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  • v3.0.0 Changes

    April 22, 2017
    • 🚚 Moved all classes inside the Kreait namespace to avoid possible conflicts with official Firebase PHP libraries using the Firebase namespace.
    • ✂ Removed database secret authentication, as it has been deprecated by Firebase.

    ✅ Please visit the Migration section in the docs ⬆️ to see which changes in your code are required when upgrading from 2.x to 3.0.

  • v2.3.1 Changes

    April 12, 2017
    • 🛠 Fixes the problem that it wasn't possible to use startAt/endAt/equalTo with string values.
  • v2.3.0 Changes

    April 06, 2017
    • 👍 Allow the usage of a custom token handler when creating a new Firebase instance by adding the factory method withTokenHandler(\Firebase\Auth\Token\Handler $handler)
  • v2.2.0 Changes

    March 14, 2017
    • 🗄 Introduce Firebase\Factory to create Firebase instances, and deprecate the previous static instantiation methods on the Firebase class. It is now possible to omit an explicit JSON credentials file,
      • if one of the following environment variables is set with the path to the credentials file:
      • or if the file is located at
      • ~/.config/gcloud/application_default_credentials.json (Linux, MacOS)
      • $APPDATA/gcloud/application_default_credentials.json (Windows)
    • 📚 Updated documentation at
  • v2.1.3 Changes

    February 23, 2017
    • Ensure that guzzlehttp/psr7 1.4.0 is not used, as it breaks backwards compatibility (see guzzle/psr7#138)
  • v2.1.2 Changes

    February 19, 2017
  • v2.1.1 Changes

    February 18, 2017
  • v2.1.0 Changes

    February 07, 2017
  • v2.0.2 Changes

    December 26, 2016
      use Firebase\Database;
      $ref = $db->getReference('my-ref')
                ->set('created_at', Database::SERVER_TIMESTAMP); 
  • v2.0.1 Changes

    December 02, 2016
    • 📇 Rename "Firebase SDK" to "Firebase Admin SDK for PHP" to emphasize the similarity to the newly introduced official Admin SDKs.
    • ➕ Added method Reference::getPath() to retrieve the full relative path to a node.
    • ⚡️ Updated docs to make clearer that authenticating with a Database Secret is not recommended since the official deprecation by Firebase (see the "Database Secrets" section in the "Service Accounts" tab of a project )
    • It is now possible to pass a JSON string as the Service Account parameter on Firebase::fromServiceAccount(). Until now, a string would have been treated as the path to a JSON file.