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A Liberating Dev Tool For All Your Projects

The local development and DevOps tool trusted by professional developers across the galaxy.

Free yourself from the mind-forged manacles of lesser dev tools. Save time, headaches, frustration and do more real work.

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Lando is and always will be FREE and OPEN SOURCE. As such it relies on generous contributions from its community to fund its development. Join our list of list of great sponsors! by contributing.

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Getting Started

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Backdrop | Drupal 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 | Joomla | Lagoon | Laravel | LAMP | LEMP | MEAN | Pantheon | Platform.sh | WordPress


Apache | Compose | dotnet | Elasticsearch | Go | MailHog | MariaDB | MySQL | MSSQL | nginx | Node | PHP | PhpMyAdmin | Postgres | Python | Redis | Ruby | Solr | Tomcat | Varnish

Advanced Configuration

Landofile | Recipes | Services & Build Steps | Tooling | Proxy & Nice Url Routing | Environment | Events & Automation | Experimental | Networking | Performance | Release Channels | SSH Keys | Global Config

Help, Troubleshooting & Support

Guides and Tutorials | Examples | Known Issues | Accessing Logs | GitHub Issue Queue | Slack Channel | YouTube Videos


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Security Issues

If you have discovered a security issue with Lando, please contact the Lando Security Team directly at [email protected]. We manage security issues separately in a private repository until the issue has been resolved. Even if you're not sure if it's a security problem, please contact the security team before filing an issue, blogging, or tweeting about it.

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