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  • PHP-ML

    9.5 4.5 L5 PHP
    A library for Machine Learning in PHP.
  • Whoops

    9.5 6.9 L5 PHP
    PHP errors for cool kids
  • Country List

    9.1 0.0 HTML
    :globe_with_meridians: List of all countries with names and ISO 3166-1 codes in all languages and data formats.
  • Annotations

    8.9 0.0 L4 PHP
    Annotations Docblock Parser
  • Symfony VarDumper

    8.9 0.0 PHP
    Provides mechanisms for walking through any arbitrary PHP variable
  • Expose

    8.4 0.0 PHP
    A beautiful, fully open-source, tunneling service - written in pure PHP
  • Hprose-PHP

    7.9 0.0 L3 PHP
    Hprose is a cross-language RPC. This project is Hprose 3.0 for PHP
  • PHPVerbalExpressions

    7.8 0.0 L5 PHP
    PHP Regular expressions made easy
  • Safe

    7.4 0.0 PHP
    All PHP functions, rewritten to throw exceptions instead of returning false
  • dotenv-linter

    7.0 0.0 Rust
    ⚡️Lightning-fast linter for .env files. Written in Rust 🦀
  • SuperClosure

    7.0 1.8 L4 PHP
    Serialize closures. Not maintained. Consider using opis/closure.
  • Pagerfanta

    6.7 0.0 L5 PHP
    Pagination library for PHP applications with support for several data providers
  • JSON Lint

    6.5 0.0 L2 PHP
    JSON Lint for PHP
  • Underscore

    6.5 0.0 L4 PHP
    A PHP port of the Underscore JS library.
  • Essence

    5.8 0.0 L5 PHP
    Extracts information about web pages, like youtube videos, twitter statuses or blog articles.
  • sabre/vobject

    5.5 0.0 L3 PHP
    :date: The VObject library for PHP allows you to easily parse and manipulate iCalendar and vCard objects
  • html2text

    5.3 0.0 HTML
    A PHP component to convert HTML into a plain text format
  • LiteCQRS

    5.3 0.0 L5 PHP
    Small convention based CQRS library for PHP
  • Spork

    5.2 0.0 L5 PHP
    Experimental library for forking PHP
  • Knapsack

    5.1 0.0 L3 PHP
    Collection pipeline library for PHP
  • JSONPCallbackValidator

    5.0 3.5 L5 PHP
    JSONP callback validator.
  • RMT

    5.0 0.0 L5 PHP
    RMT is a handy tool to help releasing new version of your software
  • Token Bucket

    4.9 0.0 L5 PHP
    Implementation of the Token Bucket algorithm in PHP.
  • Lodash-PHP

    4.8 0.0 PHP
    Easy to use utility functions for everyday PHP projects. This is a port of the Lodash JS library to PHP
  • Prooph Service Bus

    4.8 0.0 L5 PHP
    PHP Lightweight Message Bus supporting CQRS.
  • LadyBug

    4.7 0.0 L5 PHP
    PHP 5.3+ Extensible Dumper

    4.7 0.0 L4 PHP
    Port of the Java Content Repository (JCR) to PHP.
  • vat.php

    4.5 0.0 L5 PHP
    PHP library for dealing with European VAT

    4.3 0.0 L5 PHP
    A PHP library to play with the Raspberry PI's GPIO pins
  • Embera

    4.3 0.0 L5 PHP
    A Oembed consumer library, that gives you information about urls. It helps you replace urls to youtube or vimeo for example, with their html embed code. It has advanced features like offline support, responsive embeds and caching support.