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  • v5.0.7

    March 30, 2020

    Changelog (v5.0.6...v5.0.7)

    • πŸ”’ security #cve-2020-5255 [HttpFoundation] Do not set the default Content-Type based on the Accept header (@yceruto)
    • πŸ”’ security #cve-2020-5275 [Security] Fix access_control behavior with unanimous decision strategy (@chalasr)
    • πŸ› bug #36262 [DI] fix generating TypedReference from PriorityTaggedServiceTrait (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #36252 [Security/Http] Allow setting cookie security settings for delete_cookies (@wouterj)
    • πŸ› bug #36261 [FrameworkBundle] revert to legacy wiring of the session when circular refs are detected (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #36259 [DomCrawler] Fix BC break in assertions breaking Panther (@dunglas)
    • πŸ› bug #36181 [BrowserKit] fixed missing post request parameters in file uploads (@codebay)
    • πŸ› bug #36216 [Validator] Assert Valid with many groups (@phucwan91)
    • πŸ› bug #36222 [Console] Fix OutputStream for PHP 7.4 (@guillbdx)

    [PR] #36269
    πŸš€ [SECURITY] Security release

  • v5.0.6

    March 27, 2020

    Changelog (v5.0.5...v5.0.6)

    • πŸ› bug #36169 [HttpKernel] fix locking for PHP 7.4+ (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #36175 [Security/Http] Remember me: allow to set the samesite cookie flag (@dunglas)
    • πŸ› bug #36173 [Http Foundation] Fix clear cookie samesite (@guillbdx)
    • πŸ› bug #36176 [Security] Check if firewall is stateless before checking for session/previous session (@koenreiniers)
    • πŸ› bug #36149 [Form] Support customized intl php.ini settings (@jorrit)
    • πŸ› bug #36172 [Debug] fix for PHP 7.3.16+/7.4.4+ (@nicolas-grekas)
    • bug #36151 [Security] Fixed hardcoded value of SODIUM_CRYPTO_PWHASH_MEMLIMIT_INTERACTIVE (@lyrixx)
    • πŸ› bug #36141 Prevent warning in proc_open() (@BenMorel)
    • πŸ› bug #36143 [FrameworkBundle] Fix Router Cache (@guillbdx)
    • πŸ› bug #36103 [DI] fix preloading script generation (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #36118 [Security/Http] don't require the session to be started when tracking its id (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #36108 [DI] Fix CheckTypeDeclarationPass (@guillbdx)
    • πŸ› bug #36121 [VarDumper] fix side-effect by not using mt_rand() (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #36073 [PropertyAccess][DX] Improved errors when reading uninitialized properties (@HeahDude)
    • πŸ› bug #36063 [FrameworkBundle] start session on flashbag injection (@william Arslett)
    • πŸ› bug #36031 [Console] Fallback to default answers when unable to read input (@ostrolucky)
    • πŸ› bug #36083 [DI][Form] Fixed test suite (TimeType changes & unresolved merge conflict) (@wouterj)
    • πŸ› bug #36026 [Mime] Fix boundary header (@guillbdx)
    • πŸ› bug #36020 [Form] ignore microseconds submitted by Edge (@xabbuh)
    • πŸ› bug #36038 [HttpClient] disable debug log with curl 7.64.0 (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #36041 fix import from config file using type: glob (@Tobion)
    • πŸ› bug #35987 [DoctrineBridge][DoctrineExtractor] Fix wrong guessed type for "json" type (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #35949 [DI] Fix container lint command when a synthetic service is used in an expression (@HypeMC)
    • bug #36023 [HttpClient] fix requests to hosts that idn_to_ascii() cannot handle (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #35938 [Form] Handle false as empty value on expanded choices (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #36030 [SecurityBundle] Minor fix in LDAP config tree builder (@HeahDude)
    • πŸ› bug #36017 [HttpKernel] Fix support for single-colon syntax for controllers (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #35993 Remove int return type from FlattenException::getCode (@wucdbm)
    • πŸ› bug #36004 [Yaml] fix dumping strings containing CRs (@xabbuh)
    • πŸ› bug #35982 [DI] Fix XmlFileLoader bad error message (@przemyslaw-bogusz)
    • πŸ› bug #35957 [DI] ignore extra tags added by autoconfiguration in PriorityTaggedServiceTrait (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #35937 Revert "bug #28179 [DomCrawler] Skip disabled fields processing in Form" (@dmaicher)
    • πŸ› bug #35928 [Routing] Prevent localized routes _locale default & requirement from being overridden (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #35912 [FrameworkBundle] register only existing transport factories (@xabbuh)
    • πŸ› bug #35899 [DomCrawler] prevent deprecation being triggered from assertion (@xabbuh)
    • πŸ› bug #35910 [SecurityBundle] Minor fixes in configuration tree builder (@HeahDude)

