Semantic Versioning library for PHP. It implements the full semantic version 2.0.0 specification.

Programming language: PHP
License: MIT License

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Semantic version utility library with parser and comparator written in PHP. It provides full support for the semver 2.0.0 standards.


PHP >= 5.5

Install with Composer

composer require z4kn4fein/php-semver


The following options are supported to construct a Version:

  1. Building part by part with Version.create().
   Version::create(3, 5, 2, "alpha", "build")
  1. Parsing from a string with Version.parse().

The following information is accessible on a constructed Version object:


use z4kn4fein\SemVer\Version;

$version = Version::parse('2.5.6-alpha.12+build.34');

echo $version->getMajor();                  // 2
echo $version->getMinor();                  // 5
echo $version->getPatch();                  // 6
echo $version->getPreRelease();             // alpha.12
echo $version->getBuildMeta();              // build.34
echo (string)$version;                      // 2.5.6-alpha.12+build.34

Comparing two versions

It is possible to compare two Version objects with the following comparison methods.


use z4kn4fein\SemVer\Version;

// with static methods
echo Version::lessThan('2.3.4', '2.4.1');                    // true
echo Version::lessThanOrEqual('2.4.1', '2.4.1');             // true
echo Version::greaterThan('2.3.1-alpha.5', '2.3.1-alpha.3'); // true
echo Version::greaterThanOrEqual('3.2.3','3.2.2');           // true
echo Version::equal('3.2.3','3.2.3+build.3');                // true

// with instance methods
$version = Version::parse('2.5.6-alpha.12+build.34');

echo $version->isLessThan('2.3.1');                  // false
echo $version->isLessThanOrEqual('2.5.6-alpha.15');  // true
echo $version->isGreaterThan('2.5.6');               // false
echo $version->isLessThanOrEqual('2.5.6-alpha.12');  // true
echo $version->isEqual('2.5.6-alpha.12+build.56');   // true


Version objects can produce incremented versions of themselves with the getNext{Major|Minor|Patch|PreRelease}Version methods. These methods can be used to determine the next version in order incremented by the according part.


use z4kn4fein\SemVer\Version;

$version = Version::create(2, 3, 5, "alpha.4", "build.2");

echo (string)$version->getNextMajorVersion();        // 3.0.0
echo (string)$version->getNextMinorVersion();        // 2.4.0
echo (string)$version->getNextPatchVersion();        // 2.3.5
echo (string)$version->getNextPreReleaseVersion();   // 2.3.5-alpha.5

$version = Version::create(1, 0, 0);

echo (string)$version->getNextMajorVersion();        // 2.0.0
echo (string)$version->getNextMinorVersion();        // 1.1.0
echo (string)$version->getNextPatchVersion();        // 1.0.1
echo (string)$version->getNextPreReleaseVersion();   // 1.0.1-0


It's possible to make a copy of a particular version with the copy() method. It allows altering the copied version's properties with optional parameters.

$version = Version::parse("1.0.0-alpha.2+build.1");

echo (string)$version->copy()                                        // 1.0.0-alpha.2+build.1
echo (string)$version->copy(3)                                       // 3.0.0-alpha.2+build.1
echo (string)$version->copy(null, 4)                                 // 1.4.0-alpha.2+build.1
echo (string)$version->copy(null, null, 5)                           // 1.0.5-alpha.2+build.1
echo (string)$version->copy(null, null, null, "alpha.4")             // 1.0.0-alpha.4+build.1
echo (string)$version->copy(null, null, null, null, "build.3")       // 1.0.0-alpha.2+build.3
echo (string)$version->copy(3, 4, 5)                                 // 3.4.5-alpha.2+build.1

Without setting any optional parameter, the copy() method will produce an exact copy of the original version.

Invalid version handling

When the version parsing fails due to an invalid format, the library throws a specific VersionFormatException.