Display the tables scrollbar (bug #647)
    Remember visible columns in Create Table form (bug #493)
    ➕ Add autocomplete attributes to login form
    PHP <5.4 compatibility even with ClickHouse enabled (regression from 4.7.0)
    SQLite: Hide server field in login form
    Editor: Allow disabling boolean fields in PostgreSQL (bug #640)

  • v4.7.0

    November 24, 2018

    Simplify storing executed SQL queries to bookmarks
    Warn when using password with leading or trailing spaces
    Hide import from server if importServerPath() returns an empty string
    🛠 Fix inline editing of empty cells (regression from 4.6.3)
    👍 Allow adding more than two indexes and forign key columns at a time (regression from 4.4.0)
    Avoid overwriting existing tables when copying tables (bug #642)
    🛠 Fix function change with set data type
    Increase username maxlength to 80 (bug #623)
    👉 Make maxlength in all fields a soft limit
    👉 Make tables horizontally scrollable
    👍 MySQL: Support foreign keys created with ANSI quotes (bug #620)
    ⚡️ MySQL: Recognize ON UPDATE current_timestamp() (bug #632, bug #638)
    MySQL: Descending indexes in MySQL 8 (bug #643)
    PostgreSQL: Quote array values in export (bug #621)
    PostgreSQL: Export DESC indexes (bug #639)
    0️⃣ PostgreSQL: Support GENERATED BY DEFAULT AS IDENTITY in PostgreSQL 10
    MS SQL: Pass database when connecting
    ClickHouse: Connect, databases list, tables list, select, SQL command
    🌐 Georgian translation

  • v4.6.3

    June 28, 2018

    Disallow using password-less databases
    Copy triggers when copying table
    Stop session before connecting
    Simplify running slow queries
    ⬇ Decrease timeout for running slow queries from 5 seconds to 2 seconds
    🛠 Fix displaying info about non-alphabetical objects (bug #599)
    👉 Use secure cookies on HTTP if session.cookie_secure is set
    👍 PDO: Support binary fields download
    MySQL: Use CONVERT() only when searching for non-ASCII (bug #603)
    MySQL: Order database names in MySQL 8 (bug #613)
    PostgreSQL: Fix editing data in views (bug #605, regression from 4.6.0)
    PostgreSQL: Do not cast date/time/number/uuid searches to text (bug #608)
    PostgreSQL: Export false as 0 in PDO (bug #619)
    👍 MS SQL: Support port with sqlsrv
    Editor: Do not check boolean checkboxes with false in PostgreSQL (bug #607)

  • v4.6.2

    February 20, 2018

    Semi-transparent border on table actions
    Shorten JSON values in select (bug #594)
    Speed up alter table (regression from 4.4.0)
    Store current version without authentication and in Editor
    0️⃣ PostgreSQL: Fix exporting string default values
    PostgreSQL: Fix exporting sequences in PostgreSQL 10
    PostgreSQL: Add IF EXISTS to DROP SEQUENCE in export (bug #595)
    Editor: Fix displaying of true boolean values (regression from 4.5.0)

  • v4.6.1

    February 08, 2018

    Sticky position of table actions
    Speed up rendering of long tables (regression from 4.4.0)
    Display notification about performing action after relogin
    ➕ Add system tables help links
    👍 MySQL: Support non-utf8 charset in search in column
    👍 MySQL: Support geometry in MySQL 8 (bug #574)
    📚 MariaDB: Links to documentation
    SQLite: Allow deleting PRIMARY KEY from tables with auto increment
    👍 PostgreSQL: Support binary files in bytea fields
    PostgreSQL: Don't treat interval type as number (bug #474)
    PostgreSQL: Cast to string when searching using LIKE (bug #325)
    PostgreSQL: Fix condition for selecting no rows
    👍 PostgreSQL: Support TRUNCATE+INSERT export
    👍 Customization: Support connecting to MySQL via SSL
    Customization: Allow specifying server name displayed in breadcrumbs