    [PR] #36240

  • v5.0.5

    February 29, 2020

    Changelog (v5.0.4...v5.0.5)

    • πŸ› bug #35781 [Form] NumberToLocalizedStringTransformer return int if scale = 0 (@VincentLanglet)
    • πŸ› bug #35846 [Serializer] prevent method calls on null values (@xabbuh)
    • πŸ› bug #35897 [FrameworkBundle] add missing Messenger options to XML schema definition (@xabbuh)
    • πŸ› bug #35870 [ErrorHandler] fix parsing static return type on interface method annotation (@alekitto)
    • πŸ› bug #35839 [Security] Allow switching to another user when already switched (@chalasr)
    • πŸ› bug #35851 [DoctrineBridge] Use new Types::* constants and support new json types (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #35841 [Notifier] Dispatch message event in null transport (@jschaedl)
    • πŸ› bug #35716 [PhpUnitBridge] Fix compatibility to PHPUnit 9 (@benjamin)
    • πŸ› bug #35803 [Cache] Fix versioned namespace atomic clears (@trvrnrth)
    • πŸ› bug #35817 [DoctrineBridge] Use new Types::* constants and support new json type (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #35832 [Debug][ErrorHandler] improved deprecation notices for methods new args and return type (@HeahDude)
    • πŸ› bug #35827 [BrowserKit] Nested file array prevents uploading file (@afilina)
    • πŸ› bug #35826 [Notifier] Add correct tags for NullTransportFactory (@jschaedl)
    • πŸ› bug #35830 [FrameworkBundle] Skip notifiers tags in UnusedTagsPass (@chalasr)
    • πŸ› bug #35707 [ExpressionLanguage] Fixed collisions of character operators with object properties (@Andrej-in-ua)
    • πŸ› bug #35794 [DoctrineBridge][DoctrineExtractor] Fix indexBy with custom and some core types (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #35787 [PhpUnitBridge] Use trait instead of extending deprecated class (@marcello-moenkemeyer)
    • πŸ› bug #35792 [Security] Prevent TypeError in case RememberMetoken has no attached user (@nikophil)
    • πŸ› bug #35735 [Routing] Add locale requirement for localized routes (@mtarld)
    • πŸ› bug #35772 [Config] don't throw on missing excluded paths (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #35774 [Ldap] force default network timeout (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #35702 [VarDumper] fixed DateCaster not displaying additional fields (@Makdessi Alex)
    • πŸ› bug #35722 [HttpKernel] Set previous exception when rethrown from controller resolver (@danut007ro)
    • πŸ› bug #35714 [HttpClient] Correctly remove trace level options for HttpCache (@aschempp)
    • πŸ› bug #35718 [HttpKernel] fix registering DebugHandlersListener regardless of the PHP_SAPI (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #35728 Add missing autoload calls (@greg0ire)
    • πŸ› bug #35693 [Finder] Fix unix root dir issue (@chr-hertel)
    • πŸ› bug #35709 [HttpFoundation] fix not sending Content-Type header for 204 responses (@Tobion)
    • πŸ› bug #35710 [ErrorHandler] silence warning when zend.assertions=-1 (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #35676 [Console] Handle zero row count in appendRow() for Table (@adam Prickett)
    • πŸ› bug #35696 [Console] Don't load same-namespace alternatives on exact match (@chalasr)
    • πŸ› bug #35674 [HttpClient] fix getting response content after its destructor throwed an HttpExceptionInterface (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #35672 [HttpClient] fix HttpClientDataCollector when handling canceled responses (@thematchless)
    • πŸ› bug #35641 [Process] throw when PhpProcess::fromShellCommandLine() is used (@Guikingone)
    • πŸ› bug #35645 [ErrorHandler] Never throw on warnings triggered by assert() and set assert.exception=1 in Debug::enable() (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #35633 [Mailer] Do not ping the SMTP server before sending every message (@micheh)
    • πŸ› bug #33897 [Console] Consider STDIN interactive (@ostrolucky)
    • πŸ› bug #35605 [HttpFoundation][FrameworkBundle] fix support for samesite in session cookies (@fabpot)
    • πŸ› bug #35609 [DoctrineBridge] Fixed submitting ids with query limit or offset (@HeahDude)
    • πŸ› bug #35616 [Workflow] Make method signature compatible with 4.4 (@pbowyer)
    • πŸ› bug #35597 [PHPunit bridge] Provide current file as file path (@greg0ire)
    • πŸ› bug #33960 [DI] Unknown env prefix not recognized as such (@ro0NL)
    • πŸ› bug #35342 [DI] Fix support for multiple tags for locators and iterators (@alexandre Parent)
    • πŸ› bug #33820 [PhpUnitBridge] Fix some errors when using serialized deprecations (@l-vo)
    • πŸ› bug #35553 Fix HTTP client config handling (@julienfalque)
    • πŸ› bug #35588 [ErrorHandler] Escape variable in Exception template (@jderusse)
    • πŸ› bug #35583 Add missing use statements (@fabpot)
    • πŸ› bug #35582 Missing use statement 4.4 (@fabpot)
    • πŸ› bug #34123 [Form] Fix handling of empty_data's \Closure value in Date/Time form types (@yceruto)
    • πŸ› bug #35537 [Config][XmlReferenceDumper] Prevent potential \TypeError (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #35227 [Mailer] Fix broken mandrill http send for recipients with names (@vilius-g)
    • πŸ› bug #35430 [Translation] prefer intl domain when adding messages to catalogue (@Guite)
    • πŸ› bug #35497 Fail on empty password verification (without warning on any implementation) (@Stefan Kruppa)
    • bug #35546 [Validator] check for __get method existence if property is uninitialized (@alekitto)
    • πŸ› bug #35332 [Yaml][Inline] Fail properly on empty object tag and empty const tag (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #35489 [PhpUnitBridge] Fix running skipped tests expecting only deprecations (@chalasr)
    • πŸ› bug #35161 [FrameworkBundle] Check non-null type for numeric type (@Arman-Hosseini)
    • πŸ› bug #34059 [DomCrawler] Skip disabled fields processing in Form (@sbogx)
    • πŸ› bug #34114 [Console] SymonfyStyle - Check value isset to avoid PHP notice (@leevigraham)
    • πŸ› bug #35557 [Config] dont catch instances of Error (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #35562 [HttpClient] fix HttpClientDataCollector when handling canceled responses (@nicolas-grekas)

    [PR] #35906

  • v5.0.4

    January 31, 2020

    Changelog (since v5.0.3...v5.0.4)

    • πŸ› bug #35530 [HttpClient] Fix regex bearer (@noniagriconomie)
    • πŸ› bug #35532 [Validator] fix access to uninitialized property when getting value (@greedyivan)
    • πŸ› bug #35486 [Translator] Default value for 'sort' option in translation:update should be 'asc' (@versgui)
    • πŸ› bug #35305 [HttpKernel] Fix stale-if-error behavior, add tests (@mpdude)
    • πŸ› bug #34808 [PhpUnitBridge] Properly handle phpunit arguments for configuration file (@biozshock)
    • πŸ› bug #35517 [Intl] Provide more locale translations (@ro0NL)
    • πŸ› bug #35518 [Mailer] Fix STARTTLS support for Postmark and Mandrill (@fabpot)
    • πŸ› bug #35480 [Messenger] Check for all serialization exceptions during message dec… (@patrick Berenschot)
    • πŸ› bug #35502 [Messenger] Fix bug when using single route with XML config (@Nyholm)
    • πŸ› bug #35438 [SecurityBundle] fix ldap_bind service arguments (@Ioni14)
    • πŸ› bug #35429 [DI] CheckTypeDeclarationsPass now checks if value is type of parameter type (@pfazzi)
    • πŸ› bug #35464 [ErrorHandler] Add debug argument to decide whether debug page is shown or not (@yceruto)
    • πŸ› bug #35423 Fixes a runtime error when accessing the cache panel (@DamienHarper)
    • πŸ› bug #35428 [Cache] fix checking for igbinary availability (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #35424 [HttpKernel] Check if lock can be released (@sjadema)

    [PR] #35541

  • v5.0.3

    January 21, 2020

    Changelog (since v5.0.2...v5.0.3)

    • πŸ› bug #35364 [Yaml] Throw on unquoted exclamation mark (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #35065 [Security] Use supportsClass in addition to UnsupportedUserException (@linaori)
    • πŸ› bug #35351 Revert #34797 "Fixed translations file dumper behavior" and fix #34713 (@yceruto)
    • πŸ› bug #35356 [Filesystem] chown and chgrp should also accept int as owner and group (@Slamdunk)
    • πŸ› bug #35335 [Security] Fix RememberMe with null password (@jderusse)
    • πŸ› bug #35339 [String] add missing encoding when calling mb_ord() (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #35355 [DI] Fix EnvVar not loaded when Loader requires an env var (@jderusse)
    • πŸ› bug #35343 [Security] Fix RememberMe with null password (@jderusse)
    • πŸ› bug #34223 [DI] Suggest typed argument when binding fails with untyped argument (@gudfar)
    • πŸ› bug #35323 [FrameworkBundle] Set booted flag to false when test kernel is unset (@thiagocordeiro)
    • πŸ› bug #35324 [HttpClient] Fix strict parsing of response status codes (@Armando-Walmeric)
    • πŸ› bug #35318 [Yaml] fix PHP const mapping keys using the inline notation (@xabbuh)
    • 0️⃣ bug #35306 [FrameworkBundle] Make sure one can use fragments.hinclude_default_template (@Nyholm)
    • πŸ› bug #35304 [HttpKernel] Fix that no-cache MUST revalidate with the origin (@mpdude)
    • πŸ› bug #35299 Avoid stale-if-error in FrameworkBundle's HttpCache if kernel.debug = true (@mpdude)
    • πŸ› bug #35240 [SecurityBundle] Fix collecting traceable listeners info on lazy firewalls (@chalasr)
    • πŸ› bug #35151 [DI] deferred exceptions in ResolveParameterPlaceHoldersPass (@Islam93)
    • πŸ› bug #35290 [Filesystem][FilesystemCommonTrait] Use a dedicated directory when there are no namespace (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #35099 [FrameworkBundle] Do not throw exception on value generate key (@jderusse)
    • πŸ› bug #35278 [EventDispatcher] expand listener in place (@xabbuh)
    • πŸ› bug #35269 [HttpKernel][FileLocator] Fix deprecation message (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #35254 [PHPUnit-Bridge] Fail-fast in simple-phpunit if one of the passthru() commands fails (@mpdude)
    • πŸ› bug #35261 [Routing] Fix using a custom matcher & generator dumper class (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #34643 [Dotenv] Fixed infinite loop with missing quote followed by quoted value (@naitsirch)
    • πŸ› bug #35239 [Security\Http] Prevent canceled remember-me cookie from being accepted (@chalasr)
    • πŸ› bug #35267 [Debug] fix ClassNotFoundFatalErrorHandler (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #35252 [Serializer] Fix cache in MetadataAwareNameConverter (@bastnic)
    • πŸ› bug #35200 [TwigBridge] do not render preferred choices as selected (@xabbuh)
    • πŸ› bug #35243 [HttpKernel] release lock explicitly (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #35193 [TwigBridge] button_widget now has its title attr translated even if its label = null or false (@stephen-lewis)
    • πŸ› bug #35219 [PhpUnitBridge] When using phpenv + phpenv-composer plugin, composer executable is wrapped into a bash script (@oleg-andreyev)
    • πŸ› bug #35150 [Messenger] Added check if json_encode succeeded (@toooni)
    • πŸ› bug #35137 [Messenger] Added check if json_encode succeeded (@toooni)
    • πŸ› bug #35170 [FrameworkBundle][TranslationUpdateCommand] Do not output positive feedback on stderr (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #35245 [HttpClient] fix exception in case of PSR17 discovery failure (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #35244 [Cache] fix processing chain adapter based cache pool (@xabbuh)
    • πŸ› bug #35247 [FrameworkBundle][ContainerLintCommand] Only skip .errored. services (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #35225 [DependencyInjection] Handle ServiceClosureArgument for callable in container linting (@shieldo)
    • πŸ› bug #35223 [HttpClient] Don't read from the network faster than the CPU can deal with (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #35214 [DI] DecoratorServicePass should keep container.service_locator on the decorated definition (@malarzm)
    • πŸ› bug #35209 [HttpClient] fix support for non-blocking resource streams (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #35210 [HttpClient] NativeHttpClient should not send >1.1 protocol version (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #35162 [Mailer] Make sure you can pass custom headers to Mailgun (@Nyholm)
    • πŸ› bug #33672 [Mailer] Remove line breaks in email attachment content (@stuart Fyfe)
    • πŸ› bug #35101 [Routing] Fix i18n routing when the url contains the locale (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #35124 [TwigBridge][Form] Added missing help messages in form themes (@cmen)
    • πŸ› bug #35195 [HttpClient] fix casting responses to PHP streams (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #35168 [HttpClient] fix capturing SSL certificates with NativeHttpClient (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #35134 [PropertyInfo] Fix BC issue in phpDoc Reflection library (@jaapio)
    • πŸ› bug #35184 [Mailer] Payload sent to Sendgrid doesn't include names (@versgui)
    • πŸ› bug #35173 [Mailer][MailchimpBridge] Fix missing attachments when sending via Mandrill API (@vilius-g)
    • πŸ› bug #35172 [Mailer][MailchimpBridge] Fix incorrect sender address when sender has name (@vilius-g)
    • πŸ› bug #35125 [Translator] fix performance issue in MessageCatalogue and catalogue operations (@ArtemBrovko)
    • πŸ› bug #35120 [HttpClient] fix scheduling pending NativeResponse (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #35117 [Cache] do not overwrite variable value (@xabbuh)
    • πŸ› bug #35113 [VarDumper] Fix "Undefined index: argv" when using CliContextProvider (@xepozz)
    • πŸ› bug #34673 Migrate server:log command away from WebServerBundle (@jderusse)
    • πŸ› bug #35103 [Translation] Use locale_parse for computing fallback locales (@alanpoulain)
    • πŸ› bug #35060 [Security] Fix missing defaults for auto-migrating encoders (@chalasr)
    • πŸ› bug #35067 [DependencyInjection][CheckTypeDeclarationsPass] Handle \Closure for callable (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #35094 [Console] Fix filtering out identical alternatives when there is a command loader (@fancyweb)

    [PR] #35414

  • v5.0.2

    December 19, 2019

    Changelog (since v5.0.1...v5.0.2)

    • πŸ› bug #35051 [DependencyInjection] Fix binding tagged services to containers (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #35039 [DI] skip looking for config class when the extension class is anonymous (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #35049 [ProxyManager] fix generating proxies for root-namespaced classes (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #35022 [Dotenv] FIX missing getenv (@mccullagh)
    • πŸ› bug #35023 [HttpKernel] ignore failures generated by opcache.restrict_api (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #35024 [HttpFoundation] fix pdo session handler for sqlsrv (@azjezz)
    • πŸ› bug #35025 [HttpClient][Psr18Client] Remove Psr18ExceptionTrait (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #35028 [TwigBridge] Fix invalid typehint for subject in is_granted Twig function (@emodric)
    • πŸ› bug #35015 [Config] fix perf of glob discovery when GLOB_BRACE is not available (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #35014 [HttpClient] make pushed responses retry-able (@nicolas-grekas)
    • bug #35010 [VarDumper] ignore failing __debugInfo() (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #34998 [DI] fix auto-binding service providers to their service subscribers (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #34954 [Mailer] Fixed undefined index when sending via Mandrill API (@wulff)
    • πŸ› bug #33670 [DI] Service locators can't be decorated (@malarzm)
    • πŸ› bug #35000 [Console][SymfonyQuestionHelper] Handle multibytes question choices keys and custom prompt (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #35005 [HttpClient] force HTTP/1.1 when NTLM auth is used (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #34707 [Validation][FrameworkBundle] Allow EnableAutoMapping to work without auto-mapping namespaces (@ogizanagi)
    • πŸ› bug #34996 Fix displaying anonymous classes on PHP 7.4 (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #29839 [Validator] fix comparisons with null values at property paths (@xabbuh)
    • πŸ› bug #34900 [DoctrineBridge] Fixed submitting invalid ids when using queries with limit (@HeahDude)
    • πŸ› bug #34791 [Serializer] Skip uninitialized (PHP 7.4) properties in PropertyNormalizer and ObjectNormalizer (@vudaltsov)
    • πŸ› bug #34956 [Messenger][AMQP] Use delivery_mode=2 by default (@lyrixx)
    • πŸ› bug #34915 [FrameworkBundle] Fix invalid Windows path normalization in TemplateNameParser (@mvorisek)
    • πŸ› bug #34981 stop using deprecated Doctrine persistence classes (@xabbuh)
    • πŸ› bug #34904 [Validator][ConstraintValidator] Safe fail on invalid timezones (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #34935 [FrameworkBundle][DependencyInjection] Skip removed ids in the lint container command and its associated pass (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #34957 [Security] Revert "AbstractAuthenticationListener.php error instead info" (@larzuk91)
    • πŸ› bug #34922 [FrameworkBundle][Secrets] Hook configured local dotenv file (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #34967 [HttpFoundation] fix redis multi host dsn not recognized (@jan Christoph Beyer)
    • πŸ› bug #34963 [Lock] fix constructor argument type declaration (@xabbuh)
    • πŸ› bug #34955 Require doctrine/persistence 1.3 (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #34923 [DI] Fix support for immutable setters in CallTrait (@Lctrs)
    • πŸ› bug #34878 [TwigBundle] fix broken FilesystemLoader::exists() with Twig 3 (@dpesch)
    • πŸ› bug #34921 [HttpFoundation] Removed "Content-Type" from the preferred format guessing mechanism (@yceruto)
    • πŸ› bug #34886 [HttpKernel] fix triggering deprecation in file locator (@xabbuh)
    • πŸ› bug #34918 [Translation] fix memoryleak in PhpFileLoader (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #34920 [Routing] fix memoryleak when loading compiled routes (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #34787 [Cache] Propagate expiry when syncing items in ChainAdapter (@trvrnrth)
    • πŸ› bug #34694 [Validator] Fix auto-mapping constraints should not be validated (@ogizanagi)
    • πŸ› bug #34848 [Process] change the syntax of portable command lines (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #34862 [FrameworkBundle][ContainerLintCommand] Reinitialize bundles when the container is reprepared (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #34896 [Cache] fix memory leak when using PhpFilesAdapter (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #34438 [HttpFoundation] Use Cache-Control: must-revalidate only if explicit lifetime has been given (@mpdude)
    • πŸ› bug #34449 [Yaml] Implement multiline string as scalar block for tagged values (@natepage)
    • πŸ› bug #34601 [MonologBridge] Fix debug processor datetime type (@mRoca)
    • πŸ› bug #34842 [ExpressionLanguage] Process division by zero (@tigr1991)
    • πŸ› bug #34902 [PropertyAccess] forward caught exception (@xabbuh)
    • πŸ› bug #34903 Fixing bad order of operations with null coalescing operator (@weaverryan)
    • πŸ› bug #34888 [TwigBundle] add tags before processing them (@xabbuh)
    • πŸ› bug #34760 [Mailer] Fix SMTP Authentication when using STARTTLS (@DjLeChuck)
    • πŸ› bug #34762 [Config] never try loading failed classes twice with ClassExistenceResource (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #34783 [DependencyInjection] Handle env var placeholders in CheckTypeDeclarationsPass (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #34839 [Cache] fix memory leak when using PhpArrayAdapter (@nicolas-grekas)
    • bug #34801 [String] implement __sleep()/__wakeup() on strings (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #34782 [String] inline Latin-ASCII rules (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #34812 [Yaml] fix parsing negative octal numbers (@xabbuh)
    • πŸ› bug #34854 [Messenger] gracefully handle missing event dispatchers (@xabbuh)
    • πŸ› bug #34802 [Security] Check UserInterface::getPassword is not null before calling needsRehash (@dbrekelmans)
    • πŸ› bug #34788 [SecurityBundle] Properly escape regex in AddSessionDomainConstraintPass (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #34859 [SecurityBundle] Fix TokenStorage::reset not called in stateless firewall (@jderusse)
    • πŸ› bug #34827 [HttpFoundation] get currently session.gc_maxlifetime if ttl doesnt exists (@rafaeltovar)
    • πŸ› bug #34755 [FrameworkBundle] resolve service locators in debug:* commands (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #34832 [Validator] Allow underscore character "_" in URL username and password (@romainneutron)
    • πŸ› bug #34765 [DoctrineBridge] Removed QueryBuilder type hint in getLoader() (@HeahDude)
    • bug #34811 [TwigBridge] Update bootstrap_4_layout.html.twig missing switch-custom label (@sabruss)
    • πŸ› bug #34820 [FrameworkBundle][SodiumVault] Create secrets directory only when it is used (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #34776 [DI] fix resolving bindings for named TypedReference (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #34794 [DependencyInjection] Resolve expressions in CheckTypeDeclarationsPass (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #34795 [Routing][ObjectLoader] Remove forgotten deprecation after merge (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #34797 [Translation] Fix FileDumper behavior (@yceruto)
    • πŸ› bug #34738 [SecurityBundle] Passwords are not encoded when algorithm set to "true" (@nieuwenhuisen)
    • πŸ› bug #34759 [SecurityBundle] Fix switch_user provider configuration handling (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #34779 [Security] do not validate passwords when the hash is null (@xabbuh)
    • πŸ› bug #34786 [SecurityBundle] Use config variable in AnonymousFactory (@martijnboers)
    • πŸ› bug #34784 [FrameworkBundle] Set the parameter bag as resolved in ContainerLintCommand (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #34763 [Security/Core] Fix checking for SHA256/SHA512 passwords (@david Brooks)
    • πŸ› bug #34757 [DI] Fix making the container path-independent when the app is in /app (@nicolas-grekas)

    [PR] #35055

  • v5.0.1

    December 01, 2019

    Changelog (since v5.0.0...v5.0.1)

    • πŸ› bug #34732 [DependencyInjection][Xml] Fix the attribute 'tag' is not allowed in 'bind' tag (@tienvx)
    • πŸ› bug #34729 [DI] auto-register singly implemented interfaces by default (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #34728 [DI] fix overriding existing services with aliases for singly-implemented interfaces (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #34649 more robust initialization from request (@dbu)
    • πŸ› bug #34715 [TwigBundle] remove service when base class is missing (@xabbuh)
    • πŸ› bug #34600 [DoctrineBridge] do not depend on the QueryBuilder from the ORM (@xabbuh)
    • πŸ› bug #34627 [Security/Http] call auth listeners/guards eagerly when they "support" the request (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #34671 [Security] Fix clearing remember-me cookie after deauthentication (@chalasr)
    • πŸ› bug #34711 Fix the translation commands when a template contains a syntax error (@fabpot)
    • πŸ› bug #34032 [Mime] Fixing multidimensional array structure with FormDataPart (@jvahldick)
    • πŸ› bug #34697 [MonologBridge] Fix compatibility of ServerLogHandler with Monolog 2 (@jderusse)
    • πŸ› bug #34560 [Config][ReflectionClassResource] Handle parameters with undefined constant as their default values (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #34695 [Config] don't break on virtual stack frames in ClassExistenceResource (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #34716 [DependencyInjection] fix dumping number-like string parameters (@xabbuh)
    • πŸ› bug #34558 [Console] Fix autocomplete multibyte input support (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #34130 [Console] Fix commands description with numeric namespaces (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #34562 [DI] Skip unknown method calls for factories in check types pass (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #34677 [EventDispatcher] Better error reporting when arguments to dispatch() are swapped (@rimas-kudelis)
    • πŸ› bug #33573 [TwigBridge] Add row_attr to all form themes (@fancyweb)
    • bug #34019 [Serializer] CsvEncoder::NO_HEADERS_KEY ignored when used in constructor (@Dario Savella)
    • πŸ› bug #34083 [Form] Keep preferred_choices order for choice groups (@vilius-g)
    • πŸ› bug #34091 [Debug] work around failing chdir() on Darwin (@mary2501)
    • πŸ› bug #34305 [PhpUnitBridge] Read configuration CLI directive (@ro0NL)
    • πŸ› bug #34490 [Serializer] Fix MetadataAwareNameConverter usage with string group (@antograssiot)
    • πŸ› bug #34632 [Console] Fix trying to access array offset on value of type int (@Tavafi)
    • πŸ› bug #34669 [HttpClient] turn exception into log when the request has no content-type (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #34662 [HttpKernel] Support typehint to deprecated FlattenException in controller (@andrew-demb)
    • πŸ› bug #34619 Restores preview mode support for Html and Serializer error renderers (@yceruto)
    • πŸ› bug #34636 [VarDumper] notice on potential undefined index (@sylvainmetayer)
    • πŸ› bug #34668 [Cache] Make sure we get the correct number of values from redis::mget() (@thePanz)
    • πŸ› bug #34621 [Routing] Continue supporting single colon in object route loaders (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #34554 [HttpClient] Fix early cleanup of pushed HTTP/2 responses (@lyrixx)
    • πŸ› bug #34607 [HttpKernel] Ability to define multiple kernel.reset tags (@rmikalkenas)
    • πŸ› bug #34599 [Mailer][Mailchimp Bridge] Throwing undefined index _id when setting message id (@monteiro)
    • πŸ› bug #34569 [Workflow] Apply the same logic of precedence between the apply() and the buildTransitionBlockerList() method (@lyrixx)
    • πŸ› bug #34580 [HttpKernel] Don't cache "not-fresh" state (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #34577 [FrameworkBundle][Cache] Don't deep-merge cache pools configuration (@alxndrbauer)
    • πŸ› bug #34515 [DependencyInjection] definitions are valid objects (@xabbuh)
    • πŸ› bug #34536 [SecurityBundle] Don't require a user provider for the anonymous listener (@chalasr)
    • πŸ› bug #34533 [Monolog Bridge] Fixed accessing static property as non static. (@Sander-Toonen)
    • πŸ› bug #34502 [FrameworkBundle][ContainerLint] Keep "removing" compiler passes (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #34552 [Dotenv] don't fail when referenced env var does not exist (@xabbuh)
    • πŸ› bug #34546 [Serializer] Add DateTimeZoneNormalizer into Dependency Injection (@jewome62)
    • πŸ› bug #34547 [Messenger] Error when specified default bus is not among the configured (@vudaltsov)
    • bug #34513 [Validator] remove return type declaration from __sleep() (@xabbuh)
    • πŸ› bug #34551 [Security] SwitchUser is broken when the User Provider always returns a valid user (@tucksaun)
    • πŸ› bug #34570 [FrameworkBundle][Notifier] Fixing notifier email definition without mailer (@chr-hertel)
    • πŸ› bug #34385 Avoid empty "If-Modified-Since" header in validation request (@mpdude)
    • πŸ› bug #34458 [Validator] ConstraintValidatorTestCase: add missing return value to mocked validate method calls (@ogizanagi)
    • πŸ› bug #34516 [HttpKernel] drop return type declaration (@xabbuh)
    • πŸ› bug #34474 [Messenger] Ignore stamps in in-memory transport (@tienvx)

    [PR] #34743

  • v5.0.0

    November 21, 2019

    Changelog (since v5.0.0-RC1...v5.0.0)

    • πŸ› bug #34464 [Form] group constraints when calling the validator (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #34451 [DependencyInjection] Fix dumping multiple deprecated aliases (@shyim)
    • πŸ› bug #34448 [Form] allow button names to start with uppercase letter (@xabbuh)
    • πŸ› bug #34434 [Routing] Fix ContainerLoader and ObjectLoaderTest (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #34428 [Security] Fix best encoder not wired using migrate_from (@chalasr)

    [PR] #34472

  • v5.0.0-RC1

    November 17, 2019

    Changelog (since v5.0.0-BETA2...v5.0.0-RC1)

    • πŸ› bug #34419 [Cache] Disable igbinary on PHP >= 7.4 (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #34347 [Messenger] Perform no deep merging of bus middleware (@vudaltsov)
    • πŸ› bug #34366 [HttpFoundation] Allow redirecting to URLs that contain a semicolon (@JayBizzle)
    • πŸ”‹ feature #34405 [HttpFoundation] Added possibility to configure expiration time in redis session handler (@mantulo)
    • πŸ› bug #34397 [FrameworkBundle] Remove project dir from Translator cache vary scanned directories (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #34384 [DoctrineBridge] Improve queries parameters display in Profiler (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #34408 [Cache] catch exceptions when using PDO directly (@xabbuh)
    • πŸ› bug #34411 [HttpKernel] Flatten "exception" controller argument if not typed (@chalasr)
    • πŸ› bug #34410 [HttpFoundation] Fix MySQL column type definition. (@jbroutier)
    • πŸ› bug #34403 [Cache] Redis Tag Aware warn on wrong eviction policy (@andrerom)
    • πŸ› bug #34400 [HttpKernel] collect bundle classes, not paths (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #34398 [Config] fix id-generation for GlobResource (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #34404 [HttpClient] fix HttpClientDataCollector (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #34396 [Finder] Allow ssh2 stream wrapper for sftp (@damienalexandre)
    • πŸ› bug #34383 [DI] Use reproducible entropy to generate env placeholders (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #34389 [WebProfilerBundle] add FrameworkBundle requirement (@xabbuh)
    • πŸ› bug #34381 [WebProfilerBundle] Require symfony/twig-bundle (@fancyweb)
    • πŸ› bug #34358 [Security] always check the token on non-lazy firewalls (@nicolas-grekas, @lyrixx)
    • πŸ› bug #34390 [FrameworkBundle] fix wiring of httplug client (@nicolas-grekas)
    • πŸ› bug #34369 [FrameworkBundle] Disallow WebProfilerBundle < 4.4 (@derrabus)
    • πŸ› bug #34370 [DI] fix detecting singly implemented interfaces (@nicolas-grekas)

    [PR] #34425

  • v5.0.0-BETA2

    November 13, 2019

    Changelog (since v5.0.0-BETA1...v5.0.0-BETA2)

    [PR] #34355
    πŸš€ [SECURITY] Security